Request for Proposal (RFP) at the American University of Nigeria (AUN)

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The American University of Nigeria (AUN) invites interested, eligible cleaning agency(s) to indicate interest by submitting RFP documents for the following works:

The American University of Nigeria (AUN) is a private university in Yola, Nigeria. It offers an American-style liberal arts higher education at undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Request for Proposal (RFP) - Provision of Cleaning Services


AUN is seeking to contract a potential cleaning service provider for a period of 12 (Twelve) months, starting from the time of signing the agreement. AUN is inviting electronic bids from eligible applicants for this service.

Scope of Work

Deliverables covers Offices, Lobbies, Conference Rooms, Common Rooms, Rest Rooms, Auditoriums, Lecture Halls and Dorms:
  • Empty all trash containers and replace liners as needed. Remove/Place trash to a collection Point
  • Vacuum carpeting
  • Clean and polish drinking fountain/Water Cooler
  • Thoroughly dust all horizontal surfaces, including Desktops, Files, Windowsills, Chairs, Tables, Pictures and all manner of furnishings items
  • Damp wipe all horizontal surfaces to remove coffee rings and spillage
  • Dust Telephones
  • Dust mop hard surface floors with a treated dust mop
  • Damp mop hard surface floors to remove any spillage from soiled areas
  • Damp wipe entryway and clean fingerprints from entrance glass
  • Spot clean partition glass and other spaces as will be suggested to maintain hygienic, safety and clean environment for
  • study and work
  • Picking of litters from Drainage, Around the building and surround the university environment
Eligibility Criteria
  • The offeror must be legally registered
  • The offeror must be in good standing with its governing tax authority
  • Having a satisfactory record of performance and business ethics based on information available to AUN
  • Sufficient trained workers.
  • Bank details: bank name; bank branch, swift code, branch code, bank account number (AUN will make all
  • payments in bank through crossed cheques or bank transfers).
Documents supporting the Eligibility Criteria:
  • Legal Business Registration
  • Valid Tax Registration Certificate
  • Local business permits.
  • Bank details
  • Reference letters from at least 3 corporate clients, preferably in the same or related area of job/service provision, with their contact information.
  • Supplier information form (attached here)
  • Price offer sheet (attached here)
  • Company profile, 3-page maximum.
Technical Criteria
  • Copy of valid certificate of registration
  • Copy of valid tax compliance certificate
  • Company profile, 3 pages maximum.
  • At least 3 reference letters from corporate clients, preferably in the same or related area of job/service
  • provision, and their contact information for similar services rendered
  • List of all current corporate clients ( minimum 5)
  • Evidence of statutory remittances VAT
  • Certificate of good conduct of staff to be deployed
  • List of employees
  • At least five years of experience in the industry
  • Bank details: Bank name, Bank branch, Account name, Account number, swift code.
Application Closing Date
21st March, 2022.

Submission of Documents
RFP response/Offer should be submitted "ONLY" to the email provided at: &

  • There shall be an initial and a certification training prior to commencement of work by the eventual winner of this contract as will be spelt out and arranged by AUN. Professional cleaning instructions shall be handed out to the contractor prior to commencement of the contract.
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