Request for Quotation at the United States Embassy in Nigeria

Posted by Future on Thu 10th Mar, 2022 -

The United States Embassy in Nigeria invites qualified building maintenance company(s) to indicate interest by submitting RFQ documents for the following works:

The U.S. Mission to Nigeria comprises of the Embassy in Abuja, FCT, and the Consulate General in Lagos.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Request for Quotation (RFQ) - Solicitation for a Building Maintenance Company

Reference No:


The U. S. Embassy Abuja has a requirement for a qualified building maintenance company to provide maintenance services on one of the Embassy residences in Abuja using the attached Statement of Work, (SOW).

The evaluation criteria for this requirement will include price, technical acceptability and past performance.

Application Closing Date
22nd March 2022.

Submission of Documents
All responses and quotes on this RFQ MUST be a direct reply to this email, and have the same subject line; copying:

Additional Information
For a valid quote, please note the following:
  • Include complete specifications, samples/pictures (where applicable), return policy and total shipment weight along with your quotes.
  • Vendor must state BOLDLY if offering alternatives.
  • Vendors must state delivery terms (How long it will take to deliver).
  • The shall be a walk through at the location on March 17, 2022, interested vendors should send a name of their representative to: copying no later March 15, 2022.
  • Due to new Government requirement for offerors to comply with the new National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in accordance with FAR 52.204-24, FAR 52.204-25 and FAR 52.204-26. Please kindly fill, sign and scan back the attached form to us.
  • Price quote shall be separated from the technical proposal
  • Payment term is Net 30. Unsuccessful offerors may not be contacted
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