Invitation to Tender Affordable Housing Project

Posted by Chinyere on Thu 11th Oct, 2012 -

(A) Introduction
Furtherance to the implementation of the global Initiative on Affordable Housing by the UN Agency for human settlement The United Nation Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT), Temple & Aegeandas Limited in partnership with a foreign development funding organization is planning the building/development of 10,000 units of affordable housing in various locations in Nigeria (Cross River, Bayelsa. Ogun, Kwara, Delta and Kano State). In compliance with the requirements of International Procurement Best Practice, Temple & Aegeandas Limited hereby invites contractors to submit Tender Bids to undertake the defined scope of work The bids shall be used for the cost planning phase of the project towards execution of each housing development. Each contractor should be able to demonstrate capacity to build/develop a minimum of 100 units (up to a maximum of 500 units) at any project site.

The project is aimed at developing affordable housing for low income earners and the self-employed who ordinarily cannot afford high end housing development in line with the affordability model under the National Housing Scheme and the limits thereof.

(B) Scope of Work (Order of Magnitude 1(+/- 10% Variation to Final Cost)
Housing Type: Construction of Semi Detached Bungalows! Fully Detached Bungalows
Number of Bedrooms: 2-bedrooms, 2 bedrooms scalable to 4 bedrooms

Housing Type: Construction of Semi Detached Duplexes/ Fully Detached Duplexes
Number of Bedrooms: 4 bedrooms

Housing Type: Construction of 2 Storey block of Flats/ 3 Storey block of Flats
Number of Bedrooms: 3 bedrooms

(C) Collection of Bid Documents
Prospective firms are to pay the non-refundable processing fee of N50,000:00 only into Temple & Aegeandas Limited Account No. 2016604638 with First Bank and obtain a Bank Teller. Tender Bid documents can he obtained by sending an email to: with a scan copy of the hank. On receipt of this, an email will he sent of the hid documents to the recipient or the documents can he collected by visiting Temple & Aegeandas Limited office (address below) with the bank teller evidence of payment. This document shall include the architectural design of each housing types and work description.

(D) Closing Date for Submission of Bids

The prospective bidders shall submit the bids in a sealed envelope which shall bear the description of each project housing type, name and address of the company and should he addressed to: The Managing Director, Temple & Aegeandas Limited, Mainstreet Bank Plaza, Lekki, Lagos. Tender closes on Friday 9th November, 2012 at 12.00 noon. Bid opening follows immediately.

This advertisement of ‘Invitation to Tender’ shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of Temple & Aegeandas Limited, nor shall it entitle bidders to make any claim(s) whatsoever and/or seek indemnity from Temple & Aegeandas Limited by virtue of such bidders having responded to this advertisement, neither will Temple & Aegeandas Limited incur any liability in the event of an-unsuccessful Tender Bid.

Project Coordinator
For: Temple & Aegeandas Limited