Request for expression of interest for the construction of staff canteen builing at NGC headquarters premises, Ekpan, Warri, Delta State

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Nigerian Gas Company Limited

Request for expression of interest for the construction of staff canteen builing at NGC headquarters premises, Ekpan, Warri, Delta State

The Nigerian Gas Company Limited (NGC), a subsidiary of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) intends to execute Construction of Staff Canteen Building at the Headquarters Office premises, Ekpan, Warri, Delta State. This advert seeks for Expression of Interest (EOl) from reputable Building Construction contractors.

1.0 Scope of Works

The scope of works for the project includes, but not limited to the Construction of a two-storey building, Provision and installation of electrical wiring & fittings, Mechanical fittings and Utilities.

2.0 Specified Requirements From Interested Companies
Companies interested in the pre-qualification process are required to submit comprehensive technical and financial information as follows:

2.1 Company Legal Status And Profile

Company's name, postal address, telephone/fax number and e-mail address of Head Office where correspondence is to be directed. It should incorporate Nigerian shareholding and evidence of company registration in Nigeria including Certificate of Incorporation, certified true copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association and CAC Forms C02 and C07.

2.2 Registration Certificates

Evidence of Company incorporation, current registration with the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), NGC/NNPC and all relevant professional certificates (including NIA, ARCON, COREN, NIQS).

2.3 Nigerian Content
All Submissions should comply with the provisions of the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Development Act 2010 as regard provision of services and supply of materials in Nigeria.

2.4 Relevant Experience

Provide verifiable evidence of previous corporate experience, and capabilities in the Building Construction or similar works. The prospective bidder should provide details' of completed project(s) considered relevant in demonstrating its capabilities. The information for each project should include the following:
- Name of project(s).
- Brief description of project(s).
- Scope of works performed by the contractor.
- Contract value
- Date of award of contract(s).
- Contractual period for execution of contract(s).
Actual period of execution.
- Reasons for discrepancies between contractual and actual contract execution period.
- Nature of contract (Fixed lump sum, reimbursable etc)
- Name and address of a Referee in client's company for each referenced project (provide telephone numbers and E-mail address for quick reference).

2.5 Project Organizatjonal Structure
PrOVIde the organizational structure specific to the project under tender. The structure should clearly indicate the various positions and the personnel occupying them.

Provide the Curriculum Vitae (CVs) and copies of professional registration certificates of key personnel.
2.6 Health Safety & Environment (HSE)
Provide your HSE Plan and evidence of Management commitment to Health, Safety and_Environment (HSE) policy.

2.7 Quality Assurance/QLuilitV'Coritrol (QA/QC)
Provide your company's Quality Assurance and Quality policy and plan.

2.8 F.lnancial Capability

Respondent shall provide
- Copies of its audited accounts for three (3) previous financial years,
- Source of funds, Primary Bank reference(s) (Name, phone and contact).

2.9 Tax Clearance Certificate
Provide your company' Tax clearance certificate for the Iast three (3) years

Closing Date
24 August, 2012

The requested information and any supporting documentation in respect otthls pre-qualification process should be submitted in one (1) original plus three (3) copies. The documentation should be sealed and clearly marked "EOI FOR ONSTRUCTION OF STAFF CANTEEN BUILDING AT NGC HEADQUARTERS"

The submission address is as indicated below:
The Secretary,
Management Tenders Committee
Nigerian Gas Company Limited
1 Odin Road, Ekpan
P.M.B. 1288, Warri
I.    This invitation does not constitute a commitment on the part of NGC to award any Contract to the companies expressing interest in the work, and the submission of documents shall not entitle any of the companies to any claims whatsoever from NGC, or its parent company by virtue of such Company having responded to the invitation.

II. All costs incurred by respondents as a result of' this pre-qualification invitation and any subsequent request for information shall be to the respondent's account.