Request for Expressions of Interest for Consultancy Services Assessment of Needs of Disadvantaged Groups in Accessing Public Transport Services on Mile 12 to Ikorodu Town BRT Corridor

Posted by Chinyere on Tue 13th Nov, 2012 -

Lagos State Government Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA)
Lagos Urban Transport Project (LUTP II)

This request for expressions of interest follows the general procurement notice for this project titled NG Nigeria-LUTP-II (FY10) that appeared in dg market publication of July 16, 2010.

The Lagos State Government through the Federal Republic of Nigeria has received a credit from the International Development Association (IDA) for the Lagos Urban Transport Project and intends to apply part of the proceeds of this project to cover eligible payments under the contract for the following consultancy services:

Consultancy Services Assessment of Needs of Disadvantaged Groups in Accessing Public Transport Services on Mile 12 to Ikorodu Town BRT Corridor

The goal of this study is to assess the needs of disadvantaged groups i.e. women, the elderly, children and the physically challenged residing or carrying out business activities along Mile 12 to Ikorodu town BRT corridor and the role that transport plays in their lives. In all cities people make tradeoffs between where they live, where they work and the cost of travel. To help understand these tradeoffs and how welfare could be improved through better public transit-a household survey will gather data on earnings, housing costs, where people live and work and how they travel. It will also obtain information on vehicle ownership, on the cost and accessibility of various forms of transport, and on perceptions of the quality of transport services.

The objectives are specified in details as follows:
To examine the travel behaviour of people in a proposed BRT corridor with special focus on disadvantaged groups;
To identify and quantify specific transport constraints faced by these groups of persons in their performance of day-to-day activities and
To examine social and economic dimensions of these social group whilst accessing transport infrastructure and services in Lagos

The study will particularly focus on the challenges faced by women, children, elderly and disabled members of the society whilst trying to access public transport facilities in the proposed BRT corridor. It is expected that the study will be replicated on a periodic basis to examine before and after impacts of the proposed investments.

LAMATA now invites eligible consulting firms to express interest in providing the above services. Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brochures, description of similar assignments. experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff. etc.). For each project performed the consultant shall provide the name and contact address of the client (office & e-mail address, and telephone number), date(s) of execution, name(s) of lead and associate firms, contract amount and financing sources. Consultants may associate to enhance their qualifications. Where firms are associating, the submission must include verifiable evidence of association from all the parties involved.

A consultant will be selected in accordance with the World Bank Guidelines: Selection and Employment of consultants by the World Bank Borrowers, May 2010.

Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. Please visit for more information about the project.

Closing Date
Expression of interest must be delivered to the address below by Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 5:00pm.

The Managing Director
Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA)
Block C, 2nd Floor, Motorways Centre, 1, Motorways Avenue
Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria
Telephone: 01-2702778-82 Fax: 01-2702783