Request for Proposal (RFP) at the National Agency for the Control of Aids (NACA)

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The National Agency for the Control of Aids (NACA) invites interested and reputable consultants with the requisite experience to indicate interest by submitting RFP documents for the following works:

The National Agency for the Control of Aids (NACA) is an organisation charged with the responsibility of facilitating the development and management of the policies and strategies of all sectors to ensure the human, financial and organizational resources to support the successful execution of the national HIV/AIDS response programme in Nigeria.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Request for Proposal (RFP) - Engagement of Consultants (x2) as TAs for Development of Guidelines for Engaging Third Party Logistics (3PL) Providers, Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Accountability Framework


The Federal Ministry of Health through the National Product Supply Chain Management Programme (NPSCMP) of the department of Food and Drug Services has the mandate to coordinate all health sector supply chain activities in the country. In achieving this mandate NPSCMP is disposed to partnering with competent private sector organizations to deliver supply chain services in all the states. This PPP model is in alignment with the National Health product strategic plan 2021-2025 and guided strictly by the 2022 integrated LMD Framework of the FMoH.

In conducting this assignment, considerations will be given to the following, amongst others:
  • The National Health PSM strategy 2021-2025 and its Blueprints
  • Definition of “state-ownership of LMD”
  • State adoption/adaptation of standards (templates)
  • The transitional state of the national supply chain system including LMD
  • Standards that are realistic while aligning with Donor’s aspirations regarding the conveyance of products funded through their support.
  • The synergistic benefits tied to LMD for the PHC level.
  • Adoption of LMD models by states
  • Lessons from the 4PL management of Malaria and HIV products within the public health programmes and lessons from ownership of LMD by the TB programme
  • Integration of the public health programmes (PHP) with essential medicines. This calls for the benchmarking of PHP costs with standard Essential medicines – with regard to cost parity
  • LMD efficiency drivers
Description and Purpose of Assignment
NPSCMP wants to engage the services of two (2) health commodity supply chain management systems experts that will support the development of Guidelines for engagement of Third-Party Logistics company (3PL), Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Accountability Framework for Last Mile delivery (LMD) services and/or warehousing in 36 States plus FCT. The assignment will consider the context presented above. The guideline will specify the critical decisions to make and factors to consider when engaging 3PLs, SLAs will focus on integrated management of public health products and essential medicines, storage at various state Central Medical Stores, Last Mile Distribution to health facilities, LMD route mapping for commodities. This agreement is between State governments and 3PLs. The accountability framework is to monitor the integrated management system with focus on the required infrastructure, management, stakeholder coordination, accountability etc.

Scope of Work
  • Planning meeting with NPSCMP
  • Desk review
  • Development of draft documents
  • Presentation of draft to NPSCMP
  • Support NPSCMP in a 3-day stakeholders’ sensitization meeting involving state and national participants
  • Consolidate documents
  • Report writing
  • Submission of report and consolidated documents to NPSCMP
Services to be Provided:
  • Draft a 30-day workflow chart for the above activity for approval by management of NPSCMP
  • Engage relevant stakeholders at national and sub-national levels for their views, input, and general approach in developing these documents
  • Support NPSCMP in the development of draft documents
  • Support the Conduct of a 3-day stakeholders’ sensitization meeting for the review of the draft Guidelines, SLA and Accountability framework
  • Consolidate all input and generate a clean copy of the Guidelines, SLA and Accountability framework
  • Submit Guidelines, SLA and Accountability framework to NPSCMP
  • Submit technical report of the exercise to NPSCMP
Qualification Requirements
  • The prospective candidates for this assignment shall possess the requisite academic qualification in the relevance field of expertise with a minimal of Bachelor of Science degree or its equivalent
  • Requisite supply chain related certification such as Health Logistics, ISCEA, Fundamentals in Supply Chain (MIT), Supply Chain Dynamics (MIT)
  • At least six years’ experience in project management.
  • At least seven years past experience in managing complex stakeholders and projects within Nigeria’s public health space - will be a primary requirement for consideration
  • English language and other skills in IT will be needed.
  • The candidate must, in addition, be very conversant with the National Supply Chain Strategy and blueprints; the latter’s provisions for Integrated LMD; and experience in the implementation of the Strategy and Blueprint in at least four states of the federation.
Application Closing Date
12:00 Noon Monday, 1st June, 2022.

Submission of Documents

The detailed Proposal must be in English Language and submitted in three (3) hard copies each (one original & two copies) of the requested documents and proposal. The documents shall then be enclosed and sealed in one (1) single outer envelope, and clearly marked at the topmost right corner “TA FOR NPSCMP” and the Name, Address, Email and Phone Number of the Consultant boldly written at the back of the envelope, with acknowledgement to NACA office at:
Head Procurement,
National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA),
Ground Floor Room 1.08,
No. 3 Zinguinchor Street,
Beside AEDC Office,
Wuse zone 4,
F.C.T - Abuja.


Notes / Disclaimer
  • Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • NACA shall verify any or all documents and claims made by applicants and will disqualify consultants with falsified documents and claims.
  • If it is determined that submitted documents and claims have been falsified, the consultant may face prosecution in a court of Law.
  • NACA shall not be held responsible for any disqualified proposal as a result of any omission or deletion relating to the submission guidelines.
  • This advertisement shall not be construe a contract to any Consultant, nor shall it entitle any Consultant submitting documents to claim any indemnity from NACA.
  • NACA is not bound to shortlist any Consultant, and reserves the right to annul the bidding process at any time without incurring any liabilities or providing reason.
Click Here (PDF) for a detailed description of the RFP.