General Procurement Notice and Invitation to Tender for Dualization to Ikot Ekpene-Ikot Umo Essien Road at Akwa Ibom State Government

Posted by Chinyere on Mon 12th Nov, 2012 -

1) Introduction:
In compliance with the Public Procurement Act 2007, the Akwa Ibom State Government wishes to notify the public of its desire to Dualize the Ikot Ekpene-Ikot Umo Essien Road. In view of the above, interested and established Construction Companies, with proven experience, expertise personnel profile and requisite equipment for timely execution are hereby invited to collect the tender documents as listed in item 3 below.

2) Scope of Work:
The scope of work shall include but are not limited to Road Works Inclusive Outfall drains, as follows:
  • 22km dual main-carriageway both sides with hard shoulders; total 4 lanes with median, shoulder, kerbs, drainage, street lighting on main- carriageway, inclusive surface drainage.

3) Requirements:
Competent Contractors refer to those registered with Akwa Ibom State Finance and General Purposes Committee under Civil Works, Category II (Budding/Civil Engineering) and are in possession of valid Registration Certificates.

Interested construction companies may wish to Tender for this Project by paying a non-refundable Tender fee of N1,000,000,00 (One Million Naira) only, to the Sub-treasury, Uyo and thereafter submit the original Treasury Receipt with Photocopies to the Secretary, Finance and General Purposes Committee (FGPC), Governors Office Complex, Uyo for collection of tender documents.

4) Completed and signed tenders should be accompanied with the following:
  • Evidence of Registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
  • Evidence of current registration with the Akwa Ibom State Finance and General Purposes Committee in Category "lI" as Building/Civil Contractor.
  • Tax clearance certificate for the last three (3) years verifiable from Federal Inland Revenue Service.
  • Article of Memorandum of Association of Company.
  • List and verifiable documentary evidence of similar jobs, particularly Road and Bridge Works successfully executed (or being executed) in the last five (5) years with a minimum contract sum of N5,000,000,000.00 (Five Billion Naira) each including their letters of award, contract agreement and relevant completion certificates or valuation where the jobs are on-going.
  • List of equipment to be used for the projects and their locations. State whether the equipment is on lease, hired or owned
  • List of key professionals registered with COREN to be attached to the project, their qualifications and experience. Enclose photocopies of professional certificates where applicable.
  • Audited account of the bidder for the last three years duly endorsed by a firm of Chartered Accountants. A requirement is a turnover of at least N10bn in each of the last three years.
  • Bank Statement of the company for the last two (2) years
  • Letter authorizing the Akwa Ibom State Government and their representatives to cross check the submitted company’s account:

The completed bid must be sealed in an envelope and clearly marked “Tender for the Dualization of Ikot Ekpene-Ikot Umo Essien Road.”

5) Bid Security:
All Tenders must be submitted with a Bid Security in the Amount of 1% of the Bid Price,

6) All documents submitted will be subjected to verification from relevant agencies

7) The COMMITTEE may at its discretion, reject any Tender which does not conform with the basic Tendering rules.
Akwa Ibom State Government is not bound to accept the lowest tender or any tender.
Late Tenders will not be accepted.

8) Only technically qualified companies will be allowed to participate in the financial tender opening.

9) Bid can only be submitted within working hours.

10) This advertisement shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of the client nor shall it entitle responding bidders to seek any indemnity from the Client by virtue of such bidder having responded to this advertisement.

Submission of Completed Tender Documents
Completed Tender Documents (Technical and Financial Bids:
Two sets of hard copy and one Electronic copy in compact disc and Microsoft Office) shall be submitted in two different sealed envelopes and labeled “Technical Bid” and “Financial Bid” and both sealed in a third envelope marked "Dualization of Ikot Ekpenb-Ikot Umo Essien Road" at the top right hand corner and addressed to:

The Secretary
Finance and General Purposes Committee
Governor’s Office Complex

Closing Date

Return of completed Tender Documents must be submitted not later than 12 noon on 8th January, 2013 to the undersigned. Only bidders whose Technical Bids meet the cutoff qualifying mark shall have their bids opened The Financial Bids of the unsuccessful bidders shall be returned unopened.

The Secretary
Finance and General Purposes Committee
Governor’s Office