Invitation to Bid for a Project Under the Year 2010 Tertiary Education Trust Fund At Division of Agricultural Colleges, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

Posted by Leuna on Wed 12th Sep, 2012 -

1.The Division of Agricultural Colleges, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria invites experienced and reputable contractors to bid for a project under the year 2010 Tertiary Education Trust Fund intervention. The advertisement covers Pre-qualification and Tender bidding in respect of ths proect.

LOT 1:Construction of Agricultural Products Processing and Skill Acquisition Centre at the Kabba College of Agriculture.

2. Technical Bid:

The pre-qualification documents should include:

a. Evidence of lncorporation/Registration with Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC)

b. Company Current Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years (2009-2011)

c. Company Audited Account for the last three years (2009-2011) including annual turn-over.

d. VAT registration and evidence of remittances in the last three years (2009-2011) to be attached.

e. Evidence of Financial capability to execute the project i.e Bank reference and a letter of credit facility from a reputable Commercial Bank with a commitment to provide loan facility for the execution of the contract.

f. List of similar, verifiable and successfully executed projects or ongoing by the Company with letters of award and completion certificates, in the last five years 2007- 2011. Only letters of award and interim certificate of payment should be attached for prpjects that are ongoing.

g. List of Managerial, key Technical and Administrative Staff of the Company which should include names, curriculum vitae and copes of certificate for each key staff.

h. List of Equipment owned for on lease hold by the company relevant for smooth execution of the project. Evidence of ownership and pictures with company logo will be an added advantage.

I. Evidence of remittance of pension contribution fund for staff of the company from reputable pension Administrators as provided in section 16, subsection 6 (d) of the public procurement Act, 2007.

j. Evidence of compliance with the provisions of the industrial training fund amendment act as stipulated in section 6 (1)-(3).

k. Evidence of community social responsibility (if any).

I. Original documents should be available for sighting on demand during or after the opening of prequalification documents.

3. Tender Documents:This will be available at the University Estate Department and will be issued to each contractor upon presentation of a payment receipt after making the required payment of the non-refundable fee of N20,000.00 (Twenty Thousand Naira) to the Finance Officer, Division of Agricultural Colleges, Zaria, for this exercise.

Prequalification Documents Attracts no fee.

4. Submission of Pre-qualification and Tender

The pre-qualification and tender documents should be bounded separately.

Prequalification documents should be bounded in wax-sealed envelope with "PRE-QUALIFICATION AS CONTRACTOR’ written at the top lefthand with the title of the project.

Tender documents should also be bounded in wax-sealed envelope with title of project written at the top left corner. Photocopy of the payment receipt should be attached.

5. Closing Date

All documents should be addressed to "The Secretary, Division of Agricultural Colleges, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria" and should be hand-delivered not later than 1:00 p.m. 26th September, 2012 being the dosing date for submission.

Please note that the Pre-qualification and Tender documents are to be deposited in different boxes as provided in the office of the Secretary.

6. Opening of Prequalification/Tender Documents

Pre-qualilicatlon documents will be opened on 26th September, 2012 at 1:30 p.m. in the Board Room of the Division of Agricultural Colleges A.B.U., Zaria.

Only prequalified contractors would have their tender announced at the tender opening which

will take place on Thursday 18th October, 2012, at 1:30p.m. at the Board Room of the Division

of Agricultural Colleges, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. All bidders or their representatives are invited.

6. Please Note

A. Submission of prequalification documents to DAC/ABU Zaria is neither a commitment nor an obligation to award any contract to any contractor or agent.

b. Advertisement for invitation for expression of interest for pre-qualilication and Tender bidding should not be construed as a commitment on the part of DAC/ABU, Zania or shall it entitled any contractor to make any claims whatsoever or seek and indemnity from DAC/ABU,Zaria.

c. Due diligence would be followed as all documents submitted would be verified, past executed works and contractors offices, location of Plants and Equipment may be visited for verification. Any discrepancies found would summarily disqualify the contractor.