Nigerian Petroleum Development Company Limited (NPDC) Invitation to Pre-Qualify for the Hire of one (1) 10.000psi x 2000HP Heavy Duty Land Drilling Rig

Posted by Chinyere on Fri 14th Dec, 2012 -

Nigerian Petroleum Development Company Limited has a work programme to drill, test, complete and (possible) work over of some wells in the land operated fields. The estimated duration for the drilling campaign is two (2) years, with an option to renew for a further one (1) year.

Anticipated work window is July 2013-June 2015. However existing rigs undergoing enhancement upgrade and also able to meet the commencement window may be considered.

The Scope of Work:
The scope of work comprises provision of one (1) 10K Heavy Duty Land Drilling Rig support services for drilling & completion operations and well testing. The minimum technical requirements and specifications for the rig shall be as follows:
  • Depth rating of 20,000 ft with 5” Drill Pipe.
  • Draw works capacity (Maximum input Power) of 2000 HP plus 5CR.
  • Rig must be able to skid (cluster wells)
  • Three (3) triplex mud pumps of 1600 hp each.
  • Hook load capacity of plus 1300000 lbs)
  • Accommodation for One hundred and Twenty (120) persons minimum.
  • Varco TDS-3 Top Drive or equivalent (Minimum Continuous output torque of 40,000 ft-Ibs), 500T. 5000psi working pressure and preferably AC driven
  • Well control equipment rated to 10,000psi working pressure.
  • Rotary soft —torque system
  • Auto catwalk
  • WITS data from rig instrumentations.
  • Sewage treatment system (Red Fox for l50persons)
  • Equipped, managed and operated to NPDC’s/DPR standards for Health, Safety and Environment, and equipped for total waste containment and to skip and ship drilled cuttings.
  • Rig must be capable of handling and containment of pseudo oil base mud (A minimum of 3,000 bbls of liquid mud storage).
  • Compliance with DPR 1997 zero discharge for hazardous waste as per Environmental Guidelines and Standards and ISO 14001 standards.
  • Rig must be CFC-free compliant (CFC and Halons are not acceptable; recommended refrigerants are R134a, R407A and R407C).
  • Contractor must be registered with the IADC
  • Rigs older than Ten (10) years must have proof of having undergone recent life enhancement upgrades.
  • Tender or must currently have a functional rig-operating base in Nigeria.

Planned Commencement date: July — October 2013

Pre-qualification Submissions:

To qualify for consideration and in line with the Nigerian Content Development policy, interested, suitable and reputable companies or consortia (which may comprise both Original Equipment Manufacturers/suitable Multinationals and Nigerian/indigenous service providers) are required to submit the following documents. Failure to submit any of the underlisted documents for each member in. the case of consort/s may result in the disqualification of the individual member and entire consortium.
  • Full details of Company profiles, including details of ownership of each alliance member if Contractor is a consortium or alliance,
  • For a tendering consortium or alliance, evidence of legally binding agreements between members of the consortium, providing detailed listing of the specific set(s) of services that each member of the consortium will be primarily responsible for or assigned within the overall tender work scope.
  • Copy of Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) registration certificate in relevant area.
  • Evidence of registration into the Nipex Joint Qualification System (JQS)
  • Documentary evidence of incorporation as limited liability Company in appropriate jurisdiction as well as evidence of registration to conduct business in Nigeria.
  • Current income tax clearance certificate.
  • Evidence of financial capability, Company’s financial details and audited accounts over the last three (3) years (audited accounts report shall be from a registered accounting firm).
  • Organisation structure, available manpower with a list of key professional staff with their CV. CVs shall be those of key personnel that would work on this project and who are key to the successful execution of the work, detailing educational and experience level and industry certification attained.
  • Provide in detail Company’s Health, Safety, Environment & Security policy and management systems, including evidence of any internationally recognised accreditation (e.g ISO 14001).
  • Provide Security and Community relations’ management proposal, giving in detail how your Company has successfully handled security and community related issues in the past and propose to do so for the said project.
  • Details of company QA/OC programme, including evidence of any internationally recognised accreditation (e.g. ISO 9000).
  • Full details and technical specification of the rig(s) proposed with full inventory of both fixed and mobile equipment available for the performance of the services. This specification must include all current third party inspection reports/certificate as required for safe and legal operations, and required by Regulatory or Oil Industry Standards (e.g. Bureau VERITAS, Lloyds, etc.); together with copies of relevant insurance certificates for the proposed rig(s).
  • Evidence of past relevant experience and successful performance in the provision of similar services,
  • Evidence of ownership of proposed rig(s) or rig(s) availability guarantee(s).
  • Contractors current IADC certificate.
  • Any additional information that may enhance the potential of the company to execute this project.

Only Drilling Contractors/companies that fulfill the above requirements and also pass the pre-qualification evaluation exercise shall be invited to competitively tender for the provision of the rig.


This advertisement of “Invitation to Tender” shall not be construed as a commitment on the portal NPDC, nor shall it entitle companies to make claims whatsoever and/or seek any indemnity from NPDC and/or any of its partners by virtue of such companies having responded to this advertisement.

Nigerian Content Development
Pursuant to NPDC and Federal Government Policy to provide opportunities for Nigerian contractors and the development of local expertise, all the applicants must comply fully with the Federal Government preference to Nigerian based companies or foreign companies with Nigerian affiliate, which demonstrate willingness to execute the project to the satisfaction of the Nigerian Content requirements and guidelines. Each applicant is enjoined to avail themselves of the Federal Government Directives on Nigerian content for full compliance.

Nigerian Petroleum Development Company on behalf of the Joint Venture partners is committed to fully comply with the Federal Government directives on Nigerian Content. In maximizing the local content of this project, pro-qualifiers are requested to give full details of their strategy for the local content implementation in order to comply fully with the Federal Government directives on Nigerian Content. Plans to include:

Specifically the Contractor shall:
  • Provide full details of company profile and ownership, specifically “Form C02” and “Form C07” of the Corporate Affairs Commission,
  • Furnish company NC policy/strategy. Demonstrate awareness of legislative & regulatory provisions as it concerns Nigerian content.
  • Provide details of Company’s Nigerian Content manager (if any) with appropriate experience, qualifications, dear responsibilities & targets.
  • Provide evidence of partnerships with Nigerian companies (For companies not resident in Nigeria).
  • Make commitment to transfer technology, employment generation and competence development.
  • Provide evidence of an understanding of the local business environment & existing relationships with Nigerian enterprises & suppliers.
  • Provide evidence of success in nurturing Nigerian Content on previous projects.
  • Make available existing initiatives to develop Nigerian companies (For companies not resident in Nigeria).
  • Provide evidence of an existing/established presence in Nigeria or plans to establish a presence.
  • Provide location(s) of Project Management team and Procurement centre for the subject project
  • Identify Nigerian scope of work as a percentage of the total work scope.
  • Training plan for Nigerians
Non-compliance with Nigerian Content is a Fatal Flaw.

Submission of Pre-Qualification Package
Two (2) sets of the pro-qualification documents tendered by respondents shall be submitted and shall be sealed and marked: “Confidential Prequalification Submissions: - Hire of Heavy Duty Land Drilling Rig”

In addition to the hard copies, one electronic (CD ROM) copy of the pre-qualification submissions shall also be submitted.

Each set of the Pro-qualification package submitted should be addressed to:

The Secretary to Management Tender Committee (MTC)

Ref: OP/DRI/TD/1111/0183D – Hire of One (1) 2000 HP / 10,000psi Heavy Duty Land Drilling Rig

(Attention: Secretary NPDC MTC)
Nigerian Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited,
62/64 Sapele Road.
Benin City, Delta State, Nigeria.

Closing Date
The marked and sealed documents can be physically submitted to The Secretary, NPDC Management Tender Committee (MTC), Nigerian Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria, 62/64 Sapele Road, Benin City, to be received 10th January, 2013. Incorrectly addressed or labelled submissions, and those received after the specified date and time shall be rejected.

In all correspondence, please quote the Tender reference and title shown above.

Registration into the NipeX Joint Qualification System (NJQS) is a pre-condition in the Pro-qualification process. Bidders are required to provide evidence of their registration in NJQS.

Please note
  • Notwithstanding the submission of the pre-qualification information, NPDC is neither committed nor obliged to include your company on any bid list or to award any form of contract to your company and/or associated companies, sub-contractors or agents.
  • Only short-listed companies (or with affiliates) having similar past experience shall be invited for tendering
  • NPDC will not enter into correspondence with any company or individual on why a company was short-listed or not short-listed.
  • All costs incurred by respondents as a result of this pre-qualification and any subsequent request for information shall be to respondent’s account.