Request for Expression of Interest for Consultancy Services for the Review of University of Uyo Main Campus Master Plan, Along Nwaniba Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Posted by Chinyere on Mon 10th Dec, 2012 -

1.) Introduction
The Management of the University of Uyo, Uyo intends to engage the services of interested, competent and reliable consultants for pre-contract Consultancy for the review of University of Uyo Main Campus Master Plan based on National Unversitis Commission (NUC) staudards and requirement. The Main campus covers as area of 1443.18 hectare, Its main entrance is along Nwaniba Road, on the south end Western lobe, central plains and eastern lobe at the middle with its north boundary spurs terminatrng along Ikpa River.

2.) Details of the scope of Works
  • Details of the scope of works to be carried out include but is not limited to the following
  • Delineation of perimeter boundary of the existing main campus in line with the land survey plan.
  • Production of laud/facilities map/drawings in soft and bard copies of existing facilities; using Geographic Information System (GIS), AutoCAD or any other software based on agreement with the University.
  • Proposing and reviewing existing land showing encroached areas and existing features with details e.g. areas, usage, fd1Ities with all details and proposed development based on University of Uyo academic programmes and needs based on the original master plan proposals, existing development and proposed projection data.
  • Production of drawings for each of the propoa1s to be reviewed or planned for e.g. access, water, power, drainage, waste landscape, accommodation etc. etc.
  • Development of a growth/phase/zoning projection schedule for academic programmes, student/staff/visitors ratio, accommodation, current e-timate4 total cost and projected cost of development
  • Production of an impact Assessment Report, Final Report and Executive Report on the project.
  • Production of 200No hardcover A3 size booklet with reports and drawings, 100No laminated or plastic A0 size final base map drawings, 500No A4 size foldable souvenir copies with a brief report of final design, 20No A0 size each of the other planning proposals e.g. drainage, access roads water, power, soil test and conditions, etc. etc, and 100No A4 size bound paperback Executive Report.
  • Installation of all necessary softwares with licence and training off 10No staff of physical planning on the software application and operation using 4No. 1aptops (HDD- ITB, processor speed 3 OGd3 Intel core i7, Ram 8OGB, Screen size: 15inch), 1 No. desktops: (HDD-ITB, MMX(speed) Inter Core - i7-(a) 3.4GH3, 3.8GH3, RAM- 16.0GB, Systtype-64-bit, Screen-NP 21 inch); 1 No A3 printer (HP Office jet 7500A wide format) with half a dozen sets of spare inks, a 10No persons computer work station complete with tables/chairs and electrical connecting devices as part of the project materials.
  • Liaising with the University Master Planning Committee, Representatives of the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) and other Representatives as maybe directed by Management.
  • Providing other information necessary to capture all planning needs and projections for the next 10years and beyond.
  • Training 10No staff of the Directorate of Physical Planning on the softwares and operational systems for input, output, modification or adjustment of existing or proposed features and facilities.

3. Method of Application
Interested Consultants arc to submit along with copies of their detailed proposals with the following, which would be assessed for pre-qualification purpose.

A comprehensive company profile paged with table of contents to include the following among others, in the underlisted order with labeled page separators:
a) A letter of application indicating interest.

b) Evidence of company registration/Certificate of incorporation from Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC);

c) Current Company Tax Clearance certificate for at least (3) three years (2009 2011) with TIN No;

d) Vat Registration Certificate and evidence of VAT remittances;

e) Evidence of firm’s key personnel capability including hat of key professional with photocopies of academic and professional Registration Certificates, signed curriculum vitas (CVs) of personnel’s to be engaged on the works, as well as other resources. A summary of personnel details presented in a tabulated form showing names, addresses, telephone number(s), e-mail address(es), letters of appointment or contracts or signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the firm, certificates obtained, registration status, conditions of engagement, years of experience, present position in firm, position in the proposed project, job of similar magnitude involved with (attach evidence);

f) Evidence of experience in at least three (3) jobs of similar nature and complexity executed within the last ten (10) years with verifiable letters of contract award, evidence of payment, certificates of job completion or evidence of being on the job, if on-going and a table of content on the report of such project;

g) Evidence of registration of Principal Partners or Director(s) with, relevant Planning Professional Bodies;

h) Registration of the Practice with relevant Planning Professional Bodies. List of relevant equipment/ tools/ Tchnological capacities. (Evidence of ownership/lease agreement should be included where applicable);

i) Evidence of possession of Technical capability/equipment and a listing of such plants as possessed/owned by the firm to be utilized for the project. State location of the plants and equipment for ease of verification and ownership tease agreement, if any;

j) Evidence of financial capability and support from the bank or evidence to show that the firm is not bankrupt;

k) The firm’s audited accounts for the past three years;

l) A letter authorizing University of Uyo, Uyo to veri1 claims with relevant agencies and bodies;

m) Evidence of contributions to Industrial Training Fund (ITF) for the past 3 (three) years;

n) Evidence of Employee Pension Fund Contribution Registration and remittance in line the section 6d of the Public Procurement Act, 2007.

o) Original copies of items b, c, d, f, g, h, m and n are to be sighted at the pre-qualification exercise;

p) Sworn Affidavit in line with the provisions of Part IV section 16 subsection 6 (e-f) of the Public Procurement Act 2007;

q) For joint Ventures (JVs), include Memorandum of Understanding;

r) Possession of satisfactory Quality Assurance/Quality Coitro1 manuals

s) A summary of methodology, programme of work, list of proposed areas of reviews, tests and investigations to be earned out drawings to be produced, reports expected, as output based on your previous experiences.

4.) Submission of Documents for Pre-Qualification
Five (5No) soft bound hard copies information required and one original softcopy of the submission in CD, In addition, two (2No) financial bid documents in soft and hard copies are required. Submissions of files or hard bound copies are not acceptable. Submissions with Firm’s name printed are to be made in sealed envelope(s) and marked “Prequalification to Tender and Financial Bid” separately, and delivered by hand to:

The Registrar
University of Uyo
RM.B. 1017
Uyo Akwa Ibom State

5.) Closing Date
The Submission must be done within six (6) weeks from the date of this notice, Submission closes at 12.00noon of Monday, January 21, 20l3 and any submissions made thereafter, stands rejected.

Pro-qualification documents will be opened on Monday January 21”, 2913 at 2p.m. prompt, in the University of Uyo Senate Chambers.

Only firms whose pre-qualification and Expression of Interest documents fulfill the requirements, would be considered for the next stage.

  • Nothing in this advertisement shall be construed to be a commitment on the part of University of Uyo, Uyo to undertake the project or entitle any bidder to make any claim(s) whatsoever in respect of any expenses incurred in preparing response.
  • Only those pre-qualified will be contacted.
  • Full tendering procedures will be applied only to bidders that have been pre-qualified and found capable of executing the projects.
  • The commercial tender documents shall be open for only pre-qualified Consultants.
  • The management pledges fair and equal treatment of all participants, but is not bound to shortlist any bidder and reserves the right to annul the selection process at any time without incurring any liabilities.

Mrs. Edak U. Umondak