Short-Term Technical Assistant (STTA) - Support Consultant for Strategic Plan Development at Creative Associates / Northeast Connection Program

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Creative Associates / Northeast Connection Program invites interested and eligible consultants to tender applications for the following works:

Creative Associates International provides outstanding, on-the-ground development services and forges partnerships to deliver sustainable solutions to global challenges. Its experts focus on building inclusive educational systems, transitioning communities from conflict to peace, developing sustainable economic growth, engaging youth, promoting transparent elections and more. Creative is recognized for its ability to quickly adapt and excel in conflict and post-conflict environments.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Short-Term Technical Assistant (STTA) Support Consultant for Strategic Plan Development

RFQ Number: RFQ-YOL-04-22-0004

From: Creative Associates International, Inc., on behalf of Nigeria Northeast Connection (NE Connection) 
Funded by: USAID/Nigeria, AID-OAA-I-13-0005/72062021F00005
Department: Programs
Reports to:The Program Manager
Estimated Period of Performance:May 16, 2022 – August 31, 2022
Estimated Level of Effort: Around 35 days
Estimated total cost: Daily rate should be around NGN 29, 642

  • Creative Associates International, Inc., acting on behalf of the Nigeria Northeast Connection in Nigeria is soliciting offers for technical expertise in accordance with the Scope of Work included in Attachment 1, and Creative’s Consultant Agreement Terms and Conditions included in Attachment 2.

Attachment 1 - Scope of Work


  • Creative Associates International (Creative) through United States Agency for International Development Nigeria Mission (USAID/Nigeria) funding is implementing the Nigeria Northeast Connection (NE Connection) program: Building Community Resilience to Violent Extremism and Conflict in Northeast Nigeria. This program aims to strengthen the resilience of communities vulnerable to violent extremist infiltration and conflict in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe (BAY) states in northeast Nigeria.

Program Description

  • Program activities will be implemented directly by NE Connection staff or through local actors (i.e., grantees), with close oversight and technical assistance from program staff. In Yobe state Creative has identified Potiskum, Fune, and Damaturu as target Local Government Areas (LGAs) for intervention.
  • The objectives of the NE Connection program are to ensure that:
    • Resilience of communities vulnerable to violent extremist infiltration and conflict enhanced.
    • Local capacity to respond to emerging threats developed.
  • As earlier presented, the program is implemented primarily through small grants at the community level, designed to address specific problems or requests hinging on learnings and recommendations from quarterly research.
  • Activity processes are as important as activity outputs in contributing to the program’s strategic goal. Program objectives are not met solely by performing tasks under an activity, but also through an inclusive locally led process that brings the community together to realize goals and foster positive engagement.

Position Summary

  • This position is thus seeking a Short-Term Technical Assistant (STTA) on research and development to provide support to one (1) STTA lead consultant and YOSEMA while developing and disseminate a multiyear early recovery plan and emergency plan, the support consultant will work with specific guidance from the lead consultant while support in gathering the initial data during a workshop session to develop the plan, following the development of the plan, a dissemination meeting will be conducted.
  • The STTA Support will be engaged for the period of 50 days while working to support the lead STTA to achieve the project objectives.

Reporting & Supervision

  • The STTA Support-Consultant shall report to Lead STTA Consultant, supervise by the program manager.

Tasks To Be Performed
Primary responsibilities of the STTA will include but are not limited to the following:

  • To support the lead STTA to coordinate and facilitate 5-day stakeholders meeting with Yobe State Emergency Management Agency and respective implementation partners in Yobe State
  • Work with the lead consultant to gather findings and specific relevant data that will feature in the multi-year Early Recovery Plan
  • With direct instructions from the lead consultant, coordinate the designing/development of emergency response and Early Recovery Plan that is Yobe Context specific and inclusive of stakeholders’, partners’, and sectoral participation.
  • Together with the lead consultant, facilitate linkages to the respective government institutions, Civil Society Organizations, and other stakeholders, for purpose of mobilizing support and development of more sustainable emergency response and Early Recovery Plan.
  • Support the lead consultant in coordinating and facilitating technical meetings with relevant stakeholders towards state ownership of emergency response and Early Recovery Plan.
  • Support YOSEMA to come up with sustainable early recovery indicators to enable drive community-based peace initiatives, increase the beneficial relationship required for effective state-citizens engagements – this will be done with specific instructions from the lead consultant
  • Work with the lead consultant and provide a draft of the early recovery plan for review and approval
  • Support the finalization and production of the Early Recovery Plan
  • Work with the lead consultant to facilitate a dissemination session to share findings and the plan itself.
  • Write a detail report and submit both electronic and hard copy to the organization.

Results and / or Deliverables



Due Date


Submission of report and workplan that suggests efficiencies and outlines timelines and steps that will be taken to improve grants processes. Submission of activity report on kick-off meeting and planning meeting


May 30, 2022


Submission of first draft report of the three (03) days stakeholders’ meeting


June 30, 2022


Submission of five (05) days filed trip to targeted location to gather and generate relevant data/information that will feature in the framework using the approved provided template.


July 15, 2022


Submission of first draft of the framework to NE Connection team and YOSEMA for review and approval


July 30, 2022


Submission of final report, final framework after approval.

Participate in launching of framework with the Yobe State Government and YOSEMA in Yobe


August 30, 2022



35 Days

3 months


Desired Skills & Qualifications

  • A University Degree in Social Science, Development Studies or related field.
  • Have at least 4 years working experience in research and development
  • Have evidence of 2 - 3 years’ experience of past work-related engagement in the (northeast is preferred).
  • Familiar with Yobe State social and political context including working of emergency, peace building and resilience settings in the state.
  • Experience in providing technical and organizational support and capacity building in emergency, disaster, humanitarian, and recovery phase of post conflict phase.
  • In-depth knowledge of northeast crises trend with engagement experience in Yobe State emergency policies and recovery priorities of the current administration.
  • Equipped with sufficient level of awareness on: Early Recovery; good understanding of national and state government policies and Lake Chad region awareness.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills are required.
  • Good technical facilitation capacity.
  • Excellent documentation skill is required.
  • Written and spoken fluency in English and Hausa is required.
  • Knowledge and understanding of local languages spoken in the project area (Kanuri, and Hausa).
Application Closing Date
5:00pm (Nigerian Time), 29th April, 2022..

Questions Due Date
2:00pm (Nigerian Time), 26th April, 2022.

Method of Application
All correspondence and/or inquiries regarding this Request for Quotations (RFQ) must reference the above RFQ number and be directed via email to: Creative intends to award a fixed price consultant agreement but reserves the right to make multiple awards or no award.

Application Instruction

  • Please submit the following documents to provide a quote in response to this RFQ:
    • Confirm that you have the qualifications and experience to perform the work as defined in the scope of work AND are available to perform the work during the period of performance required.
    • An updated CV that reflects the education, skills, and experience required in Attachment 1, and demonstrates the ability to carry out the scope of work;
    • Confirm that you can perform the work within the not-to-exceed level of effort (LOE) stated in the scope or provide an alternate LOE and justify. Also include any non-labor costs expectations.


  • Any questions should be submitted in writing and emailed to: no later than the above date. No questions will be entertained if they are received by means other than the specified email address, and any communications to alternate e-mail addresses may result in the disqualification of the bidder. The RFQ number listed above should be stated in the Subject line.

Answers to Questions:

  • Answers will be compiled and distributed before close of business on 4/27/2022. Sincerely, Creative Associates International.


  • Attachment 2 (Terms and Conditions), Annex A (Reps, Certs and Consents form) and Annexes B/C/D (W-8; W-9; Vendor forms, as applicable)are provided for your information at this stage in the solicitation process. Completed forms will be required only if you have been selected for the consulting opportunity.However, you may complete, sign, and submit the forms as part of your response to this request.
  • A Budget Template is also provided.  You are not required to use this template and can submit pricing in any format that allows Creative to evaluate the realism and reasonableness of your price in relation to the work required.
  • Selection will be made on the basis of technical capability and overall best value. Modifications to this RFQ, including closing date extensions, will be posted on the same medium/website where the original solicitation is posted. Please check the website for updates.
  • Also note that Creative desires to keep potential consultant personal data on an internal database for the sole purpose of searching for qualified individuals for future opportunities. If you wish to be entered into our database to be considered for potential future work, please go to:

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