Request for Quotation for the Purchase of Psychotropic Drugs at Women in the New Nigeria (WINN)

Posted by Emeka on Tue 28th Feb, 2023 -

Women in the New Nigeria (WINN) is requesting for Quotations for the Purchase of Psychotropic Drugs in Maiduguri, Borno State. Interested Suppliers should possess the required qualifications.

Women in the New Nigeria (WINN) is a leading women-led and women's rights non-governmental organization established in 2010 and legally incorporated in 2013, that focuses on women’s empowerment and enhancing the lives of youths. WINN has presence in 17 states in Nigeria, including FCT Abuja, and an international presence in eight (8) countries: North America (WINNA), WIN Ghana, WIN Mozambique, WIN South Africa, WIN Sierra Leone, WIN World UK, WIN Niger, WIN Cameroun.

We ensure that the structures and systems with which women, girls, and people with disabilities interact on a daily basis, such as safe spaces, health facilities, education, legal services, and community engagement activities, to name but a few, are accessible and conducive to the empowerment and support of all stakeholders through our programs.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Request for Quotation for the Purchase of Psychotropic Drugs

Location: Maiduguri, Borno


  • Women In the New Nigeria and Youth Empowerment Initiative (WINN) is in Partnership with Christian Blind Mission (CBM) International with funding from GFFO working in Jere, Konduga, MMC, and Gwoza LGAs, Borno State.
  • WINN is seeking qualified suppliers to provide a price quote for Psychotropic Drugs as seen in the table below. Please refer to the Term and Conditions (on last Page) in preparing your quotation.

Terms and Conditions of Quotation

Annexure 1

Delivery Terms

3 days

Delivery Place

WINN Office Tijjani Maina Street, NUJ Bama Road Maiduguri, Bono State.

Payment Terms

100% Payment after Delivery.

Validity of Quotation

One (1) Year

Additional Terms & Conditions

  • Delivery of Sample: The preferred supplier will be requested to provide sample of Psychotropic drugs before Signing of the Contract with WINN within 1-3 days of notification.
  • The detailed financial quote should be in Naira
  • The quotation should state clearly the validity period of quote (which should not be less than a Year), payment term and availability of product.
  • Applicable Withholding Tax will be deducted from price quotes and remitted to appropriate statutory bodies.
  • Expiry Date of items should be clearly stated as WINN will reject items that are sub standard, without clear expiry Date. The shelf life of each medicine should be a minimum of 18 months.
  • Technical Specification: The approved vendor will supply as per the technical specification. The generic name and brand name should be printed in tins/packing/carton etc.
  • Liquidated Damage: All the aspect of safe delivery to WINN shall be the exclusive responsibility of the supplier. If the supplier fails to deliver the goods on or before stipulated date, However, if he or she fails to supply within stipulated timeframe, he or her contract can be revoked and givenm to another vendor or supplier.
  • Risk Purchase. If a successful vendor fails to supply medicines within the stipulated date or medicines supplied other than specification specified in the annexture, WINN reserves the right to terminate the contract.
  • Marking: Eack packing shall be marked with the nomenclature of the drug and shall be labelled in accordance with the requirement of NAFDAC.


  • All labels of cartons, tins, containers etc should be embolden/imprinted/stamped.
  • Loose supplies/damaged packing/tampered or damaged labelled supplies shall not be accepted under any circumstances.
  • All pimary packig containers should be strickly conforming to the specification included in the relavant pharmacopoeia.
  • Packing should be to prevent damage or deterioration during transit.

Quotations Submission Requirements
The quotation shall contain the following documents:

  • Soft/hard copies of Company Profile (including legal identity,Trade license, CAC, Tax clearance certificate, proof of similar contracts executed, other relevant legal documents and license of dealership if applicable).
  • Submission of Copies of FIRS print out of TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (TIN)
  • Detailed description of the quoted items (with pictures where possible) as contained in Annex 1
  • Provide a list of a minimum of 3 relevant references for similar supplies for the last two years preferably to NGOs supported with evidence of supplies/delivery of items.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Quotations will be evaluated based on their responsiveness to the specifications, financial quote, validity of quote, evidence of past/current delivery of the required services, qualification (experience), after sale service, agreement to WINN payment terms & delivery time.


Item Description


Quantity Required

Date of Manufacture


Expiry Date


Price Per Unit

Total Worth of Drug


Benzhexol 5mg tablets

Tablets (500 per tin)




Haloperidol 5mg tablets

Tablets (1000 per tin)




Amitriptyline 25mg tblets

Tablets (1000 per tin)




Carbarmazapine 200mg tablets

Tablets (1000 per tin)




Chlorpromazine 200mg tblets

Tablets (500 per tin)




Risperidone 2mg tablets

Tablets (60 per tin)




Phenobarbitone 30mg

Tablets (100 per tin)




Dispensing envelop 50


1 Sack



Application Closing Date
5th March, 2023; 5:00PM

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates (Suppliers) should submit their quotations (Hard Copy) in their company's letterheaded paper duly signed and stamped by an authorized person of the company in a sealed envelope and addressed to WINN Procurement Committee:
Hard Copies
House No. F17,
Tijjani Maina Street,
NUJ Bama Road,
Maiduguri Office, Borno State.

Soft Copies
Applications should be sent to:


  • Quotation (Hard and Soft Copy) must reach WINN on or before the closing date and time to stand a chance of been considered as the preferred supplier.
  • Incomplete Quotations Shall Not Be Examined.
  • WINN reserves the right to reject any or all bid not considered to be in the best interest of the organisations and/or the people it serves.