Invitation for Prequalification for Provision of Solid Waste Collection & Management Services in Twenty One (21) Districts (Lots) for a Period of three (3) Years

Posted by Chinyere on Wed 05th Dec, 2012 -

The Federal Capital Territory Administration through Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) Intends to procure the services of competent companies for the solid Waste Collection & Management In twenty one (21) districts of the FCT for a period of three (3) yen Interested and competent companies are hereby invited to submit Technical / Prequalification documents for the cleaning services in the areas listed In the table below:

District Name: Asokoro-Main
Lot No: 1
Area of Coverage: Bounded in the South by Samora Michel Street Nelson Mandela up to Villa, to State House Clinic, Mogadishu Barracks and Kugbo Village and Furniture Market

District Name: Asokoro-Gusape
Lot No: 2
Area of Coverage: Bounded by OSEX on the North-East through Justice Lawal Uwais Jose Martins, Justice Oputa, Muhammed Nasir, Hamza Abdullahi Street to the South induding Gusape District (Kuruduma Village)

District Name: Central Business District
Lot No: 3
Area of Coverage: The entire CBD from Nnamdi Azikiwe to the Three Arm Zone.

District Name: Maitama (A)
Lot No: 4
Area of Coverage: Consisting of Aso Drive, Gana Street Nicon up to NUC, Imani Estate FHA, Katsina Ala, Osun crescent up to ONEX, Lake Chad, Maitama extension, Urban Mass Transit Leventis and Rahamanlya Sting Station.

District Name: Maitama (B)
Lot No: 5
Area of Coverage: AP Filling Station, OAU Quarters, Uruguay Street Minister Hills, Nnamdi Azikiwe Way, ONEX and Rhine & Panama Streets.

District Name: WUSE 1(4)
Lot No: 6
Area of Coverage: Consisting of Wore Zone 6 and 5 (A & B), bounded by Nnamdi Azikiwe, Sani Abacha way crossing to Wuse Market Accra street area and Ndola crescent.

District Name: Wuse 1(B)
Lot No: 7
Area of Coverage: Consisting of Wuse Zone 3 and 4, bounded by Sani Abacha Way, Ibrahim Abacha Estate, Zone 3, Sultan Abubakar to Wuse market and Kitwe street bad to Sani Abacha way.

District Name: Wuse 1 (C)
Lot No: 8
Area of Coverage: Consisting of Wuse Zone 1, 2 and 7, Bounded by Sultan Abubakar through Olusegun Obasanjo way to GSM Village Including Win Zone 1 and 7 Nnamdi Azikiwe Way.

District Name:
Wuse2 (A)
Lot No: 9
Area of Coverage: Ademola Metolwnbo Crescent and Environs

District Name:
Wuse 2(6)
Lot No: 10
Area of Coverage: Aminu Kano Crescent and Environs Including a portion of Nnamdi Azikiwe Way.

District Name: Garki 1
Lot No: 11
Area of Coverage: Consisting of Sand Area 1 (A & B), Area 2 (A & B) and Area 3, Area 7, 8, 10 and II including Parade Ground and International Conference Centre.

District Name: Garki 2(A)
Lot No: 12
Area of Coverage: Starts from Nnamdi Azikiwe to Muhammadu Buhari way Including Bimin Kebbi, Garki Village and Jere Street to old CBN office.

District Name: GArki 2(B)
Lot No: 13
Area of Coverage: Starts from Muhammadu Buhari way to Area 11 Secretariat (FCDA) including Obasanjo estate to Dantata up to Gimbiya, Onitsha crescent sharing boundary with Asohoro to NTA Channels 10 Including AGIS.

District Name: Gudu/Durumi
Lot No: 14
Area of Coverage: Includes APO Extention, NEPA Junction, Bounded by RRI, OSEX EXT-NEPA Junction, Oladipo Diya Rd, Games Village Rd- Stadium Round-about

District Name: Wuye/City Gate
Lot No: 15
Area of Coverage: Entire Wuye District including City Gate, Berger Yard National Stadium Complex, Wonderland Amusement Park and Games Village road and back to Wuye through Nnamdi Azikiwe way.

District Name: Utako
Lot No: 16
Area of Coverage: Entire Utako District

District Name: Gwarempa 1 (Life Camp)
Lot No: 17
Area of Coverage: From Gwarimpa Round-About through the Ring Road 2 including all the Construction Company Yards around Gwarinpa 1, Lifecamp, Lente, Fish Market, AP filling station.

District Name: Gwarimpa 2(A)
Lot No: 18
Area of Coverage: From Kado/Gwarimpa Bridge through Transit way to Citec Including part of 1st and 3rd Avenue, Works & Housing, War College, 32 & 34 Road.

District Name: Gwarimpa 2(B)
Lot No: 19
Area of Coverage: Part 1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue, 4th Avenue and 5th Avenue Setraco bounded by ONEX on the North and Transit way on the South.

District Name: Jabi/Dakibiyu
Lot No: 20
Area of Coverage: Bounded by Ring road 2, parkway passing through CN Okoll, Berger yard through to Jabl forest to Dakiblyu connecting back to Ring Road 2

District Name: Mabushi/Katampw/Kado
Lot No: 21
Area of Coverage: All the developed areas of Mabushi, Katampe, Kado district. Bounded by RR1 from Katampe Interchange, Sheu Yar’adua way/ Gwarlnpa Round-about RR2/ Gwarinpa bridge, Murtala Mohammed Express way to Katampe Interchange.

2.) Period of Engagement: The cleaning services last for three (3) years (36 months)

3.) Scope of Works
The scope of the services comprises of but not limited to the following:
  • Waste evacuation and transportation all tenements, communities/waste generating points constituting the environs at least three times weekly.
  • Litter control of all roads daily
  • Sweeping of all streets daily
  • Silt removal from all roads daily
  • Removal of garden waste from all households in the areas of coverage
  • Vegetation control on all major highways, arterials, roads and streets up to the property line.

Target is no litter, no waste dump, and no overflowing bin within the city, road, and the communities/waste generating points constituting the environs. All the above activities are expected to be carried out up to the property wall on the roads.

4.) Pre-Qualification /Technical Requirements:
Interested companies must forward copies of the following documents and the originals may be requested for sighting:
  • Requirements without which a Company shall be disqualified 
  • Evidence of Registration with Corporate Commission (CAC);
  • Evidence of Tax Clearance for the last three years, expiring December, 2012;
  • Certificate of Compliance issued by the National Pension Commission for registration with Pension Fund Administrator and Remittance of pension fund contributions in line with section 16(c) of the Public Procurement Act 2007;
  • Evidence of Contribution / Remittance of 1% of Annual Total Emolument accrued to members of state of the company payable to ITF;
  • Evidence of Registration of the Company with Environment Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria in line with section 16 of Environment Health Officers (Registration etc) Act 11, 2002.

Other Requirements
  • Evidence of Audited Account prepared by a Chartered Accounting firm for the last three (3) years (2009, 2010 & 2011).
  • Articles of Memorandum of Association and up to date Returns with the CAC
  • Valid Operational License issued by Abuja Environment Protection Board.
  • Company’s Bank Statement for the 12 months and current Bank Referece from a reputable Nigerian Bank;
  • Company profile showing list of key personnel / Officers to be attached to the project stating their roles, designation, qualifications and experience. Enclose individually endorsed photocopies at educational and professional certificate and Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the listed key personnel.
  • Evidence of similar jobs successfully executed / being executed within the last five (5) years. Only Completion Certificate, Valuation Certificate and Letters of Awards shall be considered;
  • List of Cleaning Equipment to be used for the project and their locations /available for immediate inspection. State whether the equipment are on lease or owned.
  • Comprehensive Work Plan
  • A Sworn Affidavit confirming that none of the Director has ever been convicted in any Court of Law in line with the provisions of Part IV, Section 16 (6e-f) of Public Procurement Act, 2007.

5.) Closing Date
12:00 noon on Tuesday, 18th December, 2012 

6.) Submission of Pre-Qualification Documents

Three (3) copies (ONE Original and two copies) of Pre-Qualification documents in a sealed envelope labeled as “Technical Document for Solid Waste Collection & Management Services in……….. (Lot No…….), Abuja” should be dropped in the Tender Box at the Office of the Secretary, FCT Tender Board Secretariat, Room 043, First Floor, Block B, FCTA Secretariat, Area 11, Garki, FCT Abuja.

The representatives of the bidding companies, Civil Society Organizations and Interested members of the Public are Invited to witness the opening of the tenders on the same day by 12.00 noon at Justice Akinola Agude Hall, FCT Archive & History Bureau, behind AGIS Area II, Garki Abuja.

Please Note
  • No company/contractor should bid for more than two lots A Company that violates this rule shell be disqualified.
  • This advertisement to tender shall not be construed to be a commitment on the part of the Federal Capital Territory (FCTA) or Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) nor shall it entitle the Bidder to make any claim what-so-ever or seek any indemnity from the FCTA / AEPB by virtue of such bidder having responded to the advert.
  • Tenders’ Register must be signed on the submission of Technical Documents.
  • The FCTA may, at its own discretion, reject any bid which does not conform to the basic bidding rules.
  • Due diligence exercise shall be conducted to verify claims of bidders.