Call for Vendors Registration at Heartland Alliance LTD/GTE (HALG)

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Heartland Alliance LTD/GTE (HALG) invites qualified, interested and duly established companies, suppliers and service providers Nationwide to participate in the pre-qualification of suppliers' exercise for the following works:

Heartland Alliance LTD/GTE (HALG) is a fully registered indigenous non-profit organization with an international affiliation to Heartland Alliance International (HAI) in Chicago. HAI is the largest Human right organization in the US that has been implementing a diverse human right program since 1888.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Call for Vendors Registration


HALG, the implementer of the USAID Nigeria KP-CARE 1 & ACE-6 projects, invites qualified applicants to express their interest in the HALG procurement activities.

The ACE-6 project is presently being implemented in the following three states: Lagos, Edo and Bayelsa states.

Consequently, in accordance with procurement best practice, HALG is calling for Expression of Interest (EOI) from qualified, interested and duly established companies, suppliers and service providers Nationwide to participate in the pre-qualification of suppliers' exercise in any of the below listed goods, services or work area.

Scope of Work

Ref No
Description of Goods / Services / Work
EOIHALG01 Design, Printing and Branding (E.g. manuals, banners, posters, vouchers, reports, stickers, t-shirts, flags etc.
EOIHALG02 Office Furniture (E.g., table, chairs, cabinets, workstations, bookshelf etc.)
EOIHALG03 IT Equipment and Consumables (E.g computers, printers, photocopiers, projector, toners and cartridges, UPS, scanners etc.)
EOIHALG04 IT Service Provider and Networking (E.g., Internet Access, WLAN cabling, Web design, Software services, PABX, desk phone setup etc.)
EOIHALG05 Vehicle Repairs and Maintenance (E.g., Supply of tyres, battery, tow rope, fire extinguishers, jumpstart cable, triangular sign etc.
EOIHALG06 Generator supply/Repair/Maintenance- supply, repair, and maintenance
EOIHALG07 Enterprise Resource Planning (software development, hosting and development
EOIHALG08 Hotel Services (Accommodation/Hall rental for training, workshop & seminar etc.)
EOIHALG09 Office and Household Equipment (Refrigerator, TV, Water Dispenser, Inverter system, Inverter Battery, Solar equipment etc)
EOIHALG010 Petroleum Products (AGO and PMS)
EOIHALG011 Health Management Organization (HMO)
EOIHALG012 Print Media Advertising (Newspaper, content creation and publishing, etc
EOIHALG013 Registered Agent for Vehicle Registration and Renewal of Vehicle Particulars
EOIHALG014 Insurance Brokerage (Personnel, Property, Vehicle, Asset, Fidelity, and Good-in transit
EOIHALG015 Car and Boat Hire Services (Salon car, minivan, jeep, pickup truck, space bus, speedboat, canoe etc
EOIHALG016 Courier/Bulk cargo/ Haulages Services
EOIHALG017 Security Services Company (Provision of Man-Guards)
EOIHALG018 Supply Installation and Maintenance of Air-conditioners and related Accessories/parts
EOIHALG019 Travel Agency (Airline booking and Ticketing and protocol services
EOIHALG020 Catering services and Food Vendors (for group lunch, tea, snacks, and refreshment etc
EOIHALG021 Facility Maintenance Company (Mechanical, electrical and structural repairs etc
EOIHALG022 Partitioning, structural Installations and interior work/ Decorations
EOIHALG023 Supply of Office Stationery (Printing papers, biros, flipchart, folders, markers, arch level files, staplers, perforators etc
EOIHALG024 Supply of Cleaning Materials /Consumables (Dettol, detergents, toiletry, disinfectant, bottled water, dispense water etc
EOIHALG025 Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers and related accessories/parts
EOIHALG026 VTU Service (Voice and data recharge cards)
EOIHALG027 Consultancy -Audit and Taxation Services
EOIHALG028 Consultancy-Monitoring & Evaluatio
EOIHALG029 Consultancy -Health and Advocate
EOIHALG030 Consultancy - Training and Capacity Building
EOIHALG031 Consultancy -Data Management
EOIHALG032 HR consultancy- Training and Manpower Development
EOIHALG033 Medical Supplies (E.g. Laboratory, Pharmaceuticals, Equipment, medical consumables etc.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria
The minimum eligibility requirement and selection criteria are as follows:
  • Cover Page (indicating category(s) of interest and related REF Number(s).
  • Company Profile; registered address(e), official/functional emails, telephone numbers and point of contact for the company.
  • Evidence of legal registration document of the company (CAC registration certificate Forms C07 and CO2):
  • Latest Tax Clearance Certificate/TIN Certificate.
  • Evidence of possession of experience in the line of business you are applying for (if Applicable).
  • Prospecting Suppliers must provide at least three (3) copies of completed Job Orders/ Reference Letters/ Proof of Deliveries (Delivery Notes or Job Completion Notification) in areas of business endeavor from at least three (3) reputable organizations, preferably NGOs or other reputable organization attesting to active or past business relationship and level of performance (the letters or lists must have relevant addresses, contact persons, telephone numbers and emails) for due diligence confirmation.
  • Any other relevant supporting document that could aid your expression of interest.
Application Closing Date
5:00pm (Local Time), 22nd April, 2022.

Submission of Documents

You are expected to submit your expression of Interest (EOI) to location(s) that you have operational presence only. Hard copies of the EOIs documents should be bound together, sealed in an envelope, and marked on the top right side with category reference number and category description. Example "EOIHALG01-Design and Printing".

All quotation must be addressed and submitted to the location(s) of interest as listed below:

Country Office:
No. 33A, 4th Avenue,
Gwarimpa Ill Estate,
F.C.T - Abuja.

ACE Regional Office:
No 12, PSSDC Road,
Magodo GRA Phase 2,
Shangisha - Lagos State.

Bayelsa State Office;
ATM Research Center,
Bayelsa Medical University,
Imgbi Road,
Yenagoa - Bayelsa State.

Edo State Office:
No. 57 Etete Road,
Off Upper Adesuwa Rd,
GRA - Benin City.

Intending vendors MUST not apply more than two lots or such vendor will be disqualified.

Additional Information
  • HALG is Value Added Tax (VAT) exempted but deducts withholding tax (WHT) in compliance with relevant Nigeria Tax Laws.
  • For clarification on any aspect of this expression of interest advertisement, please send an email to: quoting "Expression of Interest/Vendor Registration as the subject of the email. Kindly quote the reference number for specific details about goods /services /work category(s).
  • As part of the pre-qualification process, HALG may visit the location(s) of prospecting suppliers or service providers to assess their physical presence, capacity and capability.
  • Only successful pre-qualified suppliers would be invited to participate in HALG's routine Request for Quotation (RFQ) or Request for Proposals (RFP) for the next one (1) year.
  • You are expected to limit yourself to where you have experience, required documentations and operational presence.
  • Any unsolicited attempt to influence HALG's internal selection process in favour of any company(s) will result in immediate disqualification.
  • A company cannot express interest in more than three (3) categories and must be guided by the following: (a) must have operational presence for each category. (b) must actively operate the business
  • HALG will ensure information that is received from companies and individuals is treated with the utmost confidentiality and shall be for the sole use of the organization.
  • The pre-qualified suppliers are required to immediately advise the organization of any significant change in its financial, technical capacity, ownership or holdings it may have.
  • Failure to submit any of the mandatory requirements for each category will lead to automatic disqualification from the exercise.
  • Potential suppliers/contractors will be pre-qualified on the satisfactory information given.
  • This call for Expression of Interest (EOI) does not amount to a commitment on the part of HALGI and nothing in this EOI shall be construed as a form of binding legal contract.
  • HALG reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the submissions without any obligation to inform the affected applicants the ground for the acceptance or rejection.
  • The potential subsequent procurement will be governed by HALG's Procurement Policy and Procedures.