Invitation of Proposals for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Services as an Independent Engineer for the Lagos Interested Solid Waste Management Project

Posted by Chinyere on Thu 18th Oct, 2012 -

Short-listing of Independent Engineer Services for the Review of the Deliverables of First Phase of the Lagos Integrated Solid Waste Management Project


The Lagos State Government through the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) in collaboration with Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) established a public-private-partnership (PPP) for the closure of two (2) existing dump sites as well as establishing a gas utilization system at these sites. The Public —Private Partnership Project (PPP) would also develop a new Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility, consisting of a composting facility, a material recycling center and an sanitary engineered landfill which would be designed to accept residual waste and minimize environmental and social impacts.

a) The project was designed for implementation in two phases with the first phase comprising; procurement of engineering designs for the proposed sanitary landfill and detailed estimates as well as feasibility analysis on existing sites for Landfill Gas Flow (LFGF) and the related emission reduction. The project i.e being implemented by Konsadem consortium, the selected partner for the project.

b) LAWMA now intends to short-list eligible consulting firms/joint ventures who have proven experience in construction and operation of similar waste management facilities to act as independent Engineer (IE) that will review the compliance of said deliverables to required standard.
  • The sole applicant/ members of joint venture (JV) should have an experience as specified in Annexure - IV. Experience from projects that have been substantially completed (not less than 90% of contract value) shall be considered towards qualifying experience.
  • Only those consultants who satisfy above minimum eligibility criteria need apply. Client certificates/references shall be required for experience. In case a consulting engineering firm claims experience for a project undertaken as a member of JV, the particular firm’s position in the JV needs to be clearly brought out in the Client’s certificate or in a supporting sheet by memorandum of the JV itself.
  • Engineering services to be provided by an integrated multi disciplinary team which may include key-personnel such as Architectural Engineer, Civil Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, Structural Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Quality/Material Engineer, Surveyor/Geomatician, Financial Expert, Mechanical/Steel Structure Designer, Environmental Expert and such other personnel from relevant fields.
  • Duration of services is about 365 days.
  • Short listing of Independent Engineer will be done based on marks obtained by the firm after evaluation of firm’s experience, credentials etc.
  • Instructions for submission of Expression of Interest are enclosed at Annexure I and guidelines for preparation of Expression of interest are enclosed at Annexure II. Eligible
  • consulting engineering firms /joint ventures interested in short-listing for Independent Engineer should complete the enclosed Expression of Interest Form (Annexure III) along with self evaluation statement-i and statement-2 in hard and soft copy in excel format (in CD) and submit together with a Letter of Intent so as to reach LAWMA.

Closing Date
22nd October, 2012 at 12.00 hours.

For further information
Regarding Submission of Expression of Interest,
Please visit; or contact
Obinna – 0803 589 3151, IZY-0805 366 8493;