Invitation of Submission of Express of Interest (EOI) for the Construction Completion and Management of Students’ Hostels under Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) Model

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Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti
P.M.B. 5363, Ado-Ekiti


1.0 Background
The Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti (EKSU) was founded in 1982 as the then Obafemi Awolowo University, Ado-Ekiti with a governing policy that the University shall be nonresidential.

Over the years, this original view faced with realities of a fast expanding student population but without corresponding municipal facilities/infrastructure within the University surroundings, has necessitated a review of the non-residential policy of the University.

In pursuance of this review; and in placing the University on the road-map as a fast growing institution of international repute, there has arisen the need to provide residential accommodation within the University campus as a means of strengthening the studyship of the students; and for which a large parcel of land has been allocated within the expansive University campus
Immensurable opportunities therefore abound at EKSU for willing and committed entrepreneurs to invest in Students’ Hostels Project under very attractive Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) terms.

In all, about 10.000 bed-spaces shall be built in phases under the BOT terms within the next five years; commencing with this first phase targeted at 2000 bed-spaces of guaranteed instant demand.

The EKSU hereby invites Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from reputable Investors for the project. The period and other terms of concession shall be negotiated between the University and successful investors, bearing in mind the cost of capital and the need to earn attractive returns on investment. The rent to be paid by students-tenant shall not only be affordable, but equally competitive; and shall generally fall within the range obtainable in other institutions for comparable facilities.

2.0 Scope of Works
The scope of works and services to be provided include:
  • Sourcing and owning of funds for the complete development of the hostel project;
  • Completing the design of the hostel project (from the University’s Architectural prototype hostel design) to the consent and approval of the University authority. The University’s brief and prototype architectural design of the project are available to assist any potential investor.
  • Ensuring that the finished design is in consonance with the master plan and landscape of the University.
  • Responsibility for the construction and complete erection of the hostels and making same ready for effective occupation; and
  • Management of the hostels on completion including admittance of students/tenant, provision of estate services, maintenance of all services and returning a sound project to EKSU at the end of concessioned period.

3.0 Requirements from interested Investors
The potential Investor or Consortium of Investors MUST possess the premium requirement of a demonstrable financial capacity and capability and the willing interest and commitment to execute the project; and perhaps have track records in property development and management. However, in order to be pre-qualified, interested Investors or Consortium of Investors are required to submit an EOI detailing the following information as basis for prequalification:

3.1 Profile and Legal Status
  • Full name of firm and contact person, office (location) address, telephone, and e-mail addresses of each corporate entity.
  • Company profile stating clearly the management team and organizational structure including names and resume of key personnel.
  • Ownership structure detailing name(s) of shareholders and their shareholdings.
  • Evidence of incorporation with Corporate Affairs Commission including Certified True copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association and CAC Form C07 or its equivalent.
  • In case of individuals, his name, address. telephone, e-mail address and a 125x188mm portrait size photograph will suffice.
3.2 Financial Status
  • Provide the most recent audited Financial Statements and latest Management Accounts.
  • Provide a letter from its bankers that the Investor is financially sound and capable of financing the project.
  • Provide an attestation from its bankers stating unambiguously:
-    That the bank is willing to support the project;
-    The sum the bank will be willing to put at the disposal of the Investment for the project; and
-    The willingness of the bankers to offer to the Investor the Bank’s Performance Guaranteed Bond in favour of EKSU for the sum and duration of the development of the project.

3.3 Relevant Experience
  • Previous or on-going experience (if any) in Property Development and Management of similar projects.
  • List of relevant professional firms or persons, (that is, Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors etc) that will undertake the Design and Supervision of the Construction of the hostel project; stating their qualifications and experiences. All such professionals must be registered with relevant registration bodies and be members of their professional associations. Evidences of these must be attached.
  • The Construction Organization the Investor intends to use for the erection of the project: its organizational profile stating its professional and managerial structures, experience, list of equipment whether owned, leased or hired, list of past projects stating the clients, project costs, durations and completion certificates.
  • The profile of the Facility Managing organization that the Investor intends using in the management of the completed project during the concessioned period of agreement. The profile must state the names of the professionals of the organization, their qualifications, experience, and demonstrable ability to manage the facilities.
3.4 Other information
  • A statement on local contents policy.
  • A statement on Environmental Assessment Impact of the project
  • A sworn affidavit from the High Court of Justice that:
- None of the Directors of the company has been convicted of any criminal offence
- The company is not under any receivership and or subject to any winding-up proceedings; and that
- The information submitted is true in all material respects.
  • Any indicative terms and conditions of the proposed BOT partnership.
  • Any other information considered by the Investor as necessary for the EOI.

4.0 Submission of Documents
Duly completed and neatly packaged EOI shall be submitted in One (1) original copy and Two (2) other copies in a sealed envelope clearly marked “EOI-Hostel development” to the

The Registrar,
Ekiti State University,
Room 242,
2 Floor, Lawrence Omolayo Administration Building,
EKSU Main Campus,
KM 11, Iworoko Road,

Closing Date

6th November, 2012

5.0 Further Enquiries
For any further enquiries please contact:-
Physical Planning Department,
Office of the Vice-Chancellor,
Room 025, Ground Floor, Lawrence Omolayo Administration Building,
EKSU Main Campus, KM 11, Iworoko Road,
or TUNDE 0803-394-0485, FOLUSO 0803-550-7414

6.0 Important Notes
Interested Investors are to note that: -
(1) EKSU reserves the right to:-
  • sight the original copy of any document submitted or mentioned in the proposal.
  • verify by any means the authenticity of any claims made
  • reject any or all documents submitted
  • discountenance any proposal
(ii) All costs incurred by respondents in the complying fully with the process shall be at the expense of the Investor only.
This advertisement shall neither be construed as commitment on the part of EKSU to consider any proposal nor shall it entitle any Investor to make any claims whatsoever and/or seek any indemnify from EKSU.

Omojola Awosusi, Ph.D.