Consultant - Human Rights Impact Assessment of the Trash to Cash Project at Tearfund Nigeria

Posted by Emeka on Tue 13th Dec, 2022 -

Tearfund Nigeria in partnership with Yola Renewal Foundation (YRF) invites applications from qualified candidates for the position of: Consultant - Human Rights Impact Assessment of the Trash to Cash Project. The position is located in Yola, Adamawa State. Interested candidates should possess relevant qualifications.

Tearfund is a Christian international relief and development agency working globally to end poverty and injustice, and to restore dignity and hope in some of the world’s poorest communities.

Applications are invited for:

Job Title: Consultant - Human Rights Impact Assessment of the Trash to Cash Project

Location: Yola, Adamawa
Employment Type: Contract

The Project
Yola Renewal Foundation (YRF) is a registered non-governmental organisation (NGO) that works in environmental sustainability and social cohesion within and outside the communities in Yola. YRF is partnering with Tearfund to implement a project aimed at stopping plastic waste from entering the River Benue in order to reduce plastic pollution affecting the aquatic ecosystem.

The project also seeks to establish a plastic recycling facility in Yola, Adamawa State. The project will recruit Community Eco-champions, to educate households on waste segregation and proper handling of plastic waste in Doubeli, Boramji, Anguwan Tana, Rumde and Jambutu. Community Eco-champions will be responsible for buying plastic waste collected from each household for onward delivery to the recycling facility for baling and processing into other products. They are volunteers that will be receiving commission payments for the plastic they collect. The project will also employ Technical Eco-champions to work at the recycling factory.

Goods / Services the Supplier / Contractor Provide

  • Human Rights Impact Assessment will be conducted to build understanding of the impact of the Trash to Cash project to the enjoyment of human rights by a variety of stakeholders, and thereby help to shape appropriate solutions and mitigations.
  • The assessment will take stock of the cross-cutting ways in which enjoyment of rights can potentially be harmed as a result of the project.
  • The assessment will focus on impacts on human rights that may result from core project activities
  • The assessment will also establish the extent of the impact that the project activities have on human rights, particularly when they disproportionately affect certain vulnerable groups or exacerbate existing discriminatory patterns in the community.
  • The scope of the HRIA will cover actual and potential impacts that the project causes , contributes to or directly linked to various activities of the project including; labour, livelihoods.

Timeline for Assessment
The assessment is expected to take 30 days:

Begin the HRIA

16th Jan 2023

Complete the HRIA

30th Jan 2023

Review the HRIA and mitigations

6th Feb 2023

Feedback with Stakeholders

20th Feb 2022

Publish and share final report

24th Feb 2023


Inception and scoping report:

  • This will be due one month from the effective date of the contract and will contain findings from desk research of relevant labour laws, human rights ,scoping report , tools for data collection and stakeholder mapping (Its important that the consultant(s) during the desk research, strengthen their understanding of the subject of human rights in the context of the Informal waste sector by reviewing the following:
    • UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights to the informal waste sector.
    • Principles for Corporate Engagement with the Informal Waste Sector Aligned with the UNGPs
    • Description of common human rights impacts experienced by waste pickers as outlined in the fair Circularity Principles which can be accessed HERE

Interim Detailed Report:

  • This will be due two months from the effective date of the contract and will contain a detailed report on the Human Rights Impact Assessment after interviewing stakeholders.
  • The report will include the scope , scale and irremediability assessments of impacts as well as a detailed mitigation plan. (It is important that the consultant(s) in presenting the findings and recommendations do so setting them against the backdrop of the principles reviewed as outlined in the Fair Circularity Principles). These are the principles for corporate engagement with the informal waste sector aligned with the United Nations Guiding Principles (UNGPs).

Final Assessment Report:

  • This is due three months from the effective date of the contract and will contain comments from the client and key stakeholders.

Communication Method During Contract Period:

  • Communication during the period will majorly be via email and phone calls.

Specific Milestones to be Reached are:

  • Scoping human rights risks in project
  • Assess actual and potential human right impacts
  • Develop a mitigation plan based on the findings
  • Impact mitigation and management plan.

Needed Expertise and Experience
A Consultant that will be recruited:

  • Should have skills and experience in conducting human rights impact assessment for small and medium sized enterprises and in implementing the human rights based approach in development cooperation
  • Should have local knowledge of the context of the project site
  • Should have skills in English and hausa languages.

Payment Schedule

  • 30% of the total budget excluding withholding tax on the same will be paid upon submission of the inception and scoping report.
  • 30% of the total budget excluding withholding tax on the same will be paid upon submission of the interim detailed report
  • Final 40 % of the total budget excluding withholding tax on the same will be paid upon submission of the final assessment report.

Submission of Quotation Deadline
24th December, 2022.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should send their Quotations to: and cc:

What to Include in Your Quotation

  • Registered Company / Business Name, contact name, email address, phone number
  • CV of the proposed individual and/or Team members
  • Technical and financial proposal outlining your proposed assessment approach, methodology, sampling techniques, workplan, proposed team and a breakdown of the proposed budget (in Naira)
  • Pricing (you could include a pricing table here if helpful) Note that Withholding tax of 10% will be charged on the total cost of the consultancy price
  • Confirmation that you can deliver the requirements set out in this Request for Quotation
  • The following documents:
    • Registration certificate
    • Tax identification number
    • Include 2 reports of similar work carried out
    • Contacts of other clients that you have worked for on similar assignments.

For more inquiries, contact: 08034055841.