Invitation to Tender at the Cross River State Universal Basic Education (SUBEB)

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Cross River State Universal Basic Education (SUBEB) invites reputable and competent Contractors with good track record of performance and experience to tender for the following works:

The Cross River State Universal Basic Education (SUBEB) is requesting for:

Title: Invitation to Tender


The Cross River State Universal Basic Education (SUBEB) in compliance with the provisions of the Public Procurement Acts, 2007 intends to undertake the execution of the under listed projects under the 2021 UBE MATCHING GRANT. To this end, reputable and competent Contractors with good track record of performance and experience are invited to tender for the under listed projects.

Scope of Work
2021 SUBEB/UBEC Intervention Projects - Competitive Bidding

Whole School Development Approach  
Lot No Projects Locations
Lot 1 Construction of INo. Technical Laboratory-Double Volume Construction of INo. Examination Hall Ntol Comprehensive Secondary School Ndock, Ogaja L.GA
Lot 2 Construction of one (INo.) blocks of Four (4) classrooms PCN primary School Ofunbongha No 4. Ibubra LGA
Lot 3 Construction of Drains/Culverts British/Canadian School Kakum Obudu LGA
Lot 4 Construction/Extension of perimeter fence British/Canadian School Kakum Obudu LGA.
Lot 5 Construction of pavilion British/Canadian School Kakum Obudu LGA.
Lot 6 Rehabilitation of INo 5 Classroom Block with 2 offices. Construction of INo long drain from school to exit, I Block of five classrooms and INo. 4 classrooms Block. Construction of INo 6 toilets. 10No. Solar Security light. St. Benedict's P/s.Igali Igoja LGA.
Lot 7 Rehabilitation/Completion of INo.5 Classroom Black Offices/Tailets size 59.47m long x 9.70m wide, classrooms size 7.65m x 7.65m Police Primary School Ogoja. Ugoja LGA
Lot 8 Rehabilitation of No. 4 Classroom Block with two offices size 59.47m long x 9.70m wide, classrooms size 7.65m x 7.65m Govt. P/S Bebuatsuan Ipang Obudu
Lot 9 Rehabilitation of INo 4 Classrooms Block size 30.40m long x 9.20m wide. classrooms size 7.60m x 720m PCN Primary School Akpet I Biase L.G.A
Lot 10 Rehabilitation of INo 4 Classroom Block size 59.47m long x 9.70m wide, classrooms size 2.65m x 7.65m Unity Primary School,Ofelatan Yakurr L.G.A
Lot 11 Rehabilitation of INo Dormitory Block size 59.47m long x 9.70m wide, classrooms size 7.65m x 7.65m UBEC Model Junior Secondary School Abachor, Yala LGA
Lot 12 Construction of 2No. Motorized borehole Model School Kakum. Obudu LGA
Lot 13 Construction of 1No. Motorized borehole St. Benedict's Primary School Igoli. Ogoja LGA
Lot 14 Construction of INo. Motorized borehole Govt. Primary School Adun, Obubra L.G.A
Lot 15 Construction of 1No. Motorized borehole Govt. Primary School Barracks Ediba. Abi LGA
Lot 16 Construction of 1No. Motorized borehole St. Theresa's Primary School Awi Akamkpe LGA

Qualification Requirements
  • A signed letter of application for each of the Lots applied for.
  • Evidence of Incorporation in Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
  • Current Tax Clearance Certificate, (that is, expiring on 31/12/2022).
  • Evidence of Industrial Training Fund (ITF) current registration.
  • Evidence of PENCOM Registration (that is, expiring on 31/12/2022).
  • Evidence of Registration with Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria.
  • Immediate past three years' audited accounts of the Company (2019, 2020 and 2021) or statement of Affairs.
  • Certificate of Registration with Due Process and Price Intelligence Bureau, Calabar as a contractor (that is, expiring on 31/12/2022).
  • Evidence of Remittance of Value Added Tax (VAT) and Tin.
  • Evidence of key professional staff with relevant experience and registration with professional Bodies (Attach curriculum vitae and certificates).
  • Affidavit that no SUBEB staff is a director and that all information given with respect to this advert are true.
  • Evidence of financial capability and availability of bank support
  • A sworn affidavit that none of the Directors of the company has been convicted for a criminal offence including fraud or financial impropriety.
  • All certificates used for this bidding exercise should be in colored photocopies.
Additional Qualification Requirements
  • Verifiable documentary evidence of similar jobs successfully executed within the last five years.
  • Such evidence shall be in form of valid Letters of Award of Contract. Contract Agreement and Completion or Certificate or Interim Payment Certificates where such jobs are still in progress.
  • Proven integrity of performed projects is an added advantage.
  • Verifiable evidence of availability through ownership and or leasehold of appropriate equipment/machinery to be deployed for the execution of the project.
Publication of Tender Result / Invitation to Bid
The pre-qualified list of Companies shall be published on the Notice Board of the State Universal Basic Education Board with two (2) weeks after the close of pre-qualification.

Application Closing Date
25th April, 2022.

Submission of Documents

All applications for tender are to be submitted in sealed envelopes measuring 29.5x36.5cm marked "pre-qualification" at the top right corner according to the LOTS specified above and addressed to:
The Executive Chairman,
State Universal Basic Education Board,
120 Murtala Mohammed Highway,
PMB 1165, Calabar,
Cross River State.

The application must reach the PRS Department on Block 2 on or before the 25th April, 2022. The register for the receipt of application will close at 12,00 noon of the day under reference. While the opening of pre-qualification application will commence same day at 12.30pm.

Additional Information

Please note that:
  • All documents submitted will be verified with the appropriate issuing Agencies to ascertain their authenticity;
  • SUBEB, Calabar is not bound/obliged to shortlist any contractor or to award the contract to any contractor or agent;
  • SUBEB reserves the right to reject any bid at any time without any liabilities and assigning any reason thereof;
  • Bidders who have worked for SUBEB, Calabar and have history of poor performance, abandonment, termination and/or prolonged contract execution period need NOT APPLY;
  • This advertisement shall not entitle pre-qualified companies to make any claims whatsoever and/or seek any indemnity from SUBEB by virtue of such companies having been pre-qualified;
  • All costs incurred in responding to this advert and pre-qualifying for the projects shall be borne solely by the bidders;
  • SUBEB will not enter any form of correspondence with contractors;
  • The Board is not obliged to accept lowest or any tender;
  • Submissions must be accompanied with a sworn affidavit indicating that all documents submitted are genuine and verifiable;
  • This advertisement shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of SUBEB to award contract to any bidder;
  • Companies or their representatives, civil societies, NGOs, EFCC, ICPC, Professional Bodies and the general public are by this publication invited to witness the bid opening exercise;
  • Interested Companies should submit bound documents duly signed, paginated separated by dividers and arranged in orderly outline hereunto;
  • Only pre-qualified respondents will be invited to submit financial Bids. 0 Adherence to instructions in the Bid document is mandatory.