Invitation for Pre-Qualification at Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC)

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Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) invites experienced contractors to tender pre-qualification documents for the following works:

Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) is one of the eighteen companies that emerged from Power Holding Company of Nigeria Plc sequel to the on-going Power Sector reform. It is among the eleven Electricity Distribution Companies in Nigeria. The Company was granted operational license in 2006 by the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC).

Enugu Electricity Distribution Company has 18 Business Units and one undertaking. It is in charge of the five(5) states in the South East geo-political Zone, namely: Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo State.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Invitation for Pre-Qualification of Contractors for the Execution of Turnkey Projects, Supply of Materials / Equipments and deployment of Software for Capital Projects in EEDC


Enugu Electricity Distribution Plc (EEDC) is looking for experienced contractors that will participate in the execution of turnkey projects, supply of materials/equipment, and deployment of software for capital projects.

Detailed Requests for Bids will be issued to bidders that have been pre-qualified through this EOI process. Consequently, reputable firms interested in rendering such specialist services to the company are requested to send in their Expression of Interest (EOI) for that purpose.

Note: Registered vendors with EEDC do not have to participate in this phase.

Scope of Work / Supplies

  • LOT 1 - Proposed 1.8km Line Transfer of Transtel from Ajali 33kv to Coca Cola 33kv at Anambra State
  • LOT 2 - Construction of additional 7.5MVA 33/11KV at Nike Lake Injection Substation, Enugu, with Extension of 2km 11KV Line.
  • LOT 3 - Construction of additional 7.5MVA 33/11KV at Kingsway Injection Substation Enugu, with the extension of 2km 11KV Line
  • LOT 4 - Creation of Army Barracks II, 33kv Feeder by 4.42km Dual Circuit, and reconstruction of a section of Army Barracks 33kv feeder for additional supply source to Army Barracks 1 & 2 Injection. Substations, Anambra State.
  • LOT 5 - Procurement and Replacement of 11kv Indoor 7 Board Panels at Egbu TCN 2 x 15MVA 33/11KV Injection Substation, Imo State
Test Equipment:
  • LOT 6 - Procurement of 18No. Digital Radiometer (Megger)
  • LOT 7 - Procurement of 4No. Transformer Oil Tester
Protection Equipment:
  • LOT 8 - Procurement of 5No. Differential Relays
  • LOT 9 - Procurement of 33No. Over Current Relay
  • LOT 10 - Procurement of 9 Sets of VTS (33000/110V)
  • LOT 11 - Procurement of 5 Sets of Cts of the ratings:
    • (400/200/1/1/1A & Class (0.2/5P20/5P20)
    • (600/300/150/1/1/1A & Class (0.2/5P20/5P20)
Feeder Meters:
  • LOT 12 - Procurement of 27No. 11kV Feeder Meters
  • LOT 13 - Procurement of 53No. 33kV Feeder Meters
  • LOT 14 - Procurement of 5No. 33KV Outdoor Circuit Breakers
Cables and Conductors:
  • LOT 15 - Procurement of Cables and Conductors:
    • 1,000 meters of 150mm2 x 4 Core LV Cable.
    • 500 meters of 500mm2 x 1 Core LV Cable.
    • 500 meters of 300mm2 x 1 Core LV Cable.
    • 1,000 meters of 70mm2 x 4 Core LV Cable.
    • 70,050 meters of 150mm2 AAC.
    • 49,000 meters of 100mm2 AAC.
  • LOT 16 - Procurement of 750 drums of Transformer Oil
  • LOT 17- Procurement and Implementation of Mobile Device Management System (MDMS)
Eligibility Requirements (Nigerian Companies only)
Suitable Nigerian Companies are invited to participate in the pre-qualification exercise by submitting the following prerequisite requirements, without which companies will be disqualified:
  • Evidence of registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission.
  • Certified true copies of Memorandum and Article of Association.
  • Evidence of payment of tax for the last three (3) years (2019, 2020, and 2021)
  • Certificate of Compliance issued by the National Pension Commission valid till 31st December 2021.
  • Evidence of payment of training contributions to ITF (Industrial Training Fund).
  • Audited Accounts for the last three years (2019, 20120, and 2021).
  • Company profile showing nature of business, plants and equipment, personnel, product profiles, Health, and Safety Policy.
  • Reference letter from not less than three clients.
  • Applicants with a Certificate of Quality Assurance/Quality Standards from any reputable Quality Certification Organization shall be preferred.
  • Evidence of Registration with National Electricity Management Services Agency. (For Turnkey Projects only)
  • Applicants must be manufacturers or authorized manufacturer's representatives. (For Supply and Software only)
Application Closing Date
12:00 Noon Wednesday, 8th June, 2022.

Submission of Documents
One soft copy and two hard copies of the documents are to be submitted. The soft copy is to be mailed to:

The names and mailing addresses of the applicant Companies must be clearly marked on the hard copy envelope(s) bearing the submissions. All required Information must be neatly arranged, with a table of contents and clearly marked with tags for easy identification. All the information requested for pre-qualification must be provided in the English Language by all applicants. Failure to provide information/supporting documents that is essential for the evaluation of the applicant's qualifications or to provide timely clarification to substantiate the information supplied may result in disqualification of the applicant. Also, inconsistencies between the soft and hard copies may lead to disqualification of the application.

EOIs accompanied by the relevant documents should be forwarded in a sealed envelope marked at the top left corner and boldly written thus "Application for Pre-Qualification of Contractors for Execution of Turnkey Projects or Supply of Materials/Equipment or Deployment of Software for Capital Projects In EEDC", and addressed to:
The Head Procurement Department,
Enugu Electricity Distribution PLC,
62 Okpara Avenue, Enugu,
Enugu State.

Important Notice
  • Only shortlisted firms will be contacted.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline shall be rejected.
  • EEDC reserves the right to verify any claim by the Applicants and should therefore include in their submissions, necessary authority and guarantee for such verification.
  • This advertisement shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of EEDC to pre-qualify any applicant.
  • The company reserves the right to reject any or all the responses to this request for Pre-qualification.
  • For further information and/or clarification, please send the enquiries via email to: