State OVC Strategy Review Consultant at the Center for Clinical Care and Clinical Research (CCCRN) - Akwa Ibom and Cross River

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The Center for Clinical Care and Clinical Research (CCCRN) is recruiting to fill the position of: State OVC Strategy Review Consultant. The position is located in Akwa Ibom and Cross River States. Interested candidates should possess a Degree in Sociology, Social Work, Public Health or any other related course.

The Center for Clinical Care and Clinical Research is an indigenous, non-profit organization that promotes best practices in health care delivery, medical training and research using locally adapted models of health systems strengthening. CCCRN has established a formidable presence in Nigeria. With the headquarters in Federal Capital Territory and field offices in its operational states, CCCRN built a vast network of health and allied professional staff, partners and collaborators.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Consultancy Scope of Work for Review, Adapting, and Development of the State OVC Strategy Plan for Akwa Ibom and Cross River States (2023-2030)

Locations: Akwa Ibom and Cross River
Period of Performance: 10 days per State (February - March 2023)
Contract Type: Fixed Price


  • The State Ministry of Women Affairs (SMWA) is the coordinating Ministry that promotes the development of women and children as well as coordinates orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) programs in the State.
  • It has a broad mandate to advice government on Gender and Children issues. The Ministry initiates policy guidelines and lead the process of gender equality and mainstreaming at the state level.
  • The State Strategy Plan (SP) for Vulnerable Children aligns with the National Priority Agenda as a strategic framework which guides the multi-sectoral operationalization of the objectives and strategies of Nigeria Vision 2020.
  • The aim is to ensure the protection of the most vulnerable children in Nigeria and reduce child poverty. 
  • The assessment shows that both States do not have strategy plan that sets priorities for target, coordination and programmes in line with newly developed National Priority Plan of Action (NPA) 2022-2023.
  • In line with the NPA (2022-2023) set priorities, the project is supporting Akwa Ibom and Cross River States to develop State Strategy Plan that will reflect the new realities and emerging trends in OVC programming.
  • The services of a consultant will be engaged to facilitate the development of the Plan that will guide the State OVC response.

Overall Objective

  • To develop a Strategy Plan for State OVC response in line with new realities and emerging trends in OVC programming.

Review and develop State Strategy Plan:

  • Recruiting and engaging resource persons to lead the process of review, adaptation, and development of the SPA. CCCRN will engage the services of a consultant to oversee and participate in the process of review and development of a new strategic framework to guide the State OVC response.
  • Forming State review committee from State Ministry of Women Affairs and relevant Civil Society Organizations to provide needed institutional and community base experiences on the review and contextualizing of the SPA. Both States will form review committee at the state level to work with the consultant through the process of the review and development.
  • Getting NPA for adaptation – The updated NPA will be referenced. The same will be adapted, and contextualized for Akwa Ibom and Cross River States.
  • Review of literatures to develop state priorities- The Consultant will review relevant literatures and work with the state review committee to contextualize targets, programmes and strategies for the state in line with emerging trend.
  • Conduct reviews with relevant state stakeholders (MDAs, groups and Networks), validate and finalize reports and submit to CCCRN and the host Ministry.

Roles and Responsibilities
The Consultant will:

  • Lead the process of developing the State Strategy Plan for OVC response in Akwa Ibom and/ or Cross River State.
  • The consultant must ensure that the new strategy plan aligns with laws, charters, programs, NPA (2022-2030) and emerging state priorities for the respective state and national which contribute to improving the lives and protection of vulnerable children
  • Conduct reviews and assessments of relevant literatures including program reports in the state for the Strategy Plan development.
  • The consultant will design and develop the protocol and data collection tools for the assessment.
  • Design, plan and facilitate the strategy plan review process/workshops, consultative meetings, process review meetings and validation meetings.  
  • Ensure adequate involvement of stakeholders (MDAs, groups, organizations, Networks, target population, and community members) in the state for the document development.
  • Present the finalized strategy plan document to the SMWA and SPA review team for approval.
  • Ensure that the final costed SP document is sent to CCCRN and each SMWA.
  • The consultant will work closely with CCCRN, Director Child Development or a representative in SMWA to carry out this assignment.

The following tasks will be carried out by the Consultant:



Description of Task


Initial briefing

Brief senior management on work plan and conceptual framework.


Literature Review/ Desk Review

Review of literatures and reports will include state, national and international laws, charters, guidelines, and programs that should aligned with the new strategy plan for VC response in the state from 2023-2030. The outcome and findings from the review and assessment for VC in the State must inform the content of the new Strategy Plan. The new document will also include the new and emerging state trends in VC response in the state.

Recommended documents: 1999 Constitution 2018 (as amended), AI and CR Child Rights Law (CRL) 2008, Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) law 2020, Labour Act, State and National policy on Education, Nigeria Economic sustainability plan (NESP-2020), National Priority Agenda (NPA) and SDG 2030, SMWASW vision and mission, 2008 Situation Analysis of OVC in Nigeria, National Demographic Health Survey 2013, Ending Violence Against Children in Nigeria 2014, State level assessment and program reports relevant to the plan, Social protection in Nigeria- mapping programs and their effectiveness and other relevant documents.

The review will also include reports on relevant studies and programs implemented in the state on child protection and welfare, HIV/AIDS and related areas. Key search terms include HIV, AIDS, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, children, vulnerable, social, protection, welfare, rights, education, shelter, violence, abuse, poverty, etc


Pre-Workshop Meeting

Consultants develops framework for workshop.

Present Review initial framework and adapt. Present framework to the review committees. Committee review findings from desk review



Develop contents to feed in the framework, ensure stakeholders input and review of the contents.


Finalize strategy frameworks 

Final review of contents using inputs from the workshop.

Harmonize feedback from workshop and individual meetings, and update the document.


Validation Meeting

Lead the review and validation of the SP.


Costing Meeting

Ensure activities are costed.   


Final report and  submission document

Consultants finalize the reviews and feedback.

Present the finalized strategy plan to the CCCRN, and SMWA approval.

Deliverables in Mile Stones

  • M1: Finalized calendar /work plan for the consultancy.
  • M2: Approved work plan and strategy plan framework.
  • M3: Approved report on the findings from review, update and development of SP for Cross River and Akwa Ibom
  • M4: Draft SP for review and Validation.
  • M5: Activity reports
  • M6: All supporting materials for sessions (case studies, PowerPoints, flip charts, etc.):
  • M7: Finalized State Strategy Plan for OVC 2023 – 2030
  • M8: Final validated and Costed SP for Cross River and/or Akwa Ibom State.
  • M9: Final Approved Consultancy Report


  • Payment will be based on satisfactory completion of milestones as shown:


% Effort

Level of Effort

First payment: completion of M1-and M2


2 days

Second payment: completion of M3-M6


5 days

Final payment: completion of M7- M9 with Final SPA submitted


3 days

Total number of days


10 days

Timeline February to March 2023


  • All travel arrangements should be accommodated and arranged by the Consultants.

Reporting and Work Relationships

  • The consultant will report to the CCCRN focal person and Director Child, SMWA in the respective state. 
  • The consultant will work in close collaboration with the review team who will approve activities to be implemented by the Consultant. The consultant will co-facilitate with designated members of the review team who will be responsible for:
    • Assisting during on-site pre-workshop planning
    • Facilitating selected sessions or exercises
    • Attending daily, post-activities facilitator monitoring meetings
    • Assisting with the production of last-minute or revised materials in known language as required during the training.
  • The consultant will have access to members of the review team to make the work easy and facilitate the process.

Total Number of Days: 10 paid days per State

Qualification and Requirements
Candidates must possess the following qualification and experience to be hired for the position:

  • At least a Degree in Sociology, Social Work Public Health, or any other related course (a Master's Degree and other higher qualifications are an added advantage)
  • A child expert (protection, case management, programming etc.)
  • Experience carrying out a similar assignment at either sub-regional or national level.
  • Experience planning and facilitating sub-national and national technical meetings and workshop.
  • Demonstrated skills in qualitative research methods required.
  • Demonstrated capacity to analyze complex issues, draw relevant conclusions and produce a comprehensive technical report.
  • Experience in multi-level stakeholder engagement
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including experience, in successfully interacting with USG implementing partners, federal and state government officials, civil society partners, and other stakeholders
  • Cultural sensitivity, particularly in multiethnic and multi-religious contexts.
  • Fluency in English
  • Strong writing skills.

NB: Experience implementing the OVC program and/or sound understanding of the issues affecting OVC nationally and globally is an added advantage.

Application Closing Date
16th February, 2023.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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