Request for Qualification (RFQ) at the Federal Fire Service (FFS)

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The Federal Fire Service (FFS) invites suitable, competent and reputable firms / consortia to tender applications for the following works:

The Federal Fire Service (FFS) is the principal agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria, established by an Act of Parliament mandated with the sole responsibility of mitigation, prevention and extinction of fire and other emergencies as well as perform other sundry duties as delegated by the Honorable Minister of Interior.

The Federal Fire Service (FFS) has the statutory responsibility for rescue fire prevention, mitigation, fire fighting as well as paramedical and information services.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Request for Qualification (RFQ) - Public Private Partnership (PPP) for the Procurement of a National Fire Detection & Alarm System Incorporating Networking, Monitoring and Dispatcher Real-Time Integration with Federal Fire Service

In order to significantly reduce the losses arising from fire disasters in homes and businesses in Nigeria, the Ministry of Interior and Federal Fire Service are desirous of deploying a national fire detection & alarm system that has the ability to integrate a range of fire safety systems of diverse Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and communication protocols that will communicate with a central station monitoring system (or a network of it) located at all Federal Fire Service stations and other firefighting stations/infrastructure that may be connected to the network. The National Fire Safety System will help to notify all stakeholders including Alarm Receiving Centres of any fire incident before it gets out of hand.

This proposed fire safety system would be a cloud-based system designed and deployed to address the gaps and shortcomings in information sharing between the various Fire Alarm Detection Notification and Control Systems, System Administrators and Fire Services. The objective of this project is to improve fire risk management in Nigeria through real-time analysis and prompt action towards containing fire incidents. When fully deployed, the system is expected to overcome the lapses hitherto inherent in stand-alone or network of Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) in a proprietary installation by connecting them to the network and Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC) nearest to the incident.

The project is designed to be a Real-Time Integration that finds expression in Internet of Things (loT). It also comes with dynamic GPRS Map providing location of the fire incident, route and distance to the nearest fire station or firefighting equipment connected to the network. It has the capacity to provide real time and continuous monitoring of installed systems' status for failure, tampering, and loss of communication through the Alarm Receiving Centres and other personal electronic gadgets that are connected.

In Compliance with the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC) Establishment Act 2005 &National Policy on Public Private Partnerships (N4P), The Ministry of Interior submitted an Outline Business Case (OBC) to the ICRC for consideration. ICRC, having assessed an firmed the suitability of the project for PPP as well as the Bank ability and Viability of procuring a National Fire Detection & Alarm System have issued an OBC certificate of Compliance to enable the Federal Fire Service and Ministry of Interior to commence the procurement of a private partner for the project.

Please note that there is a private proponent that has submitted a proposal on the project. However, in order to ensure transparency, competition and value for money, the project will be procured under a Swiss Challenge Procurement Methodology which requires that if the original project proponent is not the most responsive bid, they will be given the right to match the most responsive bid. However, if the original proponent is unable to match the most responsive bid, the most responsive bid then wins the Swiss Challenge and becomes the preferred bidder.

In furtherance therefore, Federal Fire Service and Ministry of Interior hereby invites suitable, competent and reputable firms/consortia to make submissions for qualification in setting up a National Fire Safety Systems Networking, Monitoring and Dispatcher Real-Time Integration in Nigeria under a Public Private Partnership (PPP).

Eligibility Requirements
  • Full Names of and Description of company/consortium Evidence of Incorporation with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) or its equivalent for foreign firms. Foreign firms are encouraged to submit qualification documents, and may submit alone, as a consortium, joint venture, or as locally registered entities. Note that the preferred private partner will be required to register as a local entity at the stage of issuance of letter of award for the Project:
  • Legal company organization; organization chart including contact persons, postal address, telephone numbers, e-mail address and website. If a consortium or joint venture, provide names and contact details of consortium members, evidence of association or joint venture agreement, and indicate the lead company in the consortium or joint venture; Ownership structure of bidding entity. Name(s) of major shareholders and percentage shareholding of participants in the bidding entity;
  • Audited financial statements for the most recent three (3) years(2019, 2020 & 2021) prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS);
  • Tax Clearance Certificate for the most recent three (3) years valid till 31" December, 2022;
  • Evidence of current registration/accreditation with Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria and National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), or any other related professional body
For Local Firms:
  • Evidence of Pension Clearance Certificate valid till 31" December, 2022 (this requirement is only applicable to bidders whose number of staff is 15 and above);
  • Evidence of Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Compliance Certificate valid till 31" December, 2022 (this requirement is only applicable to bidders whose number of staff is 5 and above or the bidder's annual turnover is N50m and above);
  • Evidence of current Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) Clearance Certificate valid till 31 December, 2022;
  • Evidence of Registration on the National Database of Federal Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers by submission of Interim Registration Report (IRR) expiring on 31/12/2022 or valid Certificate issued by BPP
Experience of undertaking similar projects illustrated by the following:
  • Track record of successful development, financing or operation of a fire safety system project similar to what has been described in the Scope of Work in the past 5 years (Letters of Awards, Valuation/Job Completion Certificate). For each project, include original value plus contract amendments, if applicable), project owner, project location, contact name and title, address, current and accurate telephone number, and email address (if available).
  • International and regional (Africa) experience.
  • Submit verifiable evidence of deploying similar technology, including but not limited to:
    • Fire alarm systems deployment, including radio Link systems
    • Design of a communication link and network infrastructure architecture and usage landscape. Integration of multi-systems and multi-products of diverse origin, OEMs and communication protocol.
    • Primary Transmission systems with Private cloud carrier frequency range allocation within a Station Transmitter Link (STL) and two-way radio (Walkie-Talkie) applications.
    • Secondary Transmission Mode 4G/LTE Cellular in agreement with ISP (for selected application only).
    • Central Station Monitoring Software deployment.
    • Dynamic GPRS access activation and use
    • Activation of CCTV object related camera for real time observation of alarm events.
    • Applicant's overall reputation, service capabilities and quality as it relates to this project. (Projects involving public fire safety system will receive maximum consideration in the evaluation process.
Sworn affidavit disclosing:
  • Whether or not any officer of the relevant committees of the Federal Fire Service or the Bureau of Public Procurement is a former or present Director, shareholder or has any pecuniary interest in the bidder and to confirm that all information presented in its bid are true and correct in all particulars. Any such relationship will subject the company/consortium to immediate disqualification in consideration for this project.
  • That the Company is not bankrupt, in receivership or under liquidation or involved in any litigation which can potentially affect the company's ability to effectively discharge their responsibility if engaged and to confirm that all information presented in its bid are true and correct in all particulars
  • No Director of the Company has been convicted of financial fraud in any country
Evidence of Financial Capability, in support of the company or consortium's ability to undertake the project illustrated by:
  • Evidence of adequate financial resources to finance investment Turnover of at least N 1.5 Billion per annum.
  • Minimum net worth of N2.5 Billion or its equivalent as shareholders contribution.
Application Closing Date
15:00 hours Monday, 14th March, 2022.

Submission of Documents

Request for Qualification (RfQ) must be submitted in six (6) hard copies, one original and five (5) copies, enclosed in a single sealed envelope clearly marked "Request for Qualification - National Fire Detection & Alarm System", and name of submitting Company, addressed to:
Attention: Mr Olufunsho Alabi, Director, Special Duties,
Office of the Permanent Secretary
The PPP Unit,
Ministry of Interior,
Old Federal Secretariat, Garki Area 1,
F.C.T - Abuja.

  • A copy of the qualification documents must be submitted electronically to:
  • Only Qualification documents that are submitted in hard copy as well as soft copy will be evaluated.
  • Qualification documents must be in the English language only.
  • The Ministry of Interior shall not be responsible for the cost of any submission and wrongly submitted documents.
  • All respondents to this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) are subject to the instructions communicated in this document and are cautioned to completely review the entire RFQ and follow instructions carefully
  • Only Successful companies/consortium's will be eligible for the next stage.
  • All proposal packages and materials submitted hereunder become the exclusive property of the Ministry of Interior and shall be subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.
  • The Ministry of Interior reserves the right to reject any or all packages received or to request additional information as may be needed to determine qualifications.
  • Presence of bidders/representatives and members of the public shall not be required during the bid opening ceremony in compliance with COVID-19 Guidelines. The Bids Opening will be covered by video recording invitation link will be sent to bidders to join the bid opening online) with the physical presence of two (2) representatives of private sector professional bodies and Civil Society Organisation in the areas of Anti-Corruption/Transparency

  • The project will not qualify for any Federal Government guarantees, securities, or assurances.
  • The demand risk for the project will be fully retained by the private party.
  • The commercial risk will be fully retained by the private party.
  • The operations and maintenance risk will be fully retained by the private party The project will operate a subscription model for revenue generation.
  • The Federal Fire Service is not bound to shortlist any bidder and reserves the right to annul the Procurement process at any time without incurring any liabilities in accordance with Section 28 of the Public Procurement Act 2007.