Request for Proposal (RFP) at GOALPrime organization Nigeria (GPON)

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GOALPrime organization Nigeria (GPON) invites eligible / interested consultants to indicate interest by tendering RFP documents for the following works:

GOALPrime organization Nigeria (GPON) is a policy driven humanitarian, non-governmental organization that implements her program through revitalized partnerships. GOALPrime is a national non-profit Organization with a mandate of making the lives of vulnerable people better in nations especially women and children.

GOALPrime Organization Nigeria provides a wide range of services to vulnerable and special need people especially in the face of disaster or crises. GOALPrime Organization Nigeria is presently operating in Northeast Nigeria where we have reached over 1,000,000 lives (directly and indirectly) with integrated services. we support internally displaced persons with emergency relief materials, child protection services, WASH services, GBV mitigation services, Livelihood skill building, Health services and education support services.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Request for Proposal (RFP) - Technical Child Protection Institutional / Individual Consultancy to Strengthen the Capacity of NGO Partners in NE Nigeria

Background and Rationale
The humanitarian crisis in Nigeria’s north-eastern states of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe (the BAY states) gets worse every year as the need of children and women keep increasing. The continuing conflict that has lasted 13 years is still severely affecting millions of people in 2022, subjecting them to displacement (new, continued or forced migration), impoverishment and threat of violence. This has also exposed children to heighten child protection risks and concerns such as increase cases of violence against children, neglect, abuse, exploitation, forceful recruitment into non state armed groups/abductions and family separations leaving children unaccompanied and separated About 1.92 million people are displaced internally, and 257,000 have sought refuge in neighboring

Cameroon, Chad, and Niger. The majority (54%) of the internally displaced people (IDPs) have found refuge in host communities. Borno State has 81% of the IDPs, of whom slightly more than half (54%) stay in IDP camps. In 2020, some 81,000 newly displaced people arrived in camps and the host communities across the BAY states. The armed conflict has no clear end in sight. The Nigerian Armed Forces’ strategy (since mid-2019) of focusing on regrouping troops into ’super camps,’ while improving security for IDPs who had gathered in sites within adjacent ‘garrison towns,’ has affected security and protection for IDPs or other civilians outside of these areas, as well as attempts to reach them with humanitarian aid.

Seeing that children are the most affected by the impact of the humanitarian situation in north-east Nigeria, support to children remains a major priority in the humanitarian response. The Child Protection in Humanitarian Action which was developed by the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action has developed standards and tools for enhancing the protection of children caught up in emergencies. It is, therefore, important to apply these global standards in the implementation of child protection response in the north-east Nigeria humanitarian response; and for this to happen there is need to strengthen the capacity of government agencies and National Non-Governmental Organizations (NNGOs) in the north-east Nigeria to provide technical and high quality services to children, to enhance the impact of each dollar or coin invested in the humanitarian response and sustainably contribute to the HPR objectives and the sustainable development goals.

GOALPrime Organization Nigeria through the support from the Nigerian Humanitarian Fund is looking for an experienced child protection consultant/agency to conduct a detailed training needs assessment and develop a capacity building plan/training program for national NGOs on the priority areas, this will strengthen the capacity of child protection partners.

In line with the Child Protection Area of Responsibility (CP AoR) objectives for 2022. GPON is committed to advancing the localization agenda and is, therefore, investing in strengthening the technical capacity of NNGOs to mitigate, prevent and respond to child protection risks in the Northeast. The technical capacity strengthening includes a mentoring, coaching, peer learning and capacity building approach/program. This investment will enable NNGOs to continue to enhance the protection of children in the humanitarian situation in the north-east of Nigeria even when international organizations scale down from the response.

The advertised consultancy will aim to deliver on the following main objectives below:
  • Conduct a detailed training needs assessment to determine the training needs of Child Protection partners in the North East of Nigeria.
  • Based on the assessment report develop a detailed training program for 25 NNGOs in Northeast Nigeria on identified prioritized needs.
  • Train 25 National NGOS on the agreed areas as based on the training needs assessment report.
This consultancy will be organized in three stages as outlined below:

Inception phase:
  • This phase will focus on the development of the road map to the assignment, the approaches to be used, the methodologies, the timelines and development of the tools for the assessment. This will be discussed with the technical working group and presented to GOALPrime focal point and a brief presentation to the CP AoR partners, once cleared by GOALPrime. Key deliverable will be the Inception Report by 17th March 2022
Data collection phase/ detailed training needs assessment:
  • The second level includes the actual data collection process/ training needs assessment of partners in targeted states and LGAs as per inception report and operational plan developed by the successful firm/consultancy above This will include the analysis and presentation of the draft findings to the CP AoR partners. Key deliverable will be the detailed training Needs Assessment Report and capacity Development Plan by 28th March 2022
Final phase:

  • The final phase of the consultancy will be the final training report of the selected 25 National NGOS, training tools and any other recommendations submitted to GOALPrime and with a copy to the CP AOR Coordinator. Key deliverable will be the detailed final training report/ tools by 1st June 2022.
Desired Qualifications and Experience
  • 40% of the budget will be paid as a mobilization fee and 60% after the final consultancy report and review.
  • The consultancy will take an estimated maximum of 60 days.
Application Requirements:
  • Technical proposal detailing the consultant’s/firm’s understanding of the task, proposed methodologies, expected activities and deliverables, proposed work plan, and the composition of the consultancy team to be engaged.
  • Financial Proposal detailing the costs that the consultant/firm expects to be required to complete the assignment.
  • Detailed CVs of all professional staff who will work on this consultancy.
  • Submission of at least two professional references/ work concluded from previous clients with full contact details.
Management and supervision of the consultancy:
  • The consultant/firm will report to the Response Manager, GOALPrime Organization Nigeria with day-to-day supervision by the Child Protection Coordinator.
Bidders must provide the below-requested information:
  • Technical Proposal outlining consultants/firm’s understanding of the assignment, the approaches of the consultant will deploy/use to achieve the objectives, and the proposed timeline/schedule for the consultancy.
  • Technical Proposal to include CVs of key personnel
  • Financial Proposal
Technical Evaluation Criteria
  • Consultant/Firm’s Academic and Professional Qualification - 30%
  • Consultant’s Prior Work Experience on similar tasks related to child protection - 35%
  • Approach - 35%
Note: The minimum technical score shall be 75%.

Application Closing Date
10th March, 2022.

Submission of Documents

Proposals MUST be submitted via email to: on or before the deadline indicated in the synopsis of the ToR.

  • Technical proposals and financial proposals shall be submitted in PDF format as separate attachments.
  • CVs should be submitted either as separate PDF attachments or as an annex to the technical proposal.
  • Proposals must be in the English language.