Public Notice at Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron

Posted by Chinyere on Thu 11th Oct, 2012 -

Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron
P. M. 8. 1089, Oron, Akwa Ibom State

Addendum to the Previous Advertisement of 13th September, 2012) Extension of the Bid Closing Date to 22nd October, 2012

This is to inform members of the public who submitted bids for prequalification for capital projects in the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron for 2012 capital projects that the underlisted companies were inadvertently omitted in the advert placed on the Sun and Leadership Newspapers of Friday, 13th September, 2012.

The list of Companies omitted are:
  1. Lekabeto Ventures Ltd.
  2. Chika & Oil & Chemical
  3. Lubs Union
  4. Alpes Engineering
  5. Femak Concept Ltd
  6. Ay-Eol Intl Ltd.
  7. Lende Ventures Ltd.
  8. Esto-Prince Nig Ltd
  9. E-Matthew Enterprises

Closing Date
In view of this adjustment, please be informed that bidding exercise is further extended to now close within Ten (10) days from the previous closing date being 22th October, 2012 by 1400 hours, The public bid opening exercise will be conducted on the same day by 1400 hours at the Administrative Block Conference Room at the Academy.

All bidders or their accredited representative and members of the public are invited to the public bid opening exercise,

Sayid Adamu, MNIM
For: Rector