Expression of Interest (EOI) - Consultant Service for the Development of the Code of Conduct on Security and Confidentiality of Data at the African Union Commission (AUC)

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The African Union Commission (AUC) invites eligible Individual Consultants to submit EOI documents for the following:

The African Union Commission (AUC) is the AU’s secretariat and undertakes the day to day activities of the Union. It is based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) - Consultant Service for the Development of the Code of Conduct on Security and Confidentiality of Data

Procurement Reference No.

In line with the request of the Committee of Directors-General of National Institutes of Statistics (CoDGs) held in November 2015 in Libreville Gabon, the African Union Commission (AUC), the African Development Bank (AfDB), the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) led successfully the process of the review of the Strategy for the Harmonization of Statistics in Africa (SHaSA 2), for the period 2017-2026, its Action Plan, its Financing Plan and its Resource Mobilization Strategy. SHaSA 2 considers Agenda 2063 of the African Union, AfDB 10-Year Strategy 2013-2022 and its Five High Priorities (High 5s), Agenda 2030 of the United Nations, and emerging issues such as Data Revolution and Big Data. The process was inclusive and participatory which had involved all AU Member States, RECs and Civil Society Organizations.

During the 30th African Union Summit held in Addis Ababa from 28-29 January 2018, the Executive Council had adopted SHaSA 2 with its Action Plan, Financing Plan and Resource Mobilization Strategy; as the Continental Strategy for the Development of Statistics in Africa for the next 10 years and called upon Member States to implement it. In its Decision, the Executive Council requested:
  • AUC to coordinate with UNECA, AfDB and other relevant stakeholders on the implementation of SHaSA 2, and report regularly to the Assembly on the progress made;
  • AfDB with the support of the Commission, UNECA and ACBF to lead the preparation of resource mobilization strategy in support of SHaSA 2; and mobilize the sustainable financial resources for the effective implementation of SHaSA 2; and
  • Member States to allocate 0.15% of their National budgets to finance statistics.
With regard to points 2 and 3 of the Executive Council Decision, it is worth noting that as part of the implementation of SHaSA 2, strengthening the various components of the African statistical system (AfSS) is an important pillar of statistical governance of the continent. This strengthening relates to several aspects including the effective implementation of the African Charter on Statistics (ACS) which implies among others to develop and apply codes of ethics in several strategic areas of statistics, particularly with regard to the conduct of data management, security and confidentiality.

This cardinal activity is important for the effective implementation of the African Charter on Statistics through the implementation of SHaSA 2. During this start-up phase of STATAFRIC and PANSTAT, it’s worth focusing on this activity to ensure that the whole African Statistical System will observe it at the continental, regional and national levels. Although to date, only 22 African Union Member States (AU-MS) have ratified and deposited the ratification instruments for the ACS, the AUC will continue its advocacy activities to bring the maximum of countries to ratify it.

The purpose of these terms of reference is to recruit one (01) international consultant who will carry out this study and assist STATAFRIC to develop a code of conduct to be adopted and implemented by African Union Member States and Regional Economic Communities (RECs).

SHaSA 2 promotes the development of a code of Ethics for the AfSS, and a system for the protection of the profession of African Statisticians. The code of conduct on security and confidentiality of data reinforces the trust in the AfSS on the part of the providers of basic information and the users of the data produced by the AfSS.

Scope of Assignment
During the period of the assignment, the individual consultant shall work on the development of the code of conduct on security and confidentiality of data includes but not limited to the following activities:
  • To improve and enhance the achievements of the implementation of SHaSA 2 obtained during the start-up period.
  • Development and presentation of the methodology which will be used for the implementation of SHaSA 2
  • Conduct a survey in a sample of twenty-five (25) AU-MS representative of the 5 AU regions (preparation of the questionnaire, and filling out of the questionnaire, report):
  • Collect, analyze and compare the available code at national, regional, continental and international level
  • Presentation of the first draft of the study to STATAFRIC during the internal meeting and update the document based the remarks and amendments of STATAFRIC and presentation of the updated draft of the document to STATAFRIC:
  • Presentation of the draft of the code of conduct to the Executive Committee, CoDG, ASCC and update of the code based on their recommendations and Finalization of the code and submission for validation:
  • Development of a strategy for the popularization of the code:
At each step, the document will be updated to integrate comments and recommendations of the SHaSA 2 governance organ including STATAFRIC, the Executive Committee (EC), the African Statistical Coordination Committee (ASCC), and the Committee of Directors General (CoDG) which will have to adopt the study.

N/B: During his/her assignment, the consultant will participate in meetings and field missions on the activities related to the consultancy work.

Qualification and Experience
The individual consultant should be a high-level expert with sound and proven experience in the knowledge in code of conducts and SHaSA 2:
  • The Consultant must have at least a Master degree in statistics, demography, big data or related fields,
  • At least 15 years of excellent professional experience in key statistical domains and data; and proven experience in working in national, regional, continental or international organizations.
  • Candidates must be able to work in multicultural setting, in good team spirit.
  • The consultant must also have excellent communication skills; excellent command of one of the official AU working languages (English, French, Arabic, Portuguese).
Other Requirements;
  • Excellent planning, organizing and writing skills;
  • Excellent communication skills, ability to work in multicultural environments, and ease in interpersonal relationships.
  • Reliable and responsible personality and capacity to work under demanding professional circumstances and in an international environment;
  • Excellent coordination and negotiation skills;
  • Experience in dealing with senior business executives and government officials;
  • Good team player while being independent and able to work autonomously.
Application Closing Date
15th April, 2022.

Submission of Documents
CVs for the assignment must be delivered in a written form following the above criteria to the below address:
African Union Commission,
Attn: Head of Procurement Travel and Store Division,
Building C, Room 327,
P.O.Box 3243, Roosevelt Street,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Tel: +251 (0) 11 551 7700 – Ext 4305
Fax: +251 (0) 11 551 0442; +251 11-551-0430

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