Invitation to Tender at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

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Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) invites interested companies / contractors to submit tender documents for the following works:

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflicts, epidemics, healthcare exclusion and natural or man-made disasters.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Invitation to Tender - Proposal for Construction Works (Primary Health Centre (PHC) Extension and Rehabilitation Project)

Location: Tudun Fulani, Ungoggo LGA, Kano State

Medecins Sans Frontieres West and Central Africa (MSF-WaCA) is pleased to inform you that interested companies are invited to submit a proposal (Proposal) for construction works being carried at Tudun Fulani, Ungoggo LGA, Kano State. The work is described as Primary Health Centre (PHC) Extension and Rehabilitation Project.

The Primary Health Centre (PHC) Extension and Rehabilitation Project involves demolition work, construction/rehabilitation of maternity building, wall fence, drainage, laboratory, pharmacy and roof with ceiling inclusive, and installation of mechanical/electrical facilities.

Participation in the Tender is based on the following conditions:
  • Your company must confirm in a “Letter of Intent” that you submit a full tender Proposal in response to this Invitation to Tender. The Letter of Intent and full bid proposal (sealed) must be delivered to MSF on the address shown below no later than Friday 1st April 2022, 4.00 pm
  • All inquiries should be addressed to the Construction Manager at the address shown below or by email no later than Wednesday 30th March, 2022, 4.00pm
  • The Proposal, all bidding documents and all related correspondence must be in English. All information and documents submitted by bidders must be accurate, correct and duly certified.
  • Bidders must regularly follow up on the issuance of further instructions and/or amendments to this invitation to tender.
  • MSF reserves the right to accept or reject any Proposal, cancel the tender process and/or reject all Proposals at any time, without incurring any liability to bidders or any third parties.
  • Bidders will be advised, in due course, of the results of their Proposals.
Content of the Offer
The following documents must be submitted in one folder (Hard Copy- Original and Copy):
  • Completed “Annex - Contractor’s Bid” of the Contract,
  • Initialed General and Technical Specifications,
  • Initialed and completed Bill of Quantities and Unit Prices schedule,
  • Initialed Drawing Register of Project Plans and schematics,
  • Initialed Detailed Chronogram for the starting dates and completion dates for the works with the time for mobilization clearly stated,
  • Initialed and stamped MSF Charter
  • A copy of 6 months company bank statement
  • Completed Tender Information Schedule comprising:
    • Safety: Company Safety Information
    • Material Schedule - A schedule of the brand and the data sheet of each material/ supply item to be used in the work,
  • Works Organogram and CVs of key project staff,
  • Compulsory Documents (Evidence of Company’s Registration and Bank Insurance) and References.
  • Certificates of previous work of similar nature with other organizations
  • A list of subcontractors, if used, with their compulsory documents (registration and bank insurance) and references.
Application Closing Date
4:00pm Friday, 1st April, 2022.

Submission of Documents
Interested and qualified bidders must submit their proposals to this invitation to tender (in sealed separate envelopes) in two hardcopies (including an original copy) and one soft copy [in Microsoft office compatible formats] by hand or courier service to:
Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders),
WaCA Office,
60 Mattawalle Avenue, Hotoro GRA,
Kano State.

  • Late submissions will not be considered. Sealed proposals may be modified and resubmitted in writing any time before the submission date. Modified tender must be clearly marked with the same information mentioned in clause. 4 above (See invitation to Tender Document), adding “modification 1, or 2, …”
  • The qualified bidder shall prepare one original of the documents and clearly mark it “ORIGINAL”. The original of the application shall be typed or written in indelible ink and shall be signed by a person duly authorized to sign on behalf of the qualified bidder. All
  • of the pages of the proposal, except to un-amended printed literature, shall be initialled by the person or persons signing the proposal. In the event of any discrepancy between the original and the copies, the original shall prevail.

Important Documents
Bidders are advised to download all these documents and read carefully before sending their proposal:

For more information, please contact:
Medecins Sans Frontieres West and Central Africa,
Att/ Solomon Jonathan UJEWE,
Construction Manager,
MSF-WaCA Kano,
60 Mattawalle Avenue, Hotoro GRA,
Kano State.

Tel: +2349139364475