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The World Health Organization (WHO) invites interested and eligible contractor(s) to express interest by tendering RFP documents for the following works:

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health. The WHO Constitution states its main objective as "the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health".

Applications are invited for:

Title: Request for Proposal (RFP) - 2022 SMC GIS Tracking Support Adamawa & Yobe

Reference No:
RFP UHC/CND(MAL)-2022/03/003

This covers the terms of reference for support to be provided by the contractor to the World Health Organization (WHO) for the tracking of 2022 SMC implementation (4 cycles) in Adamawa and Yobe. The tracking support will cover; development of micro plan templates and microplanning activities, deployment of mobile phones and tracking of Community Drug Distributors in 38 LGAs (21 and 17 in Adamawa, and Yobe respectively), conduct geospatial analytics, reporting, and update of the States Master list of Settlements.

Scope of Work
1). Support the development of microplan templates and microplanning activities:
  • Support the development of micro plan templates for all implementing LGAs from the master lists of settlements. The MP templates will make provisions for planning settlements based on their most current accessibility and habitation status.
  • Share templates with LGA teams, if no suitable one is available, to plan for settlements to be visited for each cycle of the cycle,
  • Use microplanning output to set up the tracking platform.
2). Support Community Drug Distributor (CDD) tracking:
  • Track and provide geo-evidence of visits of CDD teams
  • Deploy GIS mobile tracking and ODK app for all teams. The GTS tracks in addition to ODK data collected will be analyzed and the results presented daily during evening review meetings at the LGA and State levels and as part of the final post-cycle analysis.
  • Engage adhoc LGA consultants to support the 4 cycles of SMC cycle across the 2 States for 2022. These ad hoc consultants will only be engaged for the period of each cycle of SMC and be paid daily wages.
  • The consultants will work with local assistants, provided by WHO using its robust network at the LGA level, to support phone charging and quality checks during cycles.
  • Execute the following activities to ensure the success of the project's expected outcomes:
    • Work in close collaboration with and provide end-to-end support to the LGA teams from micro planning of cycles to post cycle analysis and follow through of settlements missed in the previous cycles
    • Ensure proper use of all assigned equipment and materials, including safe transport to and from deep field locations
    • Prepare all equipment, devices, and materials for project use and/or field activities and ensures all devices are fully charged and activated for daily uses
    • Work closely with partners, providing specific training, guiding, and coaching, as needed
    • Provide daily analysis of settlement coverage (missed settlement analysis inclusive) at the evening review meetings at the LGA level and the state level during implementation
    • Provide post-cycle feedback to the LGA teams after every cycle as well as to the State teams, thereby, contributing towards continuous improvement of the process
    • Project coordinators will supervise the field teams. Monitoring and supervision will be done by the coordinators during the cycle.
    • Project managers provide post-cycle feedback at the end of the cycle to the State team.
3). Provide geospatial tracking, analysis, and reporting:
  • Provide location optimization and geospatial algorithms that will enable efficient planning and deployment of field teams during the SMC cycles and analyze geodata (tracks and ODK) and monitor how allocated field teams and resources are performing cycles.
  • The planning and analytics will be geospatial-based to ensure decisions are based on location intelligence. ODK data would also be collected for settlements without geo coordinates on the Masterlist of Settlements to gather details of actual activities that took place at such locations.
  • Use the output from each cycle to establish a baseline of any additional requirements and analytic indicators to support subsequent cycles to improve the end-to-end SMC process for the States.
  • Provide the following maps and analysis for every cycle:
    • Daily intra-cycle visitation status analysis and present report at the evening review meetings (LGA and State levels)
    • Settlement visitation analysis for SMC cycles to determine the proportion of planned settlements that were visited and missed.
    • Pre-cycle ward and LGA-level maps showing visitation status during the last cycle to guide microplanning for the current cycle
    • Post-cycle ward and LGA-level maps indicate the visitation status of the cycle
    • Regular analysis on data collection, if any conducted, during the cycle
    • Perform SMC reach analysis to track cumulative progress of settlements reached with different vaccines in the state
    • Post cycle state-level coverage maps
4). Support the maintenance and update of the States Master list of Settlements:
  • To ensure a holistic approach in the improvement of overall SMC service delivery, the contractor will provide support for the continual update and management of the Master lists of settlements (MLoS). This will include:
    • Providing post cycle feedback (i.e reasons for missed settlements) to track and update change in settlements accessibility and habitation status
    • Timeline
    • LGA Microplan for GIS tracking should be ready latest 2days before commencement of every cycle of the SMC campaign for the next 4 months.
    • From cycle 1 during implementation, the contractors LGA supervisor will track CDD teams and daily coverage analysis will be presented at LGA and State evening review meetings for the 5days of implementation every month for the next 4months starting from May.
    • 7 days after each monthly cycle, the contractor will conduct post implementation analytics and share coverage reports and maps at State and LGA levels.
    • 14 days after each cycle, the contractor will review and update the state’s Master of List (MLoS) base on data collected.
    • 10 days after the completion of the entire campaign, the contractor will submit geospatial analysis, interpreted in isoline and dot maps of reached and unreached settlements, generate geo- data base (GDB), and a narrative report of activities
Key Requirements
  • Improved SMC coverage rates of eligible children in Adamawa, and Yobe
  • Improved SMC micro planning process for effective planning
  • Improved capacity of the SMOHs and SMC stakeholders to make informed decisions.
  • Analysis of geodata and plotting of isoline and dot maps for reached and unreached settlements resp., Updating of settlement data base.
  • Contractor must have sufficient capacity to meet WHO needs
  • Sound financial stability;
  • Registered with relevant government bodies in the Nigeria.
  • Evidence of managing a comparable international organization to that of the UN, including a description of the services rendered and the management plan implemented.
  • The Contractor shall be able to maintain and have sufficient back-up capacity to ensure uninterrupted service is available at all times throughout the duration of the contract.
  • The contractor shall be responsible for any accidental damages/lose that occurs during the provision of the service.
  • The contractor shall provide the necessary tools and equipment to be used.
  • The contractor shall provide all the necessary safety consideration; safety tools and equipment such as personal protective equipment.
  • The contractor shall provide qualified personnel all throughout the contract period.
  • The contractor shall see to it that its employees are properly identified in performing their duties.
  • The contractor shall be a registered company with evidence of possession of license to carry out such service. Proven track record in rendering satisfactory services to a similar institution like the UN Agencies or INGO.
  • Financially sound and stable, evidenced by authentic financial statements for the past 3 years of operation.
Application Closing Date
17:00 hours, 22nd March, 2022.

Submission of Documents
Interested bidders should send [2] hard copies, labelled "Master Copy" and "Copy" and [1] USB key(s) to the following address:
Red Star Express,
Plot 882 Tafawa Balewa Way,
Opposite Nicon Luxury Hotels Entrance Gate,
Plot 3, Conakry Crescent by Skylarks Pharmacy,
Wuse Zone 3,
F.C.T - Abuja.

DHL International Nigeria Limited,
Hafsat Plaza,
Constitution Avenue,
Opposite World Trade Center,
Central Area,
F.C.T - Abuja.

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