Request For Proposal (RFP) at Dangi Tourism LLC

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Dangi Tourism LLC is requesting for Proposal (RFP) from qualified Vendors for the following works:

Dangi Tourism LLC is a travel and tours company incorporated 1986, located in Abuja, Kano and Dubai. Services Include Visa Processing, Flight and Hotel Booking, Holiday Tours and Corporate Travel Solutions.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Request For Proposal (RFP) for Website Design & Development for Dangi Tourism LLC

Location: Abuja

Dangi Tourism is seeking a vendor to create the official website. The functionality includes:

  • Support individual, high volume traffic, and third-party bookings (international and domestic), run time should be 100%.
  • This platform should also provide a streamlined user experience with interactive visuals.
  • Our top priority is establishing credibility for potential customers. Our secondary goal is making it easy to contact team members for further assistance through the website or through social media profiles.
  • Capacity to integrate the website with booking engines.


  • Create a Flexible, informative, up to date website that is easy to maintain and is responsive (viewable on desktop, tables and mobile devices). In addition to designing a user-friendly site with an intuitive interface, you must also incorporate a web-based, database-driven content management system that allows key personnel to easily update content without directly accessing source code.
  • We require a more robust, user-friendly platform moving forward. In addition, we are seeking a design partner that provides tools for search engine optimization and social sharing. For pages and content that is not yet in existence, the preference is to have user-selectable, predefined templates to choose from that dictate the layout and color scheme.
  • DTL will consider other hosting options based on recommendations. We encourage website designers to offer suggestions and be creative in responding to this RFP.

Request for Proposal Timeline
Task - Date:

  • Request for Proposal Release - October 19, 2022
  • Last Day to Submit RFP - November 13, 2022
  • Evaluation of Proposals - November 15, 2022
  • Target and Launch Date - December 14, 2022

All dates are subject to change with or without notice.

In issuing this RFP, Dangi Tourism is seeking to:

  • Deliver a website that is visually consistent with the brand and speaks to our target audience.
  • Website should feature a streamlined, uncomplicated user experience and should be responsive to mobile and desktop devices.
  • Platform should be usable by users in low-bandwidth environments.
  • Platform should provide a fully featured set of catalog and site management tools to the Dangi Tourism administrator(s). E.g infographics, seasonal banners, and linked social media handles.
  • Features should include but not limited to: air tickets (e.g. direct & return flights), holiday packages, functional store locator (optional feature: interactive map with a legend of custom icons for different store features). Synchronised with online travel booking tool.
  • Payment should be available with credi card via established bank account/pay pal/quick teller
  • A fair and streamlined process for cancellations, complaint mechanisms, date changes and refunds should be instituted.
  • Institute a streamlined invoicing, billing and reporting system which accurately connects with internal Dangi Tourism financial systems and standards.

To Be Effective, our Website Must be:

  • Informative
  • Safe and secure
  • Visually pleasing
  • Easy and intuitive
  • Quick to load and operate
  • Responsive mobile device and desktop
  • Accessible
  • Easy access to translate into at least 2 (English and Arabic) languages
  • Versatility to integrate social media widgets.

To meet our goals, our new website must:

  • Provide a modern, relevant design update
  • Showcase the work and programs Dangi Tourism does worldwide
  • Improve customer service and engage site visitors
  • Showcase feedback from previous clients
  • Provide a scalable, maintainable solution.


  • Utilize responsive design with the latest technologies to provide a consistent user interface across all devices
  • Establish a clear path for visitors to access information relevant to them
  • Present clear and concise information to end-users
  • Integrate with DTL social media platforms
  • Provide an easy-to-use fit into the CMS platform
  • Conduct thorough market research, competitive analysis, and internal focus groups
  • Leverage limited human resources through improved efficiencies in web management
  • Maximize search engine optimization through strategic mark-up language and content.
  • Provide an archival system for DTL press releases, photos, videos and move historical data to a searchable database.

Executive Summary

  • Describe your understanding of our current website challenges
  • Summarize your proposed solution, and how your solution will resolve our current website challenges
  • Provide a summary of pricing for the proposed services and products.

Company Overview:

  • Tell us about your company, your experience in web design and production for projects similar to ours, and your experience in working with Travel Agencies and Tourism industry.
  • Provide links to your agency website, online portfolios, and social media.


  • Identify the team that will work on this project
  • Include name, title/role, and brief background/experience of each. Include subcontractors if applicable.


  • Provide a list of three references (at least one from a Travel & Tourism industry) who can speak to services requested in this RFP
  • Please include contact information and a brief description of work done for those clients.

Solutions Menu With Pricing:

  • Based on the elements included in the Project Scope/Objective section, tell us about your proposed solution in terms of creative design strategy, methodology, plan, and other important aspects of the redesign process
  • Include all project phases and tasks, along with a line-item breakdown of costs

Please be sure to Address the Following:

  • Project Management Tools - Your process for tracking and documenting project status
  • Deliverables - Outline the products and/or services that will be delivered
  • Schedule - Provide the suggested project schedule detailing the time required for each major step or phase of the project
  • User Training and Support - Provide details on the user training and support included for our content editors along with the training support format (i.e., live web, chat, email, phone-based, hard copy, other documentation, etc.)
  • Hardware - List any hardware necessary to host and/or support the proposed solution
  • Also, list any recommended configurations for a robust and reliable environment
  • Include hardware redundancy and/or disaster recovery recommendations
  • Payment - Include any requirements or preferences regarding invoicing and payment
  • Anything else deemed relevant/important to the vendor
  • Include all terms and conditions.


  • Confirm audiences, objectives, graphic look and feel, navigation, site marketing, technology issues and assumptions, required functionality, phasing, and budgetary constraints, resulting in a creative brief.


  • Disclosure of website information architecture, graphic look and feel, user navigation, the home page, and main navigation templates for each of the main navigation links.

Development Guidelines
The website designed by the successful candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Include templates that incorporate into the content management system that will permit both technical and non-technical DTL staff, and volunteers to update website content on specific pages
  • Once the site has been completed and accepted by DTL, the site will be maintained centrally by DTL skilled web services team as well as non-professional editors from various committees (this should be kept in mind when selecting the tools that are included)
  • Convert and revamp substantial amounts of existing content
  • The site must be clean and attractive, with a mix of text and graphics
  • Visually, the site should be modern, distinctive, memorable, and engaging
  • It should fit as close to a single displayed page on a typical size monitor as possible
  • Each section of the site should have a common look and feel
  • The DTL logo should be prominently displayed on every page as a common header
  • The use of photography and fonts should be consistent throughout the site, with the layout of each page having a great deal of consistency
  • Pictures on the front page should be a larger size than other subpages
  • The sitemap should provide for these photos to be easily changed
  • The site should be easy to navigate, where information is grouped and presented in a logical manner with a minimal number of levels needed for the user to find the desired information
  • The navigation design should complement the capabilities of touch-enabled, mobile devices
  • Development of templates that adhere to the proposed navigation scheme enabling non-technical users to easily add new sections/pages
  • Provide search capabilities using keywords or phrases that will identify content throughout the site and optimize Google Rankings
  • An assigned project manager will be made available to present information and coordinate with DTL, including a reasonable number of meetings (via videoconference) to present design and development solutions
  • Once the website has been completed and accepted by DTL, the website design and all of its contents, software and architecture become the property of Dangi Tourism LLC.

Site Specification
DTL highly encourages creativity in the proposals submitted, but there are certain requirements for the website project. Your proposal must account for all of these requirements.

  • The site must be compatible with current and one (1) previous versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers
  • Websites must not require plug-ins as a default
  • The website must be designed with a mix of text and graphics such that each page loads in a way that is acceptable to the typical user having an average home Internet connection speed.


  • Internal and external research including focus groups and a comprehensive review of existing Google Analytics must be included in the scope of the proposal.


  • Testing of the site on all applicable platforms to ensure that web site works as promised, including an explanation of the testing plan.


  • DTL technical personnel will act as the “go-between” with our vendor during this time
  • Provisions for support must be made in order to assist DTL when they are making the site live.

General Proposal Submission Instructions

  • List five websites your firm has produced that reflect your work and relevance to this project. List the role your firm played in each project
  • Please submit the URLs for these sites, and only currently “live” sites should be included
  • Describe your experience producing sites for TRAVELS AND TOURISM INDUSTRY.   
  • Provide current reference information for three (3)former or current clients
  • Briefly outline your firm’s organizational capacity to produce the DTL website (such as staff, equipment, software, physical space, office location, etc.)
  • Previous website layout/user interfaces that use standard HTML/CSS practices
  • Provide company profile, length of time in business, and core competencies
  • Briefly describe the percentage of your web staff that would be working on this project relative to your entire staff
  • For example, if you would use three staff on the project and you have ten web designers and developers, the percentage would be 30%
  • What type of team will be assigned to this project? What will each person’s role be?
  • Please include a brief background summary for each key staff member assigned to this project
  • Briefly describe your project management process
  • Please detail any hardware/software vendor partnerships you have
  • Provide a detailed timeframe for completion
  • This will be evaluated and will be part of the contractual agreement, so a realistic time frame for completion is essential
  • Please state how you intend to communicate with the project lead at DTL during the period of design/development, and at what intervals
  • Describe the support you offer during and after the project.

Cover Page and Questionnaire

  • RFP Appendix A contain the templates for the Cover Page
  • This document must be fully completed, signed, and dated by an authorized organization official and submitted as part of the proposal.

Application Closing Date
5:00 PM: 13th November, 2022.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified Vendors should send their Proposals (one electronic PDF) via: and using the Job Title as the subject of the email.

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Right to Reject

  • This RFP does not commit DTL to accept any proposal submitted, nor is DTL responsible for any costs incurred in preparing responses to this RFP.
  • DTL reserves the right to reject any or all bids, accept or reject any or all items in the proposals, and/or award the contract in whole or in part as deemed to be in the best interest of DTL.
  • DTL reserves the right to cancel, delay, amend, or reissue this RFP at any time.

Award of Contract:

  • Each respondent submitting a proposal will be notified via e-mail of DTL’sdecision concerning their proposal.

Proposal Requirements
The proposal must include the following items:

  • The cover page (Appendix A) - fully completed
  • Length and Font Size
  • Please use fonts no smaller than 10 point
  • Maximum proposal length including title page, cover letter, proposal, qualifications, and costs should not exceed thirty (30) pages.


  • Discuss your proposed solution, including the features, benefits, and uniqueness of your solution
  • Please include the length of time you feel it would take to deliver the completed project, from the day of signing the contract to completion
  • List costs as requested above
  • Identify staff who will be working on the project
  • Include standard hourly rates for work that may be needed in the future
  • The proposal may, and are highly encouraged to include the following items:
  • Supplemental information - please provide any other materials that may be appropriate to describe respondent and service delivery capacity, such as:
  • A brief description of the history of your business and your locations;
  • A short narrative of the procurement history, experience with travel and tours industry, and capacity to manage a global website development project.

Solicitation Questions