Invitation to Tender at the Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited (NAOC)

Posted by Future on Mon 04th Apr, 2022 -

The Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited (NAOC) invites interested and reputable Nigerian Companies / NQS pre-qualified Companies to submit tender documents for the following works:

The Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited (NAOC) is Eni’s subsidiary operating in the land and swamp areas of the Niger Delta. It operates under a joint venture agreement, popularly referred to as the NAOC JV.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Invitation to Tender - Topographical and Delimitation Survey Contract for NAOC Land and Swamp Area

Nipex Tender No: 1000005798

The Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited (NAOC) is aimed at initiating a tender for the Topographical and Delimitation Survey Contract for NAOC Land and Swamp Area

Contractor shall take coverage of all costs and expenses for all services provided hereunder for the duration of the contract.

The proposed contract shall cover a period of Three (3) years. NAOC, through this Tender Opportunity,announces to interested reputable Nigerian Companies and NJQS pre-qualified Companies in line with Clause 3 (2) of the NOGICD Act 2010' of the defined scope of service hereunder.

Scope of Work
The scope defines requirements for the Topographical and Delimitation Survey Contract for NAOC Land and Swamp Area The scope of work shall include but not limited to the following:
  • Location and Well Fix Surveys
  • Bathymetric Surveys
  • Pipeline Right of Way Surveys
  • As-Built Surveys of Facilities
  • Delimitation Surveys of Oil Spillage Sites
  • Procurement and Processing of Satellite Imagery.
Mandatory Requirements
  • To be eligible for this tender exercise, interested Contractors are required to be pre-qualified under Product Codes 3.09.03 to 3.09.07, in Nipex Joint Qualification System (NIQS) database. All successfully pre-qualified suppliers in this categories will receive Invitation to Technical Tender (ITT).
  • To confirm if you are pre-qualified and view the product/service category you are listed for: Open and access NJQS with your log in details, click on continue Joint Qualification Scheme tool, click check my supplier status and then click supplier product group.
  • If you are not listed in a product/service category but you are registered with DPR to do business, contact Nipex office at 30, Oyinkan Abayomi Street, Ikoyi Lagos with your DPR certificate as evidence for verification and necessary update.
  • To initiate the NUQS pre-qualification process, access to download application form, make necessary payments and contact Nipex office for further action
  • To be eligible, all tenders must comply with the Nigerian Content requirements in the Nipex system.
  • To be eligible, interested contractors SHALL have an operational office in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
  • To be eligible, interested contractors SHALL be enlisted by the Surveyors Council Of Nigeria
Nigerian Content Requirements
  • Demonstrate that the entity is a Nigerian registered company with greater than 51% Nigerian shareholding. Submit evidence of CAC forms CO2 and CO7, including company memorandum & article of association and evidence of registration on the NCDMB NOGICD JQS.
  • Provide detailed description of in-county committed facility not limited to, workshop.
  • Provide evidence of valid ENLISTMENT registration with SURVEYORS COUNCIL OF NIGERIA (SURCON),
  • Nigerian Content Execution Plan with detailed description of the role, work scope, man-hours and responsibilities of all Nigerian companies and personnel that are involved in executing the service.
  • Evidence (personnel list and positions with organization chart to substantiate) of percentage of management that are Nigerian nationals and the percentage of the total workforce that are Nigerians.
  • Detailed description of the location of in-country committed facilities & infrastructure (technical and administrative office) in Nigeria to support this contract.
  • Bidders shall provide evidence of Category C NCEC to demonstrate ownership of for topographical and delimitation equipment and tools and/or Category 1,2,3,4 or 5 NCEC for Consultancy and Studies group (CS)
  • Tenderer shall comply with the latest approved version of NCDMB HCD guideline by committing (via a letter of undertaking) to providing Project-Specific training, man hour, budget, skill development and understudy plan for Nigerian personnel utilizing OGTAN registered trainer(s) or other approved NCDMB training institution(s).
Application Closing Date
Only tenderers who are registered with the relevant NJQS product/service category, Product Codes 3.09.03 to 3.09.07, as at 25th of April, 2022 being the advert closing date, shall be invited to submit Technical Bids

Additional Information
  • This advertisement of 'Tender Opportunity shall not be construed as a commitment on part of NAOC, nor shall it entitle Applicants to make any claims whatsoever and/or seek any indemnity from NAOC and/or any of its Partners by virtue of such Applicants having responded to this Advert.