Request For Tenders For Provision Of Cleaning Services To The Niger Delta Power Holding Co. Ltd (NDPHC)

Posted by Chinyere on Wed 12th Sep, 2012 -

Niger Delta Power Holding Co Ltd
National Integrated Power Project

Request For Tenders For Provision Of Cleaning Services To The Niger Delta Power Holding Co. Ltd (NDPHC)

The Niger Delta Power Holding Co. Ltd, a holding company for the National Integrated Power Project whose headquarters office is located at 17, Nile Street, Maitama and office annex located at 11, Nile Street, Maitama intends to procure the services of a cleaning company to provide cleaning services to the two offices.

LOT 1: Headquarters Office, 17 Nile Street, Maitama.
The headquarters office - a 2-storey building comprises:
i. 43 Rooms/offices
ii. 22 Nos. toilet
iii. Board Room
iv. Conference Room

LOT 2: New Office Annex, 11, Nile Street, Maitama.
The new office annex, a 1-storey building comprises:
i. 31 rooms/offices
ii, 22 Nos. toilet
iii. Conference room
iv. A small meeting room
v. Kitchen

2. Bids, both financial and technical (which are to be made separately) are therefore irwtted from reputable companies desiring to provide cleaning services to these two offices. Bidders can quote for the cleaning of one Lot or the two Lots. Where a bidder is quoting for the two Lots, such bids must be separately made and labeled so.

3. Bidders shall adopt the following format for bid submission:
A. Technical Bid
1. Personnel
a) Number of alpervisor(s)
b) No. of cleaners
c) No. of gardeners

2. List of working equipment
3. List of materials/other consumables

B. Financial Bid

A Personnel Emoluments/allowances/month
B Equipment (running cost) Cost/month
C Materials/consumables   Cost/month
D Miscellaneous (please define) Cost/month
4. All prospective bidders are kindly invited to note that NDPHC’s cleaning schedule shall be as foflows:

i. Cleaning of the entire offices/surroundings shall commence from 6:30am 7:45 am while office work shall resume at 8:00am.

ii. Follow-up cleaning shall be at 3-hourly intervals, le, 11 :00hrs, 13:00hrs and 16:00hrs. However, there shall be a standby cleaner throughout the office hours for emergency cases.

5. Please note that only companies that emerge successful after the consideration of their technical bid will be invited for the opening of its financial bid. The company that eventually emerges successfUl at the end of the bid exercise will be required to provide a guarantee (bond) against any loss, damage, breach of confidentiality etc to any of NIJPHC’s property in the course of the discharge of this duty.

6. In addition, all prospective bidders are expected to show evidence of compliance with the following general requirements:
- Evidence of registration/incorporation of the company with the CAC
- Evidence of VAT registration
- Compliance with Pension Reform Act
- Evidence of Tax payment/Tax clearance certificate
- Profile of company
- Evidence of similar previous work done

7. At the submission of bids, separately enveloped technical and financial bids which should then be enclosed in one single envelope clearly labeled "provision of cleaning services to the NDPHC ITt)” should be addressed to:
The Managing Director/CEO
Niger Delta Power Holding Co. Ltd
17, Nile Street, Maitama, Abuja.

and should reach us on or before 3rd September, 2012 at 3:00pm prompt In addition, bidders should indicate at the right hand corner of their envelope, the title of the Lot being bidded for. Bidders are required to registertheir bids in the register provided at the front desk office before dropping them into the Tenders Box which is also provided at the front office.

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