Federal ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Invitation for Technical and Financial Tender for the Execution of 2012 Capital Projects.

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The Federal Government of Nigeria has allocated Funds to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Year 2012 Appropriation for the Procurement of Goods, Works and Services for the execution of policies, programmes and projects towards achieving the mandate of the Ministry.

2.) Accordingly, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development invites qualified, interested and eligible vendors; suppliers; contractors; Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to tender for the procurement of the following Goods and Works appropriated under the various Departments and Agencies of the Ministry in the Year 2012 Appropriation as specified in the following paragraphs:
A.  Livestock and Pest Control Services (National Grazing Reserve Development)
Lot     Item and "Location"
1. Construction of 10.7km SamoVillage Road at Iwajowas LGA of Oyo State. "As in the Bidding Document"

B. Rural Development Department (Works).
Construction/Consolidation of 

2. 3.5Km Lake Chad Research Institute New Marte LGA "Borno"
3. 3.0Km Owu.Aiyedade road. Irewole LGA, "Osun"
4. 3.0Km lwoye-Ekuro ldoo road, Egbedore LGA, "Osun"

5. 32.0Km ldioriEruku road, Abeokuta LGA "Ogun"
6. 1.0Km Abidoye-Flower Garden road, Ilorin South LGA "Kwara"
7. 2.0 Diogbe-Umumko Junction road, Igbo Etiti LGA "Enugu"
8. 2.0Km Akpoha Community road. Afikpo LGA "Ebonyi"
9. 2.0Km G azange-Kisewa road, Kisawa WA "Kebbi"
10. 2.0Km K ogu-Wili road, Kaitungo/Shongom.LGA "Gombe"
11. 2.0Km Baima-Tiyyin road, Wadi LGA "Bauchi"
12. 2.0Km Grave yard road, Monguno WA "Borno"

13. 2.0Km Oke Eri - Sungbo road, Ijebu North East LGA "Ogun"
14. 4.0Km Maisandari MMC road. Maisandari L.GA "Borno"
15. 2.0Km dalakam Potiskurn-Bade road Jakusko LGA  "Yobe"
16. 2.0Km DAla-Nguru Main road:Bade LGA "Yobe"
17. 2.0Km Dogon Jeji -Bakurdi -Nguru -Gasua Main road Nguru LGA "Yobe"
18. 2.0Km Monguno-Mandala road; Monguno LGA "Borno"
19. 2.0Km Shaffa Dobiro road HAwul WA "Borno"
20. 30Km Songbe -Araro -Off Awo Highway Ejgbo LGA "Osun"

21. 2.0Km Aboto-Awo roads Egbedore LGA  "Osun"
22.  2.5Km Olorunda-Omidoyin road Orire LGA "Oyo"
23. 2.5Km Enclave Project road. Oredo LGA "Edo"
24. 2.5Km Pulka-Ngoshe road Kugum Gwoz LGA "Borno"
25. 2.5 Machike Dungu oadDansokwo Wasuga LGA "Kebbi"
26. 2.5Km Etiti-Amokwe road, Udi LGA "Enugu"
27. 2.5 Km MustaphaA-DAngi road Bida LGA  "Niger"
C Human Resource Department

28. Renovation and Furnishing works at state Offices of the Ministry "As in the Bidding Document"
D. Federal Department of Livestock.
29. Rehabilitation of 10.7km Access Road from Samoa to Ijio Village, Wasimi Gracing Reserve, Oyo State.  "As in the Bidding Document"

E. Extension Value Chain (Goods).
30. Procurement of 5000 unit of CP-3 Knapsack sprayer "As in the Bidding Document"
31. Procurement of 1,215 units of Motor cycles "As in the Bidding Document"
32. Construction of building for ICT help line facility helpline at Zaria "As in the Bidding Document"
F. Federal Department of Agriculture, Sorghum Value Chain (Goods).

33. Multi-purpose grain threshers of 800-100cg/hr capacity "As in the Bidding Document"
34. lntegrated Sorghum processing consisting of hamer mill, mixers, coolers and packaging machine
Rice Value Chain (Goods)
35. 750Nos. 3HP Gasotne Powered Engine irrigation pump "As in the Bidding Document"
36. 185Nos.7HP Diesel Powered Engine irrigation pump "As in the Bidding Document"
37. Procurement of 8,015 units of CP 15 Knapsack sprayers "As in the Bidding Document"
36. Procurement of 50 units of Rice destoners. "As in the Bidding Document"
39. Procurement of 37 units of Rice steam boiler "As in the Bidding Ddcument"

40. 111 Nos. 7HP Diesel Powered Engine mobile Rice Fan thresher "As in the Bidding Document"
41. 37Nos. Batch Paddy dryer fired by 7HP Diesel or Kerosene burner with Flame Control Device etc "As in the Bidding Document"
42. 37Nos. Motorised rice reaper with reciprocating cutter bar of 1100mm with walking capacity of 1.5 to 2.0 ha/day "As in the Bidding Document"
Horticulture Value Chain (Goods)
43. 1No. of A 4 Ton/day mobile Multi-purpose fruit processing machine for tomatoes and Citrus "As in the Bidding Document"
44. Bench Dryers consisting of stainless steel etc "As in the Bidding Document"
45. STAINLESS STEEL Hand Press Juice Extractor "As in the Bidding Document"
ii Works

46 Fabrication of a prototype Orange Juice Extractor "As in the Bidding Document"
Qualification Criteria and Tender Requirements.
3. In order to be considered, interested companies, which must be Nigerian companies, must submit tenders/bid documents accompanied with the following:
Evidence of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and Forms; COT;
ii. Provide detailed Company Profile;
iii. Detailed evidence of compliance with Pensions Act;
iv. Company Audited Accounts for last 3 years;
v. Detailed copy of current Tax Clearance Certificate (2009 -2011) verifiable from Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS);

vi. Evidence of Contribution to Industrial Training Fund (ITF)
vii. Evidence of VAT Registration & past VAT remittances;
viii. Letter of Financial Capability & Banking support;
ix. Evidence of payment of non- refundable Tender Fee of N10,000.OO only for the Goods and Works in favour of Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development:
x. Evidence of 2-3 similar jobs previously executed or currently being executed (including letters of award, completion certificates, payment);
xi. Submission of technical details & brochures of items being tendered for and evidence of Manufacturers’ Authorization of dealer/distributorship appointment;
xii. Any other document(s) to support the qualification and tender documents as may be contained in the Standard Bidding Documents;
xiii. Bidders for Roads Construction Lots must be registered with COREN;

xiv. Bidders are free to bid for as many lots as possible, but shall not be offered more than two lots for award of contract;
xv. Any Bid above 100 million Naira (Goods and Services) and 300 million Naira (for Works) must be accompanied with Bid Security of 2% of Bid Price;
xvi. All the requirements stated in paragraph 3(i - xv) shall be enclosed in the Technical envelopes.
4. Collection of Tender Documents.
Qualified Companies shall on application collect tender documents from the Ministry’s Office of:
The Director
Procurement Department
Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Area 11, Garki, Abuja.

Upon the presentation of evidence of payment of non-refundable tender fee of N10,000.00 (Goods and Works only) into the Ministry’s Account as follows:
Account Name: Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Account Number: 321-207270113
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank Plc Area 3, Garki, Abuja.
5. Submission of Tender and Expression of Interest.
The completed tender, Pre-qualification and Expression of Interest (EOI) documents must be submitted in three (3) copies each; including one (1) original and two (2) copies Each of the documents should have two (2) separate sealed envelopes clearly marked "Technical" and "Financial Envelopes" and both sealed in a third envelop marked with the appropriate project title, Company Name and lot number at the top right hand corner of each of the three envelopes and delivered to the address below not later than 12.00 noon of Tuesday 2nd October 2012:
The Secretary;

Ministerial Tenders Board;
Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development;
2nd Floor, Room 213;
FCDA Secretariat, Area 11, Garki Abuja.

Closing Date

2nd October, 2012
6. Opening of Bids.
Technical bids will he opened at 1.00p.m at the NATIONAL AGRICULTURE RESEARCH COUNCIL, Mabushi, Abuja after the close of the submission date- Tuesday 2nd October 2012 and only qualified bidders, relevant NGOs and CSOs will be invited to witness the public opening of the financial bids documents.
Please Note:
7. Contravention of the conditions in Paragraph 3(i to xv) could lead to disqualification of bid.

8. Late submission of bids will be rejected.
9. This advertisement shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development nor shall it entitle any bidder submitting documents to claim any indemnity from the ministry.