Re-invitation For The Pre-qualification To Tender For New Requirements Approved By BPP.

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This is an invitation to all competent and reputable Engineering Companies with interest in executing the project described here under to submit their pre-qualification bids in line with the new requirements recently approved by BPP.

2.) Description Of Works:

Lot I: Construction Of Tank 4.1.1 For Tank 4.1 Hill Layout And Dallas Estate And Construction Of Sewage Treatment Plant For Tank 4.1 And Asokoro Garden Plus Associated Works.

Lot II: Rehabilitation And Expansion Of Outer Southern Expressway (Osex) From Villa Roundabout To Osex/Ring Road 1 (RR1) Junction Including Four (5) Nos. Interchanges

3.) Scope Of Work:

i.) The scope of work for Lot I includes:

  • Site clearance and earthworks
  • Water pipeline works
  • Construction of Water Tank
  • Mechanical fitting works
  • Foul Sewer Trunk line
  • Construction of Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Pump Station

ii.) The scope of work for Lot II includes:

  • Site clearance and earthworks
  • Surface Water Drainage (insitu and Precast Concrete Structures)
  • Road Works of main and service carriage ways on rock sub-base
  • Bridge works at interchanges
  • Retaining Walls
  • Power supply and street lighting
  • Box and pit Culverts
  • Conduits for Post and Telecommunication

4.) Pre-qualification Requirements

Interested Companies are invited to submit the following pre-qualification documents:

i.) Evidence of incorporation of the Company with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), including Articles and Memorandum of Association of the company and up to date Annual return with the CAC (forms C02 & C07 to be included).

ii.) Evidence of the Firm’s Registration with Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) and up to date payment of practicing fees (2012).

iii.) The Company must show evidence of the following:

  • Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years supplied with the company’s Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Pension and Social Security Contributions
  • Registration with Pencom.
  • Remittance to pension fund Administrator

iv.) A sworn Affidavit to the effect that:

  • The Company is not in receivership, insolvency or bankruptcy
  • The Company does not have any Director who has been convicted by any court in Nigeria and any other country for criminal offence in relation to fraud or Financial impropriety.
  • No present or former Director of the company is a shareholder or has any pecuniary interest in any of the relevant committees of the FCDA or BPP.
  • All the documents submitted for the pre-qualification bid are not only genuine but correct

v.) A chart indicating the number and categories of Nigerians that are to be employed by the company on this project

vi.) Evidence of payment of Training Contributions to the Industrial Training Fund

vii.) Evidence of compliance with the Employees' Compensation Act i.e. Remittance of 1% of the total emolument of your workers to the Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund.

viii.) Bank Statement for the past six (6) months.

ix.) Audited Acccunts of the Bidder for the last three (3) years duly endorsed by a firm of Chartered Accountants .

x.) Letter authorizing FCDA and her representative(s) to cross-check the submitted company’s Bank account.

xi.) Evidence of work experience as the main Contractor executing or having executed a minimum of five (5) projects of similar complexity compared to the proposed work, one of which must have been within the last 5 years. Copies of Award Letters, Last Interim Certificate of Valuation for on-going projects. Completion Certificate and Final Maintenance Certificates where applicable are to be enclosed.

xii.) Verifiable list of major construction equipment and facilities including registration and chassis numbers, location (where they can be inspected) and remark on whether these are owned, hired or leased.

The minimum numbers of equipment/facilities are as listed below:

  • Ten (10) Nos Bulldozers
  • Five(5) Nos Scrappers
  • Ten (10) Nos Graders
  • Ten (10) Nos Excavators
  • Fifteen (15) Nos Pay Loaders
  • One (1) No. Asphalt plant
  • One (1) No. Concrete Batching Plant
  • Three (3) Nos Asphalt Payers
  • Ten (10) Nos Water Tankers
  • Three (3) Nos Diesel Tankers
  • Ten (10) Nos Mobile Concrete Mixers
  • Fifteen (15) Nos various Compactors
  • Five (5) Nos Concrete Pumping Machines
  • Ten (10) Nos various type of Cranes
  • Thirty (30) Nos 20 - 30 ton tippers
  • Ten (10) Nos dumpers
  • One (1) Insitu concrete laying equipment (Commander)
  • Five (5) Nos Cable Drum Jacks
  • Three (3) Nos Crane Mounted Bucket Lifts
  • Two (2) Nos Cable Crimping Machines
  • Electrical testing equipment such as 80KV Hypotronics, Megger, Earth-Resistant tester etc.

xiii.) A functional and well equipped material testing laboratory or evidence of ability to carry out material testing.

xiv.) List of key technical personnel stating their roles, designation, qualification and years of experience with the guarantee that a minimum of five (5) relevant COREN Registered Engineers of various disciplines, shall be deployed to the project. Copies of educational and professional certificates are to be attached.

xv.) Company’s policy on Community Social Responsible with verifiable evidence.

xvi.) Only Companies with a minimum of N5 billion (Five Billion Naira) annual turn over in the last three years should apply for pre-qualificiation.


  • Items 4(i) - 4(vii) are the Eligibility Requirements and their Originals must be produced by the Company for sighting during the opening session.
  • All claims must be substantiated with verifiable facts.
  • The photocopies of professional certificates are to be initialed, endorsed by the owners and professional seal must be embossed on the professional certificates.

5.) Submission Of Documents:

The pre-qualification document should be submitted in A hard Copy and an Electronic copy (PDF format in CD) of the Technical Proposals and shall be placed in a sealed envelope clearly marked "Original" and "Electronic Copy" with the following:

Inscription: Pre-qualification To Tender For The Construction Of Tank 4.1.1 For Tank 4.1 Hill Layout And Dallas Estate And Construction Of Sewage Treatment Plant For Tank 4.1 And Asokoro Garden Plus Associated Works.

6.) Closing Date:

The pre-qualification doouments should be submitted directiy to FCDA Procurement Department. Room 005 (Ground Floor) New FCDA Headquarters opposite NTA Abuja, Area 11, Garki Abuja on or before Friday 5th October, 2012 by 12 noon. All documents will be publicly opened on the same day at the FCDA Conference Room after the close of bids in the presence of all prospective bidders or their Representatives.

Further Notes:

  • This is not an invitation to tender. Only pre-qualified firms will be invited to tender for the project. Others may know their performance by a formal request to the Accounting Officer of FCDA.
  • Interested Companies are responsible for the registration, timely and safe submission of their pre-qualification documents means of delivery not withstanding.
  • The Authority shall carry out Due Diligence on the companies to verify claims included in their submissions.
  • Interested members of the Public especially Civil Society organisations could attend at their own cost and will be required to introduce themselves to the Chairman of the Opening Session.
  • Documents provided in response to 4 (i - xv) should be arranged as Listed

Director, Procurement
For: Executive Secretary