Expression of Interest for Pre-Qualification of Contractors for Borehole Drilling at fhi 360

Posted by Chinyere on Fri 12th Oct, 2012 -

A: Introduction

FHI 1360 through its Global Fund Round 9 funded Project hereby solicits Expression of Interest (EOI) from Nigerian borehole drilling firms with competencies in motorized water borehole drilling for pre-qualification to undertake geophysical survey and drilling of fifty motorized boreholes in six geo-political regions. A scope of work for the prospective contracts is described below.

The successful contractors will be engaged by FHI 1360 to do the work only through a negotiated contract. FH1360 will indicate the drilling sites and secure the required permission for the use of the land where the contract is to be carried out from the Local Authority responsible for the area. The Contractor will be responsible for all the damages occurring outside the allocated land. Given the geographical spread of the sites to be drilled and time constraints, at least one firm per geopolitical zone will be contracted to execute the project.

B: Terms of reference for the required Pro-Qualified contractors
  • Carry out geophysical survey of sites to be drilled to determine borehole depths and prepare a report to be approved by FH1380
  • Study and interpret BOQs prepared and presented by PHI 360 or its agent
  • Use the geophysical report and provided BOOs to prepare bids for all sites listed for drilling in the preferred state.
  • Carry out drilling works and provide the necessary equipment and supplies as per the approved BOOs and contract. The specification for borehole is 6 World Bank standard PVC casing with standard screen. Piped: to an overhead tank and reticulated to the facility
  • Adhere to all agreed standards for required boreholes, equipment and supplies including quality, workmanship, costs, size and manufacturer brands for all HFs to be upgraded
  • Provide technical oversight to subcontractors or workers and ensure that renovation works meet set standards
  • Ensure steady progress of work and ensure that all works are completed within set timelines to a quality acceptable to FHI36O
  • Ensure that the renovation processes adhere to approved environment impact mitigation measures.

C: Qualifications: A reputable construction firm with:
  • Proven track record and a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the borehole drilling industry.
  • Evidence of having implemented projects of equal or higher magnitude within the last 5 years including amounts of the contract executed in relation to borehole drilling. A copy of award letters will: be an added advantage.
  • Valid and documented tax clearance and insurance policy
  • The firm should have an office or branch office within the state of interest.
  • The firm should have proof of currently employing qualified engineers in relevant fields such as civil, electrical and mechanical to perform the various aspects of the contract
  • Evidence of equipment and machinery to be used for geophysical survey and borehole drilling. These should include at minimum PAT WIT air hammer/mud circulation to 120 m either truck or trailer mounted or its equivalent. Atlas Copco 146 compressor or its equivalent, Test pumping unit comprising a Grundfos SQ 5/50 submersible pump or its equivalent and generator set, suitable support vehicle for mobility in difficult terrain and enough consumables for the entire drilling operation
  • Must be willing and able to provide an insurance bond or bank guarantee to cover funds advanced by FHI 360 for the contract.
  • At least three (3) references should be supplied, including the name of the client and name of the client’s individual contact, including phone number, email, and address. In addition, at least three (3) testimonials or certifications of work completed should be submitted
  • Firms should indicate geo-political regions of their choice and states within which they have strong competence.

D: Project Locations
The drilling of motorized water boreholes will be but not limited to the following location:
Edo State, Bayelsa State, Anambra State, Benue State, Taraba Kwara State,, Akwa Iborn State, Enugu State, Lagos State

E: Project Locations

By the end of the assignment, the following outputs will be expected:
  • Geophysical Survey Report
  • Pictorial documentation of the before and after for each borehole drilled
  • Number of boreholes drilled in assigned state to meet the basic minimum standards agreed with FHI 360 and state/local governments before November 30, 2012.
  • Final report of the entire contract

F: Reporting & liming of Contract

The period of this assignment shall be between November 1, 2012 and November 30, 2012.

G: Application procedure

All prospective applicants must first obtain the list of drilling site from the addresses below or for guidance on locations of the facilities and other supporting information

The Associate Director, Special Projects
Phone No: +234-94614556 Ext 6802, Email:
FHI 360, Plot 107345 Tarka Street Garki
Area 3, Abuja

H. Closing Date for Submission of Offers
Proposals must be received in hard copy on or before October 18, 2012 at 5.00pm local time. Proposals must include as the subject line the following: Borehole Drilling and Geophysical Survey, and addressed as follows:

Associate Director, Procurement, Contracts & Grants
FHI 360, Plot 107345 Tarka Street Garki
Area 3, Abuja