Request for submission of Company Profile at Saipem Contracting Nigeria Limited (SCNL)

Posted by Chinyere on Tue 27th Nov, 2012 -

Saipem Contracting Nigeria Limited, a company established and existing under the laws of Nigeria with registered head office at, No.19 Adeola Odeku Street Victoria Island Lagos, a leading EPC contractor to the oil and gas industry.

We continually seek to deepen our understanding of the oil and gas market by inviting well established companies to submit their company profiles.

In this regard, we invite well-structured companies with proven capability and capacity in the various categories relevant to the oil and gas industry to submit their company profiles.

Such company profile shall include copies of the following documents and provide key information as highlighted below.
  • Registration information (Certificate of incorporation, Form C02 and form C07, Tax clearance for the last 3 years (or years in operation), VAT/Tin certificate, DPR permit)
  • Company Organogram with Identified names of Key Personnel
  • Key Policies statements
  • Scope of supply/service (*first list core competence areas with proof of specialization then list other competence area/scope of activities)
  • Evidence of technical partnership, agency agreements, sole representative certificates etc. If any (*contact details including email, fax and telephone numbers of each partnership must be provided for verification)
  • List of project history (activity description, client, location, value, status (completed or ongoing) *core competence history should be separated from other history
  • 3 years audited financial report (Balance sheet, Profit and Loss) - *provide for the years in existence if not up to 3 years
  • List and location of company owned income generating asset/equipment if any (*if not owned please indicate source and partnership agreement if available)
  • For fabrication companies, provide monthly tonnage capacity with pictures of such facility and equipment installed. Please indicate if there is an ongoing capacity expansion investments with concrete details of such planned or ongoing investments

Categorization based on Specialization
The categories are
1. Services
2. Material Supply

For Material Supply, profiles will be submitted in 2 categories (A and B) the qualification will be,

Category A (Manufacturing)
  • Proven Manufacturing capabilities
  • Possession of the NCEC
  • Or evidence of Application for the NCEC with investment plan for improving local content capacity.

Category B (Stockiest, Agents, Distributors)
  • Evidence of agency/distributor agreement
  • Evidence and location of stock.

  • Civil works and Buildings
  • Engineering
  • Electrical and instrumentation services
  • Construction and Fabrication (piles, Anchors, Buoys, Jackets, Bridges, Flare, Booms, Storage Tanks, Pressure Vessels, steel structures) *indicate area of specialization and month capacity graph
  • Cathodic protection installation
  • Insulation (hot and cold)
  • Painting and blasting
  • Hot/cold tapping
  • Torqueing services
  • Project Management
  • Third party inspection, testing and certification
  • Waste Management/disposal services
  • Lube oil and hydraulic flushing
  • Machining and tools
  • Geological and Geophysical Services
  • Training
  • HVAC installation
  • ICT installations and security equipment’s
  • Software supply and installation
  • Hire of various equipment’s (earth moving and Land) (ownership of equipment must be provided with submission)
  • Dredging services
  • Well testing service
  • Hire of Marine equipment (ownership of equipment must be provided with submission)
  • Rope Access
  • Maintenance and modification operations
  • Other marine services
AA) Survey and positioning services
BB) Land, air and sea Freight, Customs and Logistics services
CC) Telecommunication
DD) Offshore Installation works
EE) Tanks fabrication
FF) EPC tanks
GG) Security Services (On shore and off shore) —list of major asset and key personnel to be provided
HH) Directional Drilling
II) Utilities/modules and packages

  • Pipes (indicate if Stockist or Spot purchasing with evidence)
  • Other Steel materials (plates, assorted beams, channels, angel bars, rods, reinforcement bars etc) indicate if stockist or Spot purchasing with Evidence.
  • Cathodic protection materials
  • Various Valves (indicate type and area of specialty and sizes)
  • Flanges
  • OCTGs
  • Protective Paints/Coatings
  • Bulk fittings/piping materials (indicate models and attach evidence of stock and relationship with OEM)
  • Spare parts for vehicles (indicate models and attach evidence of stock and relationship with OEM)
  • Spare parts for heavy equipment (indicate models and attach evidence of tock and relationship with OEM)
  • Bolting materials of all types (indicate models and attach evidence of stock and relationship with OEM)
  • Quarry product’s e.g. Gravel and Rocks, stone base, boulders (indicate if not manufacturer and relationship with OEM)
  • Cement
  • All sorts of Building materials
  • Various Roofing materials
  • Electrical and instrumentation cables
  • Electrical bulk materials
  • Instrumentation bulk
  • PVC, UPVC materials
  • ICT materials
  • Temporary accommodation modules
  • HVAC systems
  • Water and sewage treatment plants
  • Various Lifting materials - Shackles, lifting belts, hooks, steel ropes etc. (if not a manufacturer indicate if stockist attach evidence of stock and relationship with OEM)
  • Heat Exchangers
AA) Various Pumps and compressors
BB) Air coolers
CC) Gaskets
DD) pigs

Each submission must be dearly marked at the right hand corner of the envelope with the group i.e. Material/A or B or Services
Any profile that is not clearly marked as above will not be opened.

Closing Date
18th December, 2012

All qualification request should be forwarded to;
Market intelligence Unit, Procurement Department
Saipem Contracting Nigeria Limited
19, Adeola Odeku
Victoria Island,