Tender Opportunity: Provision of Fast Crew Boat Services for AKPO - OML 130 FIELD Operations at Total Upstream Nigeria Limited

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1) Introduction
Total Upstream Nigeria Limited (TUPNI), operator of the OML 130 issues tender opportunity to interested and reputable indigenous Contractors with suitable equipment and relevant experience to apply for consideration to tender for the provision of One (1) Fast Crew Boat for the Deep Offshore AKPO Field Operation.

2) Brief description of the work scope:
The vessel shall be used to transport passengers between offshore installations as well as field support, stand by duties, or rescue in case of an emergency. The vessel shall have the following specifications:
  • Craft to be classified by ABS, By, LR, DNV or RMS
  • Suitable engine sizes to achieve desired cruising and maximum speed requirements for each craft
  • Minimum cruising speed of 25 Knots
  • Cruising speed to be achieved with 50% passenger and 50% cargo capacity loaded
  • Maximum speed not less than 30 knots
  • Sailing speed of 30 Knots
  • Fuel capacity for minimum 10 hours cruising
  • Minimum two waterjets for main propulsion
  • Suitable clear landing area in forward part to land a personnel transfer basket
  • Suitable clear deck area for deck cargo. Cargo deck area to be rated to accept 4 tonnes minimum spread evenly over the cargo deck area
  • Suitable bow access for safe transfer of passengers
  • Bow passenger transfer system to comply with Total specification GS EP STR 901
  • Craft No. I minimum 20 passengers, maximum 30 passengers
  • Suitable storage space for passenger luggage
  • Suitable comfortable passenger seating certified for high speed craft Suitable TV type display screens to show personnel transfer procedures plus suitable equipment to show procedures
  • Passenger toilet facilities
  • Air conditioning
  • Minimum Navigation Equipment: Marine VHF, GPS, Search light, Magnetic Compass and Deviation Chart, Radar, Navigation charts of operational areas
  • Master and at least one crew member to be fluent in English. All crew to be trained to appropriate STCW95 standard for size of craft
  • Life saving Appliances fitted according to SOLAS
  • Lifejackets - Inflatable life jackets to be provided for all passengers Craft to be provided with suitable storage space to accommodate essential engine and general spare parts and routine equipment held on board
  • Fire fighting Appliances fitted according to SOLAS
  • Craft to be certified by Nigerian Authorities to conduct operations at all Total offshore locations up to 200 miles offshore.
  • Suitable means to recover persons from the water at lightest operational draft
  • Built: after 2004
  • The bow of the work boat shall be compliant with the boat landing of the FPSO in order to transfer personnel safely.

3) Mandatory Requirements
  • To be eligible for this tender exercise, interested contractors are required to be pre-qualified in the Stand-by Vessels (3.08.18 Product/Services Category in NipeX Joint Qualification System (NJQS) database. All successfully prequalified suppliers in this category will receive Invitation to Technical Tender (1ff).
  • To determine if you are pre-qualified and view the product services category you are listed for; open www.nipexng.com and access NJQS with your log in details, dick on continue Joint Qualification Scheme tool, click check my supplier status and then click supplier product group.
  • If you are not listed in a product/service category that you are registered with DPR to do business, contact NipeX office at 30, Oyinkan Abayomi Street, Ikoyi, Lagos with your DPR certificate as evidence for verification and necessary update.
  • To initiate the JQS pre-qualification process, access www.nipexng.com to download application form, make necessary payments and contact NipeX office for further action.
  • To be eligible, all tenders must comply with the Nigerian Content requirements in the NipeX system.
  • Evidence of proper documentation substantiating the ability to undertake the scope of work will be demanded as part of the technical requirements.

4) Nigerian Content
COMPANY is committed to the promotion of the Nigerian Oil and gas business in alignment with the Nigerian Content Act 2010 for the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development. It is important that prospective bidders familiarize themselves and comply with the provisions of the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Development Act otherwise referred to as The Nigerian Content Act at the stage of bidding.

As from the commencement of this Act, the minimum Nigerian Content in any project, service or product specification to be executed in the Nigerian oil and gas industry shall be consistent with the level set in the Schedule of the Act and any other targets as may be directed by the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (The Board). Prospective bidders shall comply with all the provisions of the Nigerian Content Act that relate to this contract but in particular comply with the minimum Nigerian Content % for the scopes (engineering, procurement, construction & installation) which are covered in the Schedule of the Act and any other requirement that may arise from time to time not explicitly stated in this contract but which apply to the contract in fulfillment of the Nigerian Content Act, during the bidding stage. Contractors that demonstrate their commitment to meet or exceed the Nigerian Content Act requirements shall be a ground for preferential consideration in the technical and commercial bid evaluation. Failure to fully comply with the Nigerian Content Act or demonstrate commitment to Nigerian Content Development Policy of the Nigerian government shall result to disqualification from bidding this contract.

During the bidding stage, contractors shall:
  • Develop a Nigerian Content Plan (NCP), which shall explain the methodology of how it intends to comply with the requirements of the Act and how to achieve the set target(s) in the Schedule of Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Development Act and any targets set by The Board. How it intends to give first consideration to services provided from within Nigeria, first consideration to goods manufactured in Nigeria and first considerations for employment and training of Nigerians in work programme. The NCP shall be consistent with the Act, demonstrating that Nigerian indigenous service companies have been given exclusive considerations to bid and execute work in land and swamp operating areas and their full utilization and engagement in exploration, seismic data processing, engineering design, reservoir studies, manufacturing, fabrication and provision of services. That the project or contract has given full and effective support to technology transfer by encouraging foreign and multinational companies to develop joint ventures and alliances with Nigerian service companies and suppliers. Tenderer’s detailed plan to achieve/sustain the minimum (%) percentage Nigerian Content level as prescribed by the applicable measurement metrics in the Schedule of the Nigerian Content Act 20l 0.
  • Demonstrate that entity is a Nigerian-registered company. Submit certified true copies of CAC forms 10, 02 & 07 (or its equivalent; CAC 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, etc) including company memorandum & article of association and other evidence of entity’s incorporation, shareholding & ownership structure in Nigeria. Maximizing Nigerian Content is a key contract priority, therefore for foreign companies and multinationals in alliance with a local company, submit evidence that the local company is an indigenous company and the binding Agreement of the alliance duly signed Agreement by the CEO of both parties and stating the specific work scope to be performed by each member of the alliance.
  • Provide detailed description of the location of in-country committed facilities & infrastructure (assets, equipment, technical office, and administrative space, storage, workshop, assembly area, repair & maintenance, testing, laboratory, etc) in Nigeria to support this contract or submit a credible and verifiable plan towards setting-up to support this contract, evidence that 50% of all equipment deployed to work by multinational and international companies are owned by the local subsidiaries or submit a credible and verifiable plan towards compliance with these requirements. Submit the detailed description of facilities and infrastructure in Nigeria with evidence of ownership and location in-country.
  • Provide a project-specific training, man-hour budget, skill development and technology transfer plan for Nigerian personnel or indigenous business including evidence of past performance on training and development for Nigerians nationals SAPETRO BR & indigenous business. Plan for sponsorship of Nigerians to acquire competence and/or certification. Further development of local employees as professionals including proposed training plan for Nigerians during the execution of the contract. Bidders would be requested to execute an enforceable MOA with Local Training Service Provider for the provision of training services in specific technical disciplines involved in the services.
  • Provide evidence (personnel list and positions with organization chart to substantiate) of percentage of management that are Nigerian Nationals and the percentage of the total workforce that are Nigerians. Submit tenderer’s corporate organization’s overall human resources structure (management, supervisors, senior & junior skilled officers, etc) identifying positions manned/occupied by Nigerian national employees with evidence of type of employment in-country and identifying the positions manned/occupied by other non-national employees.
  • Provide description of how bidder has given first considerations to the utilization of Nigerian resources (labour, raw materials & manufactured goods and services) in the execution of this contract. Maximizing Nigerian Content is a key Project priority.
  • Vessels must be minimum 80% manned/crewed by Nigerian nationals.
  • Vessels must have evidence of minimum 60% equity ownership by Nigerians.
  • Vessels must be registered in Nigeria under the cabotage regime of Nigerian Registrar of ships.

5) Closing Date
Only Tenderers who are registered with NJQS Product/Category Stand-by Vessels (3.08.18) as at 28th November, 2012 being the advert close date shall be invited to submit Technical bids.

6) Additional Information

All costs incurred in preparing and processing NJQS pre-qualification, technical/contractual tenders, commercial tenders and all other costs related to site visits, inspection of facilities, e.t.c shall be for the account of tenderer and TUPNI or any of its partners shall not be held responsible for any costs incurred in the tendering process for this contract. This advertisement shall neither be construed as any form of commitment on the part of TUPNI to award any contract to any company and or associated companies, subcontractors or agents, nor shall it entitle pre-qualified companies to make any claims whatsoever, and/or seek any indemnity from TUPNI and or any of its partners by virtue of such companies having been pre-qualified in NJQS.

The tendering process shall be the NNPC contracting process requiring pre-qualified companies to submit technical tenders first. Following a technical review, only technically and financially qualified contractors will be requested to submit commercial offers. TUPNI will communicate only with authorized officers of the pre-qualified companies and NOT through individuals or Agents.

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