Invitation for Expression of Interest and Pre-Qualification for Provision of Nigerian Agency Services to NLNG Chartered Vessels

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1.) Introduction
Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) requires the services of Nigerian Port Agents for the provision of agency services to NLNG chartered vessels in Nigeria.

NLNG hereby invites interested Nigerian Port Agents to express their interest to participate in tendering for this service.

2.) Scope of Work
The service, to be rendered is the provision of agency services to NLNG chartered ships in Nigeria and shall include the following:
2.1 To deliver complete Port Call management services for every NLNG-related port call (including emergencies and calls handled by Charterers Nominated Agents, and ports nominated from time to time by NLNG as strategic exceptions) including but not necessarily limited to, the following activities:-
  • management of port agency network in Nigeria (including the load port in Bonny);
  • management of and full accountability to NLNG funding and payment of port costs;
  • execution of the post-port call administrative process;
  • communication to NLNG of disbursements in a summarised, pre-defined format and within agreed deadlines;
  • prompt delivery of specified documents relating to the port call
  • provision of all information in a timely and error-free automated manner;
  • storage of original documentation to meet NLNG audit access requirements, including provision of specific electronic archiving access;
  • maintenance of accurate port data, updating same at mutually-agreed specified intervals;
  • development and maintenance of Agency Manual that will guide the operations of the agency’s activities;
  • provision of 24 hour x 365 day cover;
  • computing and IT to be consistent and compatible with that of NLNG, and upgraded in line with current best industry standards

2.2 At NLNG nominated ports or terminals in Nigeria, the agent shall be required to comply with the following Scope of Services specified (and as may be modified from time to time):
  • to make proper and timely notifications to Government Authorities and Port Authorities as well as to maintain contact with NLNGs Designated LNG and other chartered Vessel(s) and service providers.
  • to submit applications and copies of “Free Pratique Messages from Master to Port Health Office at the required intervals before Vessel’s arrival
  • to establish close communication with Vessel exchanging information such as ETA, boarding time of pilot berthing/anchoring prospects, and bunker delivery information (as required), port information, regulations, restrictions, updates etc; and,
  • to submit notification of Vessel’s arrival (as required), Inward/Outward Clearance and Cargo Manifest (if any) to Customs Office and Authorities (Port Authority/Immigration).

2.3 To make proper and timely arrangement of the following according to the schedule of Vessel on arrival, in port and on departure:
  • Pilots for berthing and unberthing of Designated Vessel(s);
  • tug boats for maneuvering, escort surveillance watch, if requested by Master under advice from Pilot or in accordance with port regulations; and
  • clearance formalities including prompt attendance of all relevant Government Authorities.

2.4 To make proper and timely payments of Tonnage Dues/Port Dues, if required, to Customs and Port Authority Office respectively.

2.5 To keep NLNG advised on Vessel’s movements at Loading/Discharge port and en route from Loading/Discharge Port and any other relevant information, which may affect NLNG’s business.

26 to collect all the documents relating to Cargo Operations and other Services and send them to the appropriate parties concerned as per NLNG’s instructions.

2.7 to collect invoices for Port Charges from Port Authorities/Contractors and check the contents against actual services rendered, and also coiled published Tariffs and Rates. Prepare accurate and timely disbursement accounts, including all invokes to NLNG for due payment

2.8 To notify any nominated supplier about the requirements for bunker fuel for the Designated Vessel(s), and co-ordinate timely dispatch of same, including the co-ordination of the activities of the Independent Surveyor, if appointed by NLNG.

2.9 To provide Master with up-to-date information on Port Restrictions, Port Charges, Tariff Rates and Dues, Port Regulations, etc., and keep NLNG advised on pertinent marine developments that may affect vessel movements in and out of LNG and other Terminals worldwide.

2.10 To attend to any other activities, services, requirements or formalities as are customarily required as agents for NLNG in respect of the Designated Vessels’ smooth and efficient port calls.

2.11 To provide emergency response assistance to NLNG, if and when required.

2.12 To provide to NLNG, Services such as transportation of personnel where and when necessary.

2.13 To act on behalf of NLNG, in cases where NLNG’s interests require protection.

2.14 to provide to Bonny Gas Transport Limited (BGT) owned vessels such services normally provided to vessel owners which include provision of stores, refuse disposal sludge removal and any other services agreed to be owners services. These services shall form part of the scope of services for which remuneration is covered as a lump sum payment

2.15 to provide NLNG with useful information on position, schedules and operations status of the nominated vessel as and when required by NLNG, including to verify/follow-up with specific details on the nominated vessel as may be requested by NLNG.

2.16 Performance in the management and execution of the above items will be monitored in a structured way at regular performance review meetings between NLNG and the Agent at intervals hot exceeding six months.

2.17 The Agent shall actively pursue reduction in the cost of each Port Call in Nigeria (including but not limited to the costs of tugs and other essential port services).

2.18 The Agent shall collaborate with others where appropriate and in support of NLNG objectives.

2.19 to represent NLNG at reconciliation meetings with port and terminal authorities or any other government authority responsible for vessels clearance, especially where such meetings are called to reconcile invoices, payments, or any other financial transactions connected to vessels port calls.

Apart from the normal services as described above, the Agent shall be prepared to render other ancillary Services as may be required by NLNG from time to time but not specified herein.

The Agent shall ensure that all the above Services shall be carried out in a timely, efficient and proper manner and always in compliance with applicable regulations at the nominated ports and NLNG Business principles.

3.) Commencement and Duration
The expected commencement of the contract is fourth quarter of 2013 and the duration will be for 2 years.

4.) Compliance With Local Regulations
The provision of port agency services in Nigeria is regulated by Nigerian Ports Authority whose responsibility ft is to license and register Nigerian Part Agents. They are also required to be registered by Nigerian Customs Service and the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency. The Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development (NOGICD) Act 2010 further supports and details expected Nigerian Content deliverables within Contracts in the Nigerian Oil & Gas industry as listed below.

5.) Nigerian Content
NLNG is committed to the development of the Nigeria Oil & Gas business in compliance with the Nigerian Content Act 2010 for Nigerian Content Development

Interested Companies shall comply with the Provisions of the Nigerian Content Act that relate to this service and in particular comply with the minimum Nigerian Content percentage (%) for the scope which are covered in the Act.

Failure to comply with the Nigerian Content Act or demonstrate commitment to Nigerian Content Development Policy of the Nigerian Government shall result in disqualification from bidding for this contract

Nigerian Content Requirements

Companies responding to this advert are required to submit the following in compliance to Nigerian Content Act 2010:
  1. Documentation to demonstrate that the entity is a Nigerian-registered company Submit certified true copies of CAC forms 10, 02 & 07 (or its equivalent AC 2.3, 24 2.5, etc including company memorandum & article of association and other evidence of entity’s incorporation, shareholding & ownership structure in Nigeria.
  2. The process and Procedure that explain the methodology of how it intends to comply with the requirements of the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Development Act 2010 (Nigerian Content Plan) and how to achieve the set target(s) in the Schedule of the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Development Act and any targets set by the Board
  3. A plan for giving first consideration to services provided within Nigeria with a list of work packages, 3 Party Services and subcontracts which should be reserved for Nigerian indigenous contractors including those that will be provided by Companies of Nigerian origin
  4. A plan for how it intends to give first consideration to raw materials and manufactured .& assembled goods of Nigerian origin which shall include a breakdown of all raw materials to be utilized and identifying those that are found locally, finished products and materials that will be procured from Nigerian. Manufacturing & Assembly plants, finished goods that order can be placed from outside Nigeria through Nigerian authorized vendors and accredited agents and those that would be directly imported.
  5. An employment and training plan (ETP) which shall explain, how first considerations shall be given to employment and training of Nigerians. in work programme on the contract hiring and training needs with a breakdown of the skills needed and anticipated skill shortage in the Nigerian labour force including the training and Understudy program for succession planning.
  6. Technology Transfer Plan (TIP) which shall explain the methodology of how it intends to promote the effective transfer of technology from alliance partners to Nigerian individuals and companies
  7. Research & Development Plan (RDP) which shall explain the methodology of promoting education, attachments, training, research and development in Nigeria in relation to the contract
  8. Details of the Company’s corporate organizations overall human resources structure (management supervisors, senior & junior skilled officers, etc) identifying positions manned/occupied by Nigerian nationals with evidence of type of employment in-country and identifying the positions manned/occupied by other nationals.
  9. Proposed organogram for this work scope populated with nationality qualification of personnel and years of experience of personnel on the job (attach CV of key finance, operational and technical personnel) including a succession plan in this work scope.
  10. A detailed description of the location of in-country committed facilities & infrastructure (assets, equipment, technical office, and administrative space, storage, etc) in Nigeria to support this contract, evidence that .50%. of all equipment deployed to work by multinational and international companies are owned by the local subsidiaries.

6.) Other Regulatory Requirements
Agent is expected to obtain and demonstrate compliance with the following regulatory requirements:
  • NPA Permit to operate as a port agent;
  • Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) Permit to operate as an agent;
  • NIMASA Permit to operate as an agent;
  • DPR Permit to operate as an agent in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry;
  • Any evidence of compliance with the requirements of any other regulatory agency.

7.) Other Submission
In addition to the submission for Nigerian Content and other regulatory requirement companies signifying interest by responding to this Advertisement shall, also submit:
  • Evidence of approval by the relevant Nigerian Government Authorities to provide the agency services in Nigeria (e.g. NPA, NCS, NIMASA, DPR, etc.)
  • Proof of Partnership, membership, association with a global hub agency organization
  • Company profile and details of any technical support relationship with foreign companies (if any).
  • Audited Financial Report of the agency company for the last 3 years
  • Copies of Tax Clearance certificates for the Last 3 years. VAT registration certificate, and Tax Identification Number
  • Copies of Evidence of a Public / Third party liability insurance and Employers liability (workmen’s compensation) Insurance policies
  • Proof of availability of agency administration tools and systems or capacity to acquire similar toots that will be used to cover NLNG agency operations before the commencement of operations with NLNG.
  • Proof of ownership of ancillary services or contract with Nigerian Owners of such services that are required to support the operation of Agency Services in Nigeria.
  • Details of relevant verifiable experience of similar contract(s) that contractor has undertaken as main contractor especially with Oil / Gas Companies over the past five years.
  • The CV of a contract manager that will act as single point contact based in Nigeria for performance monitoring, recording, reporting and administration of the port agents’ activities.
  • Documented Quality Health, Safety and Security Policies and manuals.
  • Proof of certification of the company HSE Management System to a recognized standard
  • Copy of the Company’s Quality Management Certificate
  • Detailed company Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management plan.
  • Evidence of Staff training in Health, Safety, Security Environment and Quality (HSSEQ).
  • Emergency response contact details that will support the operation.
  • Community relations proposal giving in detail how your company has successfully handled community related issues in the past in your area of operation and propose to do during the execution of the service.
  • Further innovation proposals that would enhance the development of Nigerian content on the service including plans for transition to 100% Nigerian ownership of the Agency Service Company.
  • Any additional information that will enhance the potential of the company.

8.) Pre-Qualification
As part of the prequalification process, NLNG will conduct vendor’s site verification visits (to verify assets, facilities, offices, equipments, compliance with local regulations, etc.). Only companies successful in the pre-qualification exercise will be invited to provide a competitive tender for this service.

Submissions in response to the above requirements shall be completed strictly in accordance with the instructions given in this publication, segregated and arranged in the order indicated.

Failure to submit any of the documents may result in the disqualification of the applicant.

The pre-qualification document should be submitted either In Hard Copy in a sealed envelope and marked “CONFIDENTIAL - Expression of Interest and Pre-Qualification for Provision of Port Agency Services in Nigeria” to:

The Head, Business Strategy & Support.
CPM Department Production Division,
Nigeria ING Limited,
Bonny Island, Rivers State.

In Electronic Copy in PDF format by e-mail to with “CONFIDENTIAL - Expression of Interest and Pre-Qualification for Provision of Port Agency Services in Nigeria” in the subject line.

Closing Date
25th February, 2013

Please Nate:
This is not an invitation to tender. Full tendering procedure will be provided to applicants who successfully pre-qualify in accordance with NLNGs pre-qualification procedures.

Notwithstanding the submissions of the pro-qualification, NING is neither committed nor obliged to include any company and/or associated companies, agents or sub-contractors on any bid list or award any form. of contract to any company and/or associated companies, agents or sub-contractor&

This advertisement of expression of interest and prequalification shall not be construed as a commitment by NLNG, nor shall it entitle respondents to claim any indemnity from NLNG, Technical Advisers and/or any of its Shareholders by virtue of having responded to this advertisement