Request for Quotation (RFQ) for the Provision of Boat, Motor Bike and Car Hire Services at John Snow Incorporated (JSI)

Posted by Emeka on Mon 27th May, 2024 -

John Snow Incorporated (JSI) is making requests for Quotations (RFQ) from qualified vendors for the Provision of Boat, Motor Bike and Car Hire services in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

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Applications are invited for:

Title: Request for Quotation (RFQ) for the Provision of Boat, Motor Bike and Car Hire Services

RFQ Number: JSI-001-2024-05-16-M-RITEPROJECT(Boat, Motor Bike and Car Hire Service for Activity)
Location: Yenagoa, Bayelsa
Employment Type: Full-time
Duration: June - Sept. 2024
Vendors Location: Vendors within Bayelsa state.
Vendor's Expected Delivery Dates: May 30th -June 05th, 2024

The Concept

  • Ensuring sufficient immunisation coverage is critical in Bayelsa State, as it is in numerous other regions of Nigeria, in order to protect public health and impede the transmission of vaccine-preventable illnesses. Bayelsa State, located in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria, is confronted with distinct obstacles and prospects in the provision of healthcare provisions to its populace, including routine immunisation.


  • The distinctive topography of Bayelsa poses obstacles to healthcare facility accessibility; however, these obstacles can be surmounted by outreach initiatives that deliver essential immunization services directly to communities. By establishing temporary vaccination points, addressing vaccine hesitancy through open communication, and identifying children who have missed previous vaccinations, these programmes combat limited access.
  • Prompt intervention guarantees comprehensive safeguarding, thereby reducing susceptibility to avoidable illnesses. Preventive immunisation outreach initiatives foster healthcare equity by ensuring that every child is immunized against critical diseases in order to ensure their long-term health.


  • To increase immunization coverage and reduce the incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases among the target population by conducting routine immunization outreach activities.

Quotation for the Provision Boat, Motor Bike and Car Hire

  • As a part of the preparation for this exercise, 8 Supervisors (2/LGA) 12 Adhoc staff (3/LGA) will be going round all the selected facilities in 4 LGA in Bayelsa State for the Routine immunization outreaches activity; thus, Boat, Motor Bike and Car Hire Service vendors are expected to send in their quotes, for provision of services (intra-city travels and within locations in the LGAs).

Find below a description of the service we shall be requiring:



Name And Number of Facilities

Means of Transportation



  1. Aghoro Primary Health Centre.
  2. Egbemo-Angalabiri Model Primary Health Centre.
  3. Obirigbene Primary Health Centre.
  4. Tamogbene Primary Health Centre.
  5. Ekeremor Primary Health Centre.
  6. Peretorugbene Comprehensive Health Centre.
  7. Toru-Ndoro Comprehensive Health Centre.
  8. Aleibiri Comprehensive Health Centre.
  9. Ayamasa Primary Health Centre.
  10. Angala-Oweigbene Primary Health Centre
  11. Lalagbene Primary Health Centre.
  12. Isampou Primary Health Centre.
  13. Agge Primary Health Centre.

Car, Motor Bike and Boat



  1. Angalabiri Primary Health Centre.
  2. Ebedebiri Comprehensive Health Centre.
  3. Ofoni Comprehensive Health Centre.
  4. Osifo Comprehensive Health Centre.
  5. Sagbama Comprehensive Health Centre.
  6. Toru-Ebeni Primary Health Centre.

Car, Motor Bike and Boat



  1. Oporoma Primary Health Centre.
  2. Korokorosei Primary Health Centre.
  3. Otuan Primary Health Centre.
  4. Ekowe Primary Health Centre.
  5. Peremabiri Primary Health Centre.
  6. Amassoma Primary Health Centre.
  7. Alomu Primary Health Centre.
  8. Eniwari Primary Health Centre.
  9. Opuama Primary Health Centre.
  10. Foropa Primary Health Centre.
  11. Koluama 2 Primary Health Centre.

Car, Boat, and Motor Bike



  1. Yenagoa Main Town Primary Health Centre.
  2. Famgbe Primary Health Centre.
  3. Akaba Primary Health Centre.
  4. Agbura Primary Health Centre.
  5. Agudama Epie Primary Health Centre.
  6. Yenizue-Gene Primary Health Centre.
  7. Azikoro Comprehensive Health Centre.
  8. Okaka Primary Health Centre.
  9. Obunagha Primary Health Centre.
  10. Amarata Primary Health Centre.
  11. Yenegwe Primary Health Centre.

Car, Motor Bike and Boat

Delivery Location:

  • The Car Hire, Boat, Motor Bike services shall beprovidedtoJSI/M-RITE Staff to cover the 4 LGAs in Bayelsa State; conveying staff to and from their locations to above LGAs.

JSI-Payment Terms

  • Within 30 days of delivery and presentation of completed, signed invoice and delivery note.

Application Closing Date
28th May, 2024.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their enquiries to: using the Job Title as the subject of the mail.


  • The Financial bids must be in NGN
  • Following the requirement of the Federal Government of Nigeria, John Snow Incoperated (JSI) will deduct 5% withholding tax from the total contractual sum.  Also, note that JSI- is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and is VAT exempted.
  • JSI reserves the right to reject any or all bids if it fails to meet the criteria or submitted after the stipulated closing date.
  • Only successful bidder(s) shall be notified and will be asked to sign a Local Purchase Order (Contract document) with John Snow Incoperated. Note, this RFQ, does not in any way translate to a contract.
  • Any submission made after the stipulated date will not be considered.
  • For inquiries, contact: